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  1. Head up man. This is going to be a great season.
  2. Yes! I did, in my previous comment. Where we disagree is who will be great. Either way right or wrong about who will be great I really love the idea that these guys will get to Brady and what's the word I'm looking for ... Smash Haha I can't wait
  3. Some are saying he can run for 1000 yards his rookie year. It would be nuts. I am tageting him in the 10 round. Yeah I'm with you on QB late. Honestly I just don't think he will drop further than that. And in the 10th it's all just sleepers anyway. Ill still draft another QB in the 13 whoever is left. I think the point is that he could really suck bad and be worthless
  4. You know people have been trying to convince me to draft him in fantasy football haha
  5. If you are looking at this please know it has been noted.

  6. Why not publically post on their thread? Have you tried Kodi?
  7. This explains alot. He didn't really drop no one actually had him in the top three. Lot of smoke. I'm no draft guru either so what the hell do I know, but I think you are going to like the QW pick after the season is done. Specifically better than what you think we should have taken
  8. I'm looking forward to week 1 finally all these Ed Oliver truthers will be silenced. The guy might be good. Don't get me wrong and I think he will most likely be good, on any temm for that matter. BUT QW is alot better. At everything.
  9. Haha. Go ahead man I'm not just going to change my mind because you don't want to admit the truth. Literally 0 people agree with your assessment. Darnold was hitting dimes and making pro throws all year. Sure bad coaching whatever, despite that he was connect with guys . And specifically he was throwing to spot Robby should have been but wasn't because he gave up on plays.. I might have to put you on ignore.
  10. the one in which you ask which player has cost the team more games by giving up on plays...the one where you ask if first downs matter...the one where you determine a wide receivers worth based on catching the ball....you get the idea..
  11. We will see, as long as one of us is right, Bell is awesome or RA is awesome it will be good, but difference of opinion aside. The guys is always open?????? WHATTTT??? what are you talking about he is def not always open, the only consistent thing RA does is get covered. Sure he breaks every now and then, but if he was on the Chiefs he wouldn't magically get open. Darnold has a great pass very accurate. The reason he doesn't nail RA for a TD every game is because he is not open all the time. The reason Darnold struggled was because all of our receivers were not able to get separation. This is not an opinion, this is facts. You are incorrect on this point. Don't take my word for it, watch any game tape on Robby last year, what you will see if him give up on plays and not get open consistently.

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