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  1. BornJetsFan1983

    Anthony "Champ" Kelly quick profile

    Both are upgrade by about 10 levels, so giddy up either one would be a win.
  2. BornJetsFan1983

    BTW...Manish is a huge D-Nozzle! *merged*

    I can't tell if this is serious or not. Do you really think it is racist? No bro the pile of sh*t obviously refers to the sh*t job he does...er sh*tty job, like he is nit actually a good reporter.
  3. BornJetsFan1983

    Gase Press Conference Tweets

    Disagree they are not asking real questions they are TMZ. Wish we had real questions
  4. BornJetsFan1983

    I love Adam Gase

    We got to give credit to the jets they really did go another direction in this hire,
  5. BornJetsFan1983

    40 yard dash tournament - Robby Anderson

    Don't we know or can we look up 40 times when they were all drafted. I assume Robbie was fastest. Is this set up for us to win? #rungate
  6. BornJetsFan1983

    Some Much Needed Positivity

    omg are you made that he posted a tweet? maybe dont clikc on on the post if you dont want to read about it.
  7. BornJetsFan1983

    Gase Press Conference Tweets

    Just another reminder our beat reporters are trash
  8. BornJetsFan1983

    Nick Bosa injures hamstring during OTA

    So glad we did not take him
  9. Something tells me Gase will draft a diff position in the 1st next year
  10. BornJetsFan1983

    Terrelle Pryor - remind me what happened

    Sure Pryor sucked and also was like Daron Lee, soft
  11. Thanks Sar for the heads up. I'm going it the jet nation link to see which one I'm going to get
  12. BornJetsFan1983

    Gase cleansing stench of this team

    Look I hate to break it to you but he beat pats, went to the playoffs with arguably worse team and roster than us. Soooo That being said who knows let's see who comes in for the gm job, but the dude in Philly is 💯 Percent better than Macc. That is truth. Gase hasn't shown great success but I think he has a chance here. Darnold and him could be great and we are already better than last year. By alot
  13. Seems like someone is finally at least trying to change things up, fire all the scouts, or at least most of them. They are trash. Even if any were good they were too low level to matter. And I can't believe they are really that hard to replace
  14. BornJetsFan1983

    Gase cleansing stench of this team

    Wait what happened what made you write this? Did I miss something? I mean I hope so and great news but what prompted this ?

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