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  1. REAL REASON why we should go all in for Kirk Cousins

    PLUS 1 MILLION, Absolutely. walking in he is best quarterback we have had since i have been alive, hell since namath. Namath only better because it won it all.
  2. What would you take for Number 6? What do you think we could realistically get offered? I'd like to see us trade away some late round picks to try to get a an extra offensive guy in the 2nd
  3. Oatriot way is drafting horrible for years, no thank you. Just get me a stud on Offense.. Ideal Cousins in FA, stud RB, STUD OL rest is gravy...I want a dude like fornette in the draft. Damn can you imagine our team where we have a franchise QB good line and stud offensive player. Honestly I'm pretty excited for next season, plus our new OC might not call those retarded 3rd and 10 WR out plays with no help against 4 defender... super excited.
  4. I hope you are wrong, this draft and off season is great time to get what we need. I really like the idea of using the 1st rounder on stud RB Edge guy, and get OL in 2nd, or trade back, get stud OL and then in 2nd get RB/WR/ Edge rusher... I def think we will get cousins and do not think with that type of money going to him and how starved we are as a franchise QB that they will not pick up some OL in Free Agency and draft like 2 or 3 guys, 100% they use 1st or 2nd rounder for at least one. They will not trust Powell to tote the rock so it will be Mcguire and Powell most likely all year.
  5. I agree not as bad but love have to have a OL ii the 2nd round, or trade back get 1 with 1 st round, then solid RB in 2nd
  6. wish I we would have had that washed up manning.... to be honest i was and am probably against signing cousins, but honestly at this point after constant rebuilding I would be happy with cousins or drafting a qb with our first pick, drafting being far better to me, but either way it shows to me that we want to win or are at least attempting to. I don't think i can stand watching us pick another damn def player with our pics again. Get some offense, even if we swing any miss..
  7. Dont put that bum in the ring of honor it should be great players not just the best player we had at the time sort of thing, ask someone outside the AFCE who david harris was, wanna know what they would say???? " WHO "....he made alot of tackles sure because alot of people ran right into him.
  8. Mike Shanahan think Jets Offense will impress in 2018

    Pretty simple to improve, add new QB, beef up line and add RB in second round. Improved overnight.
  9. Best quarterback play we ahve had since Pennington before he got hurt..despite the same ol horrible play calls for 0 yards every drive.
  10. That's all well and good but what does it matter if we keep coaches that go into give the game away mode as soon as we get a lead of any size. 3rd qtr hits and we call plays not to get first downs and to give up TD's swear to god I thought it was going to happen again last night against buffalo. The poster is right we have tons of cash and I am all for lets sign a guy that can play or at least take a shot on a guy that can. Lets draft some lineman, a RB...it would be great
  11. yeah that would be cool to see, Yeah it looks to me like they lettering was smaller, but hard to say until we see the side by side
  12. Pretty sure it was like 7 bucks! 6.99...there was some promo going on
  13. FINALLY THEY ARE BACK AND AVAILABLE!! I feel like i have been waiting for every to be able to get one of these hats... I just ordered a black and green one. Not sure how long they have been back but if you were like me and wanted them, get em now http://www.nflshop.com/New_York_Jets_Hats/Mens_New_York_Jets_New_Era_Green_NYJ_39THIRTY_Flex_Hat
  14. Is he as ... How do I say this?, Ah...is he as "Rape"ey?