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  1. def not best player on our D, that was trash overall. He had some plays that looked good but he was average at best. Been along time since we had average there...but doesnt change the fact that he was average and really that is all we really need him to be this year.
  2. I heard about a movie titled that but it is really old. I'm not sure if we ever had HD streaming back then. God that was so long ago was I even born yet?
  3. You may be right but I don't know how hard we really went after a vet. I mean sure we got a hill package together...and wanted DK but he was not available. All the other guys kinda blowed chunks...looking at you Robinson...anyway. I think Joe prefer what we got. Did his die dilligence and all that
  4. What are you talking about? It's not PTSD. That is just a stupid comment. If you agree with gase ruined him then you literally agree with me. In other words you saying you are wrong. You agree with me cool , you disagree cool. I'm not sure why you have such an obsession with darnold, but whatever man you do you. Kid never bashed the team and gave everything he had. Glad he got a shot in Carolina, but I fortunately it seems like Geno is a better QB at this point
  5. No excuses, We have discussed and then rediscussed this over and over....wish sam had worked out but Gase ruined him. You saw that in Carolina.
  6. The sojf days are over my friend. No more sucking
  7. Ok so underthrown wobbly deep ball that would be picked in a game ... thanks for sharing. That he had to slow down for? Reed and sauce are guarding him they better hope he can throw better in game
  8. I like this guys camera work. A couple suggestions: Move away from the wall about 14-22 inches Also use a different angle give an angle looking at or down not up Presentation woudl be great! great edits
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