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  1. i agree with that statment sure, but would you go further and say that the prime years should be paid for at only certian positions? like not SS. Like OL QB WR etc..
  2. was he top paid? i didn't realize that, but top paid TE didn't break the bank i bet. AND he was a TE and huge weapon on Offense for the, yeah moss didnt get top money or any other player for that matter. Your not really disagreeing w my point just pointing out i was wrong on gronk part. touche. yeah yup agreed.
  3. I like this post. one thing is that they had brady the whole time at a discount. Moss Gronk whoever never really got paid. We do not ahve the luxury for long, at some point Sam will need money and so if we can ship adams all the better.
  4. Def worth .ore than the contract but good teams dont pay safeties too money. With so many other roster issues. Plus after last year I hope we trade him to Dallas.
  5. this comment also deserves it own reply. specifically the poor fit at that end. By the numbers every single player Adam Gase has ever had as a HC has been a poor fit. Whether it is one of the best RB's to every play the game or some 3rd string qb that knows his system best. I get wanting to support the coach but we are not talking about some long shot play not working out we are talking about last place offense, not doing even the most basic scheming to help get a first down let alone a win. The things, is Gase didnt find a way to use anyone ever on his teams to produce exceptionally. If anything every player plays worse under him. It sucks.
  6. I hope not. sure not his fault on the oline sucking...ok..but def his fault for not game-planning to get bell the ball and help his qb/rb/wr out with plays designed to get the ball out quick... i hope you are right about the team coming together - oline should be better than decent drink? well he was the best WR on the team... obvious comment: coach should call plays that fit his players...giving bell the ball up the gut on the line over and over again probably not good, design some plays to get bell the ball quick and the outside ----good...not trying to rehash it all BUT it does bum me out that we signed Gore like that was some sort of good think. Just another Gase bone head thing to do.
  7. Just a reminder, as excited as we all are for this season - and I am excited because of the roster moves etc. Our HC is a buffoon and doesn't know how to effectively run an offense. Signing Gore is offensive. When Gore is crap along wiht the whole Offense, don't be surprised. Honestly could you imagine steelers going to gore with snaps lol. i expect our team to do better I guess than last year, but every single game will be like what the hell is Gase doing. Bring on the suck!!
  8. ? You read it wrong The death numbers told to us and predicted were substantially higher at the beginning and thus caused extreme measures to be taken to hopefully slow down the virus. They told us these numbers were best case with all our social distancing, shutting down the economy etc, that the best case was in the millions, then hundreds of thousands, and now under 60k. They were literally wrong. That's not minimizing that is truthful. Social distancing didn't change the projections from 200k to under 60k in to weeks. Sorry man. This whole pandemic is terrible, I get it, but everything was based on data, numbers and models. They were all wrong and we should probably keep that in mind. You dont have to cencor it or be hostile to it. Its your site man. I love it , I honestly do. Go Jets, but dont tell me I dont care about people or deaths just because I factually point out that this wasn't as bad as we were led to believe. They were wrong so completely. Do whatever you got to do man.
  9. Facts are a strange thing you can try to bend them to your will but they always reveal the truth. The drastic measures you speak of I assume you mean social distancing etc...yeah cup cake that was all baked in the projections on their bs models. Its was millions now under 60. The 100-200k number was popular for a while that was with all the precautions. The truth is they dont know crap.
  10. ??? Tike will tell, I'll agree with you after the first post game presser goes off. Then we will know
  11. So now they project under 60 k deaths...what 2 million a month ago now to under 60 k. All these assholes base everything under flawed models, it makes me sick. Millions of lives effected because of their bs.
  12. Well. Number 1 our IT sucks balls. How many press conferences have we all watched where you can't hear anything.
  13. To be fair David was good. Ut our coaches sucked. He goes to NO and they actually use him in a way he can perform. G William's would have loved him.

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