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  1. My favorite was after we took sauce he is like oh I knew that just so you...uh huh sure bro
  2. That's pretty much every beat writer we have...and he wasn't that great...try listening to his jets podcast. It was terrible in-between them trying to sell me cereal and him act like he is a celebrity...I just never understood why people ...why any people like him. My best guess was he wasn't as negative as the others but he was just so hard to listen too. I never read his articles so this is only based off tweets of his and listening to him. He was terrible.
  3. i hate sling blades whole family from that doof who play for the other NY team to his father and any other siblings. I will never forgive him for Adam Gase. I NEVER will forgive him. Mannings are all trash.
  4. its not about buying somethign you want its being forced to fork out cash the first time you ever had it..blah blah blah obvious..etc...
  5. Recycling fluids you say? Money in this you say?
  6. Agree or not, 1k is alot of money. And 75k is a lot for dinner and f'd up to make some rookies pay
  7. IT is funny, older generations read tweet and think kid is being a crybaby, but it is a tweet so it in itself from a younger player shows that it is just a passing thought and does not have a lot of weight, younger generation see it as such. idk it is just crazy how tweets are taken for more than what they are, but also kid probably shouldn't have tweeted that either. Carter shoudl have a good year this year.
  8. that ' not what I said, its dumb to waste money and those with it generally don't, unless they are dumb or ignorant. This is not an opinion, you cant just make up your own version. And just covering the tab because you may want to for whatever reason, it is these kids being expected to blow big cast on some hazing dinner. It is not smart. Also the red lobster all you can eat shrimp does not look like the image you posted.
  9. It is. Rich people are the most tight with money. The ones who arnt are not rich for long ...bad decisions etc..
  10. It is even to those with money. Well maybe more accurately anyone that has had to work for said money. You're either dumb or ignorant if you waste money like that.
  11. Haha I ate at red lobster a couple years a back for all you can eat shrimp. It was about forever between plates and each came with 4 or 5 baby shrimp. It was terrible. Do people really actually like red lobster.
  12. I think your missing the cost of the exercise and stuff like this is just plain terrible for the players. Both the ones eating free and paying. Just terrible really
  13. Garret Wilson paid some high tab not sure what amount exactly but supposedly over 50k
  14. Well poor choices with money like this is exactly why they go broke. The idea that oh they can afford it is a lazy idea. 50k on some dinner is ridiculous and like any kid that don't know nothing, whether you have a big pile of money or small, it is stupid mistake and waste. Just cause someone has money , you shouldn't be ok with them getting screwed
  15. I don't believe that. Ask anyone that has money if 1000 is a lot. It is for everyone
  16. This is sarcastic. I wasn't sure till the flacco part. Well done.
  17. What do all these players have in common? They don't really help you win
  18. I have always thought about this as a good gesture, I mean rookies have to cover the meal no big deal but this is ridiculous. Over 50k its just such a waste. I don't think they should be expected to pay for the meal when it is so expensive. It's actually a really sh*tty move by the vets. I wasn't always against it but my god it's ridiculous. I don't know think they should take the team out to McDonald's but damn better go to red lobster or some chain place. If I was a rookie, no way I want to do that bull sh*t.
  19. Lol. I think we are just glad that we have avoided big red flags today and hopefully not making injuries this year. Glad to see an offensive side of the ball that has potential to be a solid group around our young qb. Also Mike white
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