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  1. Best quarterback play we ahve had since Pennington before he got hurt..despite the same ol horrible play calls for 0 yards every drive.
  2. That's all well and good but what does it matter if we keep coaches that go into give the game away mode as soon as we get a lead of any size. 3rd qtr hits and we call plays not to get first downs and to give up TD's swear to god I thought it was going to happen again last night against buffalo. The poster is right we have tons of cash and I am all for lets sign a guy that can play or at least take a shot on a guy that can. Lets draft some lineman, a RB...it would be great
  3. yeah that would be cool to see, Yeah it looks to me like they lettering was smaller, but hard to say until we see the side by side
  4. Pretty sure it was like 7 bucks! 6.99...there was some promo going on
  5. FINALLY THEY ARE BACK AND AVAILABLE!! I feel like i have been waiting for every to be able to get one of these hats... I just ordered a black and green one. Not sure how long they have been back but if you were like me and wanted them, get em now http://www.nflshop.com/New_York_Jets_Hats/Mens_New_York_Jets_New_Era_Green_NYJ_39THIRTY_Flex_Hat
  6. We would have lost if Forte was playing

    100 percent
  7. Is he as ... How do I say this?, Ah...is he as "Rape"ey?
  8. I went last year in person to see Fitz get hurt and then Geno go in. I don't remember much after that, drinks were as plenty as oversized people wearing tight silver and black jersey s. Well not that much but we lost and looked horrible. I'm staying home this time around but expect us to put up a better showing that last year. Give Powell the damn ball PLEASE!
  9. As a fan, my impression is the players association sucks, didn't they get rid of all the practices before the season and during? If that was still in place I think their would be a lot less injuries.
  10. Fantasy Football Team Names - NY Jets

    FitzMagic was mine last year and won both. Need a new one anyone have any ideas. I also used "Great Bowls of Fire", and "Rexy and I know it" in year past. Not sure i have any good ideas for this year
  11. Isnt this what the fans wanted?

    Hell YES!!
  12. Parting Ways After 29 Years

  13. so you think the stadium tour might be my best shot? Coopertown? hmm maybe that might be good, when i say update i mean Youngstown by Niagara falls.
  14. Any of you home town fans from upstate? I am going to visit my Grandfather who could give a sh*t about football anymore but he pretends to still care. The bright side is he will completely indulge me going to see the team. Anyone know if there is something happening that i can go to see the jets, can you visit the stadium, take a tour, watch a practice, etc? really anything, I just think it would be fun to see the team live in someway. Any help/suggestions are appreciated, smart ass ones will be laughed at but not followed.