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  1. BornJetsFan1983

    So Crowell will be released Monday, right?

    you don't think it had anything to do with the game? He basically said I dont give a **** about the game when he did that. Everyone saw it and was like oh we are doing this now. We dont give a **** either... I don't care about playing the game we are just going to do what we want, make penalties not finish plays etc.. Why should they care we are up 14 we are going to win and coach is cool with it. Haha sweet lets not care. Then next think you know, we let cleveland fans get free beer. Yeah had nothing to do with it.
  2. BornJetsFan1983

    So Crowell will be released Monday, right?

    I can't understand you thought process. So we just count on everyone getting hurt? Powell has run better than crow every snap. we just ran crow because you know we needed revenge on the browns. it was ridicuous. You know who doesn't act like a jackass and runs better than cro? Powell who is on the team. How bout we play him and lose the jackass. That's how a good team operates. you fire peopel that hurt your team and hire guys that help you win. You don't cut every player you cut the one that done buy in and want to help us win. Cro by his action deserves to be canned. Half right!! Def cut the coach, but why keep the player? I think they do, when we ran the ball in the first half they did pretty good.
  3. BornJetsFan1983

    New York Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles, 9.21

    I was thinking of going through each one and making a response but they would all be just smart ass comments basically saying the same thing as @jetfan39...who hit that one spot on. Bowls is so bad, honestly I don't understand any fan that watched that game thinking Darnold was the problem. the coaching was, not just the basics like timeouts, bottling up after we got 14 on the board, but these guys literally picked plays I could deduce, like for instance our run, then cleveland puts everyone on the line and we still then run. How are we supposed to ask for players to be held accountable when the FO wont hold the coaches accountable. Crowell is out there being force fed the ball, then does that wipe the butt thing - then is continued to be used. Coach Bowles apparently has no idea wtf is going on. the HATE IS SO STRONG IN ME RIGHT NOW> Unlike the past where we didnt have the talent to win, right now we just dont even try.
  4. BornJetsFan1983

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    You guys are over reacting, it is perfectly normal to stop running the ball, throwing the ball past the line of scrimmage when you have the lead. And then also not follow even the basics of clock management to give your squad a chance to score. FIRE BOWLES!! Let MAc attack pick his HC>
  5. Not true. Manning diudnt lose the game because of coaching staff not wanting to win.
  6. Incorrect, Todd bowles is to blame
  7. Wait is anyone talking about how the first half ended or is that too long ago and we just want to talk about how bowles screwed up the end of the second half?
  8. Love to hear how he sucks, he consistently avoided danger made throws in tight windows, not his fault the plays he was given sucked and our coached didn't want to win, the damn game was won in the run game and then they were like let call a bunch of behind the line of scrimmage passes and stop running. No adjustment to browns passing game by coaching. If you can't admit it was coaching and we stole defeat out of the jaws of victory you need to stay off the message boards or maybe just be quiet. Also yeah don't talk crap like that to other posters. That is crowel low. All in all, that two games in a row we should have won but lost. Darnold continues to look like he has the tools to win, but is consistently held back by poor play in offense and his own coaches. Pathetic. Coach bowles was out coached by Hugh ******* Jackson...Jesus Christ.
  9. Haha no the last play in the game, no one saw it coming.
  10. I don't understand how you knock Darnold in this game, playing calling was atrocious. Can't score point unless you can pass farther than 2 yards and have some pass blocking.
  11. We got a first but absolutely horrible coaching. Oh wait there you go. Int. God damn this ******* team.
  12. What's crazy to me is that it seems like we want to lose WTH is going on with play calling
  13. Crowell is garbage, we have to force feed the worse back because he got fired for being bad in Cleveland. Jesus Christ this is bowles MO. So now we take the penalty. Horrible. #FreePowell

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