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  1. Hmmm.... really? You think Wilson has worse hands? Time will tell
  2. Also not to beat a dead horse here but this comment is so ridiculous...one of the best slot wr on the game really? Yeah right up there with Cooper kupp. Look anyway I'll stop responding to your lame comments. But it's just so stupid it boggles the mind. Go jets I hope berrios had a great year but outside looney toons, saleh and Joe will try to squeeze everything they can out of the roster. Maybe berrios will break a tackle or two and score once in a while. That would be
  3. Check back with me game one kid. And also nothing wrong with being a wr4/return man. Ask berrios Wilson, Davis and Moore are ahead of him. You disagree? Please let me know where I am wrong. Feel free to troll on
  4. Guys grab every play. He will be as guilty as everyone else
  5. Have to do a little better than make a Catch at a joint practice! Kid is a back up WR. No matter how much you hate it
  6. you are welcome. I assume at some point their will be players to talk about soon!
  7. The cuts are coming, can't wait to see something good shake loose! We missed on Travis Fulgham but someone else should be available soon!!
  8. why the hell woudl they not being doing autographs? they shoudl be mandatory for the rooks and encouraged by the populat players..
  9. Is there going to be a Jetnation league this year??? let me know!!
  10. But you could be the big winner????!!!!!
  11. Im good with either...also great job setting this up, never seen this website before but very cool
  12. I hope they let Zach rest after surgery, he doesnt need to play week one if he is likely to get hurt, not sayign taht is the case, but if it is, rest him.
  13. You're delusional, I just said gase ruined him.
  14. Flacco is not capable of winning 8 games. No ******* way. If Zach does that it means that he has progressed in his second year will be likely to continue to progress. Meaning he is in fact our franchise QB that we have all been waiting for.
  15. Lol. As soon as flacco got in the game you could see our team give up last year. But he'll I'm hope you are right about him being somehow better this year based on hope
  16. I wish they would play Mike white who is capable of moving the offense week 1. That aside one thing that is really going to be nice to see this year is the game planning week 1. We have the pieces to run the rb two te sets we wanted to last year. We should be able to see our system this year as intended to work. It is not reliant on excellent qb play. Much like SF lots.of.run to set up pass. Who knows we might see a string of victorious games because our end and TE show up helping the performance of the jets.
  17. Bro. What? It's based on his play or lack there of.
  18. Well I stand by my words he is a great wr 4 and has the added benefit of being a kick returner etc...but I much rather have next year's Garret Wilson in that spot and we are about 1 year off my prediction of him being gone and it being a good day. I still don't think he is some Essential piece as some others do. At the same time it's not like I hate him specifically, just hate that we have a guy with no cieling in that spot. Mark my words it will be a good day when we have some highly drafted rookie in that spot. Joe has buildijg a beautiful team roster and we are so close to finally having no room for camp cuts like him
  19. I'm willing to change my beliefs that flacco is a trashed washed up qb that used to be good 10 years ago, but I can't base it off preseason, have to see it in a game. But I have to admit it is good to hear about td passes and throwing to our rb makes a lot of sense for this offense. This is most talented team flacco has been in forever. Playmakers at Wr, te, rb...he has to be loving it. Hopefully we don't need any qb for very long till Wilson is back.
  20. Not sure how get that conclusion. White has played better than flaxco every single snap in season. Also jimmy g is terrible too. Not saying we can't bring someone else in, but why would you bring in a guy that has failed everywhere he has gone?
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