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  1. No none noticed what you are saying because you are incorrect. g willimas gave us the best chance to have a good day on off that we could. SOme guys made mental mistakes whatever, they were coached up. Once again the only side of the ball that was prepared for the game was G williams. it was obvious especially with the off side comparison... He was constantly switching up the def all game also known as adjusting, sure it didnt help being on the field that much and our roster being sh*t, but they guys played hard all game.
  2. Seriously, Anyone that has played madden before knows how terrible Gase gameplan and play calling is, but now the whole damn nation can see how bad of a coach he is. Seriously the whole team was unprepared and seriously out coached. Sam should walk into the GMs office/owners right now and demand G Williams is made HC before the his young career is ruined.
  3. Answer is g Williams. Our def who has played well at time is all smoke and mirrors because of huge roster talent gaps. No pass rush, bad cb etc .. But yes they play hard and play alot. And start on short ass fields. They ready to play and usually play better than thier abilities. Our off play much worse than our talent level and more importantly they do not play hard all game and seem to be horribly coached. I mean bell is our damn rb and we running 1 down up the guy every play. No off game plan or easy routes. Etc. I mean off side is just as bad talent wise as the def. Mosely is great so is bell. But the surrounding cast is terrible. The off though doesn't show up with game plan to have chance to win. Gase got to go. I think j Douglas is going to make g Williams the interim HC and probably make his HC moving forward. He always has the guys ready to play. Kind of reminds me of Rex. For all his faults the guy played hard and that over comes some talent problems. Not all the time but look at buffalo game we win that game with g Williams as coach.
  4. Yeah this is being blown out of proportion because they don't understand what he means. He just saw blitz that weren't there. Great Patriot game plan. So.ple answer would have been short throws out to the side lines taking care of the man to man. Ahgghh God dn jets.
  5. Haha fair. Can't hurt much more.. Can't get worse. Although I thought that when Gase came in. And I was sure wrong about that.
  6. You don't think if we had drafted wrs like F1 mclauren or anyone that can actually get open, or line man that can block or someone sacking Brady would have helped? I'm sorry but the main reason we lost is our roster sucks and our head coach calling the plays sucks. Darnold has all the talent in the world. The saints have teddy bridge water undefeated. You have Panthers won there game with a rook. It come down to gamep plan and having weapons. Darnold could be great but he has been screwed over. He had no chance tonight because of gase
  7. I think him saying that is fine. I mean he didn't know who was coming. He didn't announce to whole team he just reacting. I mean great coaching and scheme from bill a cheat. Gase should have answered with some players to help block. So basic. Where is Powell , TE, extra linemen etc. He just let Darnold get killed all night and called plays as if he didn't care about Darnold. I mean damn, playing Madden gives you better play calling that what Gase Gave us
  8. Yeah good point. Bad drafting really hurts us. But we should still be co petitive with good coaching. Hell maybe not competitive but at least score a damn td
  9. Remember when bowlers didnt get Spencer or whoever the center out of the game when he was getting Sam killed? This game reminded me of it. I mean you see 0 cov all night and not one ******* play to take advantage. I get our wrs suck but damn can I get some basic Madden def scheme in? Screen to bell with a couple defenders...hot route outs for quick passes ... Hell put in a damn te to help block. Nothing, Sam had no chance ...
  10. I love this idea. G Williams would be great head coach I think. Don't have to teach him or wait for him to learn how to be a HC. It would be great. This post 1 million

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