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  1. BornJetsFan1983

    John Harbaugh

    Pretty sure they fear the ravens teama while lot than anything we have put on the field for years, and that's with ******* flaco at QB. Yes yes yes to getting this guy as our coach. A real coach who knows what's he is doing.
  2. Damn sign this kid Barkley he looks likethe second coming of Namath...oh wait no our team just stinks...
  3. BornJetsFan1983

    Next HC and Next GM — who ya got?

    If you make him gm and coach why wouldn't he? I'm good with it
  4. BornJetsFan1983

    This is what we wanted, no?

    What are odds him getting fired...like what's your percentage...even now I feel like it is 10%>>
  5. This is idiotic.. what exactly is Johnson done that you don't like so much, arguing about bad hires I suppose, but that is flawed. Everyone has bad hires and you can point to both good and bad tlstucf third hires have done, it's so fickle. Just this off season all sort were praising johnson while Woody was away talking about this is how you run a team etc... There is no reasonable argument against ownership. Especially one that has made runs at the afc championship games with rex, signing franchise QBs etc...just cause it didn't work out doesn't mean they were wrsong for taking the shot. I seriously hate this stupid opinion of ownership. Whatever, hopefully bowles gets fired.
  6. BornJetsFan1983

    Harbaugh/Ravens headed for Break-Up

    We could def do worse
  7. Damn I hope you are right...imaging if he got an coach who want to throw more than to the line of scrimmage...that is bar for us, anyone that want positive yards...what the hell is wrong with our coaches, how can they be like oh yeah let's not score or get yards...do they just not want to have jobs..
  8. Two pass plays to the line of scrimmage sweet play calling. Seriously are we even trying?
  9. BornJetsFan1983

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Nice picture man! That's Rollin in style
  10. Our great coaches weren't prepared for the bills wanting to score today. Awesome.
  11. BornJetsFan1983

    Darnold in a walking boot. Not practicing.

    Full and complete panic mode.. jesus christ i'm all good with growing pains but really no coaching staff in the history of the game has treated thier rookie this bad, Rex would have won two super bowls with this roster and qb.
  12. BornJetsFan1983

    Possible HC Candidates

    How about the other harbaugh, he ran a good house in SF before they canned him.. Either harbaugh would be a huge upgrade.
  13. BornJetsFan1983

    Possible HC Candidates

    McCarthy is bad. why can't macc just pick a new head coach, or fire both and hire a GM that will pick his own HC? Isn't that how it is supposed to work. I am good with any any offensive coach, but the KC guy sure sounds good to me, I don't think their QB is better than ours. He just has a offensive system that does not hold him back. If we fire Macc I am good with it. If we keep him Im good with it. I think he has show to be able to sign, make moves at an acceptable level. Bowles on the other hand showed us again he is horrible, how do you not notice your center with a dislocated finger can snap int he shotgun for the entire game. He literally waited until it gave the other team points and then kept doing it...**** I hate these assholes.
  14. BornJetsFan1983

    Kearse was horrible today

    Enuwa was the o ky receiver to play at a NFL level..Robbie I'm not sure on, it tough cause he is not a complete reciever, he is a desean Jackson, go route guy, but even his go route sucked. Honestly Sam has no legit help out there other than enuwa and Bates forbid him from using him. Spencer ******* long all game...great coach yeah leave him in. This team is bad. Really bad. We need to scrao all these bad players on offense...and build a line.

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