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  1. I really hope sunday was not a sign of his usage going forward? I mean was he hurt of something...
  2. I don't know ray ray but generalizations based on skin colors seem pretty racist to me. White or other wise.
  3. Most would argue Football players are role models in their community and there do need to make an impression. Right or wrong along to kids do in fact look up to them. I would say that it accurate
  4. Full transparency Max we need all the user names of people in this picture left to Right!! For official Internet stalking purposes only
  5. It perfectly fine to dress up or down. But if you don't dress professional then you won't give off that impression. Pretty simple. White black or purple
  6. To be fair I never saw this picture of him at the time
  7. If your asking was a he better def coord the answer is yes. If your asking was he a better hc ? The answer is yes thier too
  8. I would like to see him take over play calling and maybe the head coaching part too
  9. Geeze this is the coach talking..he just going to clown his guy? No bro how bout you don't call terrible def or maybe use some better plays. Its sad how little we get out of this def. The good ol rex days he had a top d with Jack sh*t on the team. He had one lock down corner and no pass rushers. Just imagine what he could do with this group imnot advocating for rex just a better def coord/ def Coaching
  10. exactly! he cleaned it up. people forget exactly where we were when he took the reigns and how much better it is right now. Thank iyou Joe D.
  11. idk man you are the one arguing the clean up guy is making the mess.
  12. not sure if youi noticed Joe D in charge bringing building the roster correctly fixing among other things, the front office structure and scouting...nothing Joe has done has been inept. some people can just never be happy SOJF
  13. Im not quite there yet but getting closer every game. The questionable playcalling and just not being prepared on sundays. If the truth is we are playing flacco because we dont want there to be a qb controversy then we shoudl fire him. You cant tell me that mike white doesnt win that game yesterday. He hits those open guys all night for 400 plus yards.
  14. this is what give me hope our WR are talented, Moore and now wilson are always open.
  15. Well that not true we literally saw quinen revolting live calling out the coaching staff for stupid play calling. The scheme is not necessary bad, I mean we know it is not since we have seen it run elsewhere with good success, the particular coaching and play calls and lack of game plan is at fault. We have the scheme based on the front getting pressure and they don't call it that way they throw the kitchen sink on that particular play. Stupid call. Once again a call made by our def coordinator who seems inept. I think the system can work if we got pressure. But over we so bad coverage with no game situational awareness. Look the system could be bad but it is hard to tell here because we do really stupid things and don't let our guys go.
  16. I disagree he make the pocket move and gets pressure. He is def not the problem on def
  17. Not letting our 4 man rush go off is ridiculous. Literally the whole point of the def to let them go. Instead we just hold back. Makes no sense
  18. Just being prepared for game day would be a start and improvement for this team.
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