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  1. Deniro is over rated in general. He is not a good actor. He just came out with in net flicks. I gfoget what it was called but it sucked just like his acting
  2. I'm sure I'm on someone ignore but not for being nasty for just being an ass
  3. REx Hogan and Phil Savage those guys arent holdovers from the Tanny days are they?
  4. The Jets have already moved on from Sam Darnold and Joe Douglas didn’t deny Steve Young’s comments that New York has “committed” to Wilson and his family. Douglas didn’t have much of a rebuttal, adding that the legendary quarterback is “pretty tapped in” to the BYU football program. The only box likely left to check is Wilson’s medicals, but the Jets aren’t concerned with Wilson’s shoulder injury history, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. As for New York’s second first-round pick, Schrager has them rolling the dice on Purdue wideout Rondale Moore.
  5. 5 7 180lbs Deebo is 6 foot 220. Also no one really thinks deebo is this all impressive WR that is some crazy number 1 guy. He is hurt, cant get separation consistently etc.. TO be clear I think ROndale would be terrible pick. Absolutely terrible you dont take a 5 7 WR in the first second or 3rd rounds. Hell you dont draft a 5 7 WR at all. Maybe give him a shot as a UDFA. How can anyone think this is a good idea. Football basics - WR should be big and tall you know bigger and taller that the CD covering them. Just saying.
  6. no thanks MACC, terrible pick for us, could we maybe try getting someone that will be good in the NFL...
  7. My bad you can delete this mods. I didnt see the other thread abotu same thing, its another mock having us make a ridiculous pick on mondale. Its terrible in that mock too.
  8. Great post, i tend to agree with you but one thing that really excites me is to see Mosley back on the field and the pass rushers. As bad as WR has been - since decker and marshall - really wasnt great before then either.. The pass rush has been non exiestent for as long as I can remember. We now have what seems to be a pass rush on paper. Not just scheme which I think we will see alot of from the new HC and staff worked in to the game plan, but I think just an organic 3 or 4 man rush... QB, protecting and rushing the QB is the most significant on any team. We now potentially after t
  9. I get it we have had a bad team and bad draft for far too long, but now even most mocks are saying we should take ridiculous picks, this ass hat Sam Newman says we are supposed to draft a WR that is 5 foot 7 inches. WTF. Talks about how people have to gamelan for him every week like Deebo. Ok for starters, he is 6 foot and like 220. Rondale who is supposed to be this really good player is 5 7 and a buck 80. NO THANKS> I am worried about taking the small WR Dvonta smith or what ever his name is and he much more talented. This guys best case scenario is us drafting stupid. god i c
  10. this might be the best post i have seen you write in recent memory of many good ones. Unfortunately I think after the draft is done it is going to more of the same, all arguably and probably most likely good balanced picks that address multiple positions with more impact players at the top and a probably a trade back to get more lottery tickets in the back of the draft. Joe will be Joe and sure we will have some of that "how could have taken player x with the second draft pick of that round, what were you thinking" take from a few fans. Its crazy to think we will have a good plan a
  11. Lol no c'mon man we have starters...guy who would actually start on other teams...not just the jets... That is my bench mark to establish starter
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