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  1. How does it make sense to act like he is a wr1? He is a gimmick wr . Sure he looked good a couple time but he is not even best WR on our team. I seriously dont get all the love for him. Sorry two catches a game is not good even it it was for a couple jump balls TDs. I rather have a guy that gets open more often than not and potentially can win games for us regularly. Right now he is just a gimmick hail Mary. Well any talk receiver can do that. Sorry I just dont buy it and think you guys are just used to such bad WR play that you evaluate his talent alot higher than anyone else would.
  2. Haha well you do have a point but we can't bet against our own drafting. Most teams miss in the draft not us and the reverse argument and with more picks the more chance to hit the lottery. I would love us to take the top pass rusher or RB in the draft. I am glad we took darnold last year but look at all the RB at the top of the draft, they all turned out awesome pretty much. We get an RB in the draft would be awesome.
  3. Dont trade R Anderson???? Seriously??? Screw Robnie Anderson. He sucks. Inconsistent, diva before he has done anything. He can catch a long ball sure, but not better than anyone else, did you guys not see him in all his do nothing games or drop catchable passes all year. If someone want to pay us acting like he is anything other than a sceholder WR with average talent let them. Seriously. Give me a break with this guy. The only way our team gets better is holding onto guys that buy in and are better than average. Robbie is not either of those things. Enuwa on the other hand is the only WR worth keeping. And even then he is just an average starting WR. But at least he is a complete receiver. I love to get anything for robbie so we can draft a guy that might have a higher ceiling. The only reason robbie is seen as good is because of the QBs throwing to him that year, he made DeSean Jackson look awesome this year in a couple games too just like Robbie. It was just play calls and the QBs not giving any ****s chucking up there.
  4. BornJetsFan1983

    Chiefs Fire DC Bob Sutton

    is dee still on the team pretty sure sutton didnt tell him to line up off sides
  5. BornJetsFan1983

    Re-Sign Henry Anderson

    Hopefully we start signing these guys and keeping them around. he is Snacks all over again, we we actually get someone that our performs expectation we need to keep them and move on from the others that are just hype..
  6. BornJetsFan1983

    Bizzaro Jets: EVERYTHING is different

    is omage even a word?
  7. BornJetsFan1983

    Bizzaro Jets: EVERYTHING is different

    You gusy really think Blue will be added? Like omage to the past titan uniform?
  8. BornJetsFan1983

    Bizzaro Jets: EVERYTHING is different

    GOd I hope so!!
  9. Seriously, he might not have been able to perform when it matter most in the playoffs (see his well documented losses as a player) but the dude knew what was happening and what he was supposed to do in every situation, or he certainly does in his new role as color. I'm not sure he is really making calls that aren't to someone that played the QB position but I seriously doubt any of our QB coaches or Off Coordinators (bates Morty whatever all of them) ever could do what Tony is doing. It wouldn't be much of a jump to get him coaching. He is not just calling plays, but diagnoses it in real time better than the teams coaches calling the plays in real time. Tell me one coach that we have had in the last decade that could consistently know what was happening and call plays that even sort of seemed like they had a chance during a season. Tony is sitting here calling plays, telling them if it would work and what they should be doing. Maybe I just am pisst but damn love to have Tony on our sideline with Darnold. That is the type of voice I like in his ear as a coach.
  10. Best post I have ever seen you do. 100% behind this. Sure he will come with suspension etc but he is a top 3 rb in the league . 1000% better than what we have. We should pay the guy and reach over all other teams interested.
  11. Not sure how many follow MMA but younshouldnhave seen this asshat on ESPN plus last night he looked like he was on drugs. Give him credit for being consistent, he UFC commentating was just as lame and clueless as his commentary on everything else.
  12. Its it stupid that I like he threw in namath to the interview.
  13. BornJetsFan1983

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    How the hell is that supposed to be your New Jersey? I'm just going to call it. None of that is our Jersey.
  14. BornJetsFan1983

    Goodbye 3-4

    Oh man remember Kyle Wilson, he was horrible.
  15. BornJetsFan1983

    Jets will have new uniforms next year.

    I want black jersey like the practice ones we saw and yes black helmet would be great. Green cages would be sweet too.

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