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  1. Thank God Joe is in charge. He would never do these things. Thankfully
  2. Someone else's quote , some anonymous team executive about leverage in this trade deal.. Green Bay needs this deal and the jets just want this deal. That is the leverage. Brevity is the soul of wit
  3. He sure was untill he got hurt. I mean carpet bagger are you serious? Every single guy on team player somewhere else in college and rosters move around. It took about 300 pages but we have got to making fun of teeth and carpet bagging insults good grief. The trade is coming on draft day boys. It will be for a third round pick
  4. I hope the jets do not return to hard knocks. It was great show for sure, but I rather they not do it. Distracting etc. Lets just get to football thsi year. I thihnk it would be a very good show for sure, but we alreayd have our in house hard knocks show and that is good enough for me plus. You know the whole goal of the show will be to make aaron rogers looks stupid. These nfl hard knocks guys will not be able to help them selves.
  5. I couldn't find the og vid but here is a copy
  6. Another media lies story...but you know what is not medial lying to you the video of him smoking hoe that they filmed. This guy is a POS. That being said I would pay like 8 -10 mil
  7. I see...someone explained your article didn't have anything to do with your argument so you just restated it and added joe is so good at his job he embarrassed others. Hmmm....seems to me that you argue against yourself. Macc our last gm was the one that embarrassed themselves. It wasn't another player, agent or gm that embarrassed him. It was him and his ridiculous decisions. Joe doesn't make ridiculous decisions even when nut ball fan want him to give up first round picks for the highest paid QB that will be turning 40 from a te desperate to trade him away..
  8. Looney tunes... Jets are not being anything just wanting a fair deal. And JD has one reputation ...of one that won't get screwed over, act foolishly or without merit. Like what world do you live in?
  9. Saleh is not todd bowles thankfully. Look both were great coordinators and Saleh as a rookie hc had his short comings for sure, but he has shown that he can learn and grow into the job, unlike say todd bowles. I think you are going to see what you hope to see next year. A head coach that has coordinators calling plays reading the other team for weaknesses etc and a HC that over sees it all. I think he might not be inventing the play book on offense but he is not going to be like rex for instance. He will be apart of the off game plan more than ever. Just cause he lets his new shiny coordinator come in and probt make the play book, Saleh will have input. I mean the truth is Rogers will run that offense. The system will be familiar because of havket and I'm sure have some jet rinkles but Rogers will be powered to call plays at the line, make adjustments etc. We are so used to seeing people not capable of that or not be allowed to do that it's sick. Rogers will be running that side of the ball, when la fleur brother started running that team he clashed with Rogers. Calling plays Rogers thought were terrible, (read that as conservative play calls) despite having Roger there. Eventually they worked it out because Rogers was given the power back that the New HC tried to take from him. Its a sh*t show over in green bay. Anyway Saleh is going to let Rogers do rodgers and let that go as far as we can go, but I think the relationship at least from the jets brass side is going to want to be a mutual type of relationship based on trusting Aaron to be good. Saleh doesn't have an ego, he will be involved and might with hacket develope the ny jets illusive TE attack packages that we forked so much money for. But at the end of the day is rogers is the one hitting Wilson or lazard or who ever he wants. I think all will be happy cause the def and run game will never really let Rogers carry the whole team. He is going to love that. The def is going to love that and most importantly I am going to love that. Let's go baby can't wait for the season
  10. Lol he earned his spot. It's not one of those. But you do you self a disservice if you don't just listen a little. This dude is crazy and sees himself as freaking davate Adams or something.
  11. 1264 yards in 2002. I'd say that better than average! I mean whatever you want to say. It ils very subjective. 5 TD and 9-7 seems pretty average. But hey I haven't dove into his career numbers.. I remember him as being reliable. But obviously you didn't catch the drift of the post or listen to the podcast. If you did you would have heard his pompous ass and not be so quick to try to get with spermy
  12. Hey man callem like I see em as always . Coles was average wr. But listening to him you think he won 3 Superbowls, was the best wr in the league. Dude is a duesh, you got love for him fine, but listen to him not me and then get at me.
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