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  1. cant really argue with him, i mean that is not a bad plan and much better than what we are doing now. The very first post someone says get harbaugh...well that isnt a bad idea either again very much better than what we are doing now. Look at what harbaugh did in SF he showed that he can build around and modify his offense to suit his players. Such a simple concept. SO really cant go bad either way. Im all for them both!
  2. idk but this got me like 45 in fantasy yeaterday
  3. What's crazy is we lost to team that never scored a TD..god we suck
  4. You have seen Gase right? His whole game plan is built on depending on strengths we do not possess and refuses to make any adjjstmet to what the bills do on def. It was terrible to watch but once again out coached
  5. Unfortunately I think Gase is supposed to make the adjustments...maybe he should delegate that to the OC too
  6. Why do we have 4 TE on the active roster? How about just two
  7. Um looks like the OC is able to call a game...weird how Gase can't be judged on it becsuse he sucked but the OC calling the plays can because he doesn't suck. Today's game.literally throws away all these arguments
  8. This times a million...if done two years ago with decent play calling...we be talking about getting some offensive weap in the first not trevor
  9. How he supposed to stopped doing that with no coaching? Every rook in the league throws that at some point..then a good coaching staff break it down and coach him out fo that. He has not progressed from his first year due to coaching. You are right that is the case against darnold but I don't blame the kid for being a kid. You think he making those plays if KC drafted him? No way. Reid wouldn't allow it
  10. Just imagine if he had some decent qb coaching... As great as it is to have Gase not calling plays, doesn't mean we are not doing a bunch of other problems, that was just the biggest one. Other Gase duties... development of QB. Darnold has had no help, new coach is needed.
  11. I love how The OC realizes that crowder doesn't have to be the slot, and we have joined the rest of the league understanding it isn't Crowder that is so good but that slot position is important.

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