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  1. could be sure, but also we have a real coaching staff and they look at the kid and see he was not ready. Just like Joe cleaned up the org Saleh has to clean up the team and how they play. MIms I think needs development and coaching. He has talent and size. I would not be surprised to see him get promoted during camp at some time and be a starter this season that contributes. He need development and coaching to get successful and i think they look at him as that raw rookie still because he had 0 help from the former coaching staff. They probably figure best to start from the ground up so they c
  2. your saying that he shouldn't just be dropped into the starting line up with out being coached up? hmm seems interesting
  3. im not sure how I am supposed to be concerned day 1 of Zach that crowder dropped passes or Coleman. that is literally what they do. Zach is in camp that is good. Obiviously today was going to be rough but unlike the past I do not think our coaching staff is going to just ignore performances like yesterday years. Crowder and other like Mims, coleman etc...if they make drops others will start. Just look at SF...they rolled with the QB during the suck but WR and other got benched when they didnt perform. Coaching staff is teaching a systme but dont think these guys who dont show up wil
  4. no kidding but the reality is I get it. I mean Jets have alway made terrible desiciions on so many things for so long it is hard to beeive that things have changed. But things have changed and it is glorious.
  5. Yeah sure Watson crew is putting out he won't be suspended...give me a break. Dude is done
  6. What a terrible take. Rolled the dice? You mean got a deal with a team that was way over value for what Sam was worth considering his record? And by stall you mean just stick to his guns and have off set language in the contract like all other contracts to protect the team? We don't have street cred? What the hell are you talking about. It's one thing to just be wrong but then this comment..wtf r u talking about. It very standard language to protect the team and Zach camp tried to get rid of it. There was no chance of this everyone knew it. Zach and the team won't really be hurt by this b
  7. Disagree with what? Joe Douglas didn't let Zach agents get the off set language taken out...that is a good move for jets...I'm not sure I need to explain how it protects the team from signing a crappy player. Zach signs his contract and get paid. Another pretty good move ... I'm not sure how any of it is bad. Should he have signed it earlier absolutely but none of it was unforseen or unusual. Give me a break all these guy that just beg the jets to do things stupidily just because former GMs did. And the whole well Jacksonville ncrap ..yeah well Jacksonville and stupid. They sho
  8. Do basically to wrap it up Joe does what he is supposed to do and not continue doing things terribly. All the jetnation posters who were blaming him etc look stupid. And we all as jets fans are happy because we are doing contracts correctly woth Joe, all is well Well done joe D
  9. We probably sh I understand he has done more for the Jets than any player in the last 20 years at least
  10. Just cause Zach wants it doesn't mean he should get it....or that he shouldn't but their is no expectations that he should get it
  11. Or maybe JD should just be the adult and responsible GM and give him none.
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