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  1. I dont think Saleh is likebowles ..I think he is passionate. Also a rookie HC being let down by his rookie off coordinator. Their mentor shanahan also off system looks like ass
  2. Carter looked pretty good to me. It be nice if they used him more. Hey man new system and all that..but Joe has done a lot to improve line and still working on it. It is def not as bad talent wise, performance maybe I guess if you didn't watch the precious seasons and saw darnold running for his life every play. I mean then you could say that this like is worse because you would not be aware of what it was like before. Even with injury the line is far better.
  3. Im just saying it doesn't make a lot of sense and usually that ownership doing it...I could see them saying we need a veteran Joe. Joe says stay the course. White if the back and will be fine. We are holding something here. Then they say Joe. Hire a veteran...then Joe says we'll i could bring in flacco. Then ownershiosnsays that sounds great joe
  4. you smart...i get the logic..I didnt think about that...my thoguht is flacco that much diff that white? I dont really thinks so
  5. I'm not sure you actually pointed out anything, your arguments all seem suspect at best. 1 paying kroft to be a TE for 2 mill seems much better than 50 million on SMITH. You can switch in any position on the team with your logic and say Joe didn't do good enough. Why now say QB, RB, WR OL etc etc...this is not a serious argument. Smith get hurt too btw 2 we drafted a lineman in the first round and brought in another vet.. I mean I guess this is some argument for FA lineman but seems like he did alot for the line. We spent a first the last two year on Lineman. 3 we drafted a RB a
  6. my question is why even sign flacco. he is not going to win any more games than the other guys. not like we are playing for a playoof spot. Just seems like a waste of a roster spot to me.
  7. crazy...flacco back..seeing darbold and teddy, Geno out there...its crazy how many jets Qbs are starting out there..
  8. no it wasnt first off his numbers are not anywhere close to that on our team . Maybe no silly but it would be stupid.
  9. very predictable play calling to result in crap. I mean this just shows that la fluer doesnt understand how to play call or he refuses to help his qb. His ******* first thorugh is 3 and long...**** man can we get a slant and easy under route somewhere...you know the def has thier ear peeled back. it was just shocking way to start the game. I mean I guess the first two runs should have been for 10 yards eay but damn.
  10. We ran dime all day against big run packages...zach very first pass was low percentage and very avoidable situation with decent play calling and only got worse from there. Self inflicted wounds and handicappes. Yesterday game reminded me of gase. when it rains it pours - zach get hurt. This sucks but also shows how bad the team is. It will take time but we are on the path. Keep going!!!
  11. Let get rid of the one guy in the org putting us on the right path...smart move any lot brilliant observations or suggestions you can offer? The stupidity of some positions is shocking in even the most shocking of circumstances.
  12. What's crazy is there is talent but this off coaching staff seems not to know who has it or what talent they have. I mean he's running ty Johnson up the gut...a million other things it just is mind numbing..
  13. We are cursed...Zach has zero help out there can we get some extra blockers, some short slants **** christ
  14. I don't know guys, hearing all the neg press err .... Well I just mean everyone saying we will lose....I think it's a win today. Pats are not that great and they did beat us but watching the game it was us beating us more than the pats. The game plan did not include many safe plays for a rookie....well that is not true it was Zach not throwing the easy check does and taking big shots or hard to make passes all day that resulted in turnovers. But our team is capable of not probable to win this game. Even with Mosely out the def will be fine. Zach just needs to play smart and I think with a litt
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