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  1. BornJetsFan1983

    TE Tomlinson and OL Qvale re-signed

    What a waste. Just waste of roster spots . We could get guys off the street that donwhet theybdo but younger or with a chance of possible getting better. But we sign them. Admittedly they could be cut after training camp. . . But I doubt it
  2. look I have paid over 61 million dollars on uniforms in the last month, I really know what Im talking about, Trust me.
  3. UMMMMMM Yes I did like 5 million years ago when it was the only page.
  4. I hope its this uniform! this one is awesome and keep our original Green and White!
  5. BornJetsFan1983

    Pass Rush Help?

    He's not that good could be one reason, his price tag was ridiculous, g Williams didn't like him.
  6. Wait so am I reading this right, so you guys are good with only getting the Giants 1 St round pick from this year? I feel like it has to be those plus next year 1 or a couple lower like 2 and 3
  7. You know hwat is crazy? We are like days away and their is no credible leaks, all we got is heresay and wild ass guesses from under named sources that literally anyone could have made up.
  8. BornJetsFan1983

    Houston to the Colts

    You guys are crazy 1st off the colts aren't a contender, thier team sucks and it's because luck has no help. Houston was probably not even offered a contract for obvious reasons ... Play, age etc. Let's not pretend Houston was their Messiah pass rusher...would have been nice sure but not some huge massive miss like say if we didn't sign the best off and def FA available. I'm bummed but making up this story how Houston wanted to play on a winning team or contender...legit crazy. Colts are garbage and just offered him more 💰
  9. I sorry but ik curious who are the number 2s? We have two slots and a deep threat pony. I would buy enuwa as a number 2 but not the others ... Maybe they come into thier own?
  10. Oh yeah that's who it was he sucked
  11. Man this is the Jets Fan boy stuff I want to hear, really makes me think our coaching staff and outlook has changed. Now I doubt bell is picking the plays but even just showing interest in wanting to use players strengths or "likes", is a huge step up from bowles. Man this is going to be a great year! Sing that O line Macc
  12. Devin white? Didn't we draft that dude already?? He sucked
  13. BornJetsFan1983

    Redskins "very much intrigued by Haskins" Jets twist

    No the only problem is the red skins are not givejng up that much. Be realistic guys a 1st this year and next. A couple other picks like 2 and 5 or 3 and 4.

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