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  1. Watching this game I can't help but remember how we felt like we were a good team, I feel like Chicago will through the same heartache we had
  2. What a tease!!! Man I thought with the Rivera news coming out, I thought this was happening, like you were announcing it For the record that would be a good move for the jets. Hell signing the guy in the upperdecks to coach would be a good move for this team
  3. Where's the tape your talking about In the NFL not too impressed
  4. I think you missed it. Macc got fired for being bad gm. Gase should be fired for being bad coach
  5. Coaching matters... If Gase was the HC Luke Falk would be starting over him
  6. Yeah that is true. Rex would be winning games with Darnold. Even with his terrible ocs
  7. Um because duh we shouldn't be this bad with the players we have on th roster. Then on top when fans sitting on their coach can fugure out our plays or see obviously bad calls, you as a fan question the legitimatacy of the front office. You start bitching. Football is a game and it's core concepts are easy. As a fan you can want that out of your team at the least.
  8. QW might end up being a good some day it can day a year or so to get it. He has show. Some ability but not any dog
  9. Has beachem been hurt every game this season? Getting rid of bell is not a very good plan
  10. That's not true bell is way better on all accounts - talent, experience, toughness etc. Gase on the other hand is terrible at his job and doesn't gameplan to take advantage of our strengths or an opposing teams weaknesses. The Bengals literally suck against the run and we have a great RB that doesn't get the touches...never even gets warmed up. No play calls to give him a chance. Give bell a blocker in the open field shallow pass to the sideline and magic can happen. Gase thinks powel is a better back F christ

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