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  1. Guy plays the system well. And played good for us. Seems so much better than what we have had it makes you want to back up the truck but truth is he is just a nfl quality player. Not elitle. But average. We just had so little or deficient for so long. He looks that much better. I would be all for keeping him next year tho
  2. You called it. Saw it. Believed it. It was glorious well
  3. I know I'm beating the same drum but once again berrios medeocrety screws is again even the most basic of a block and he gets the hall scores ...we still punched it in after but berrios let's us donw again. I get he is an above average jag but geeze it's depressing. To your point we will see but if we play how we currently are...we should exceed the 7 wins. Which you would like.
  4. 7 wins seems like a huge improvement and great next step in the rebuild. King exactly what we want at a minimum. If we are competing I'm ok with less. So far we have looked ok for about a quarter.
  5. Geno looks like a decent QB since his jaw healed. Crazy
  6. My only real question is Carl Lawson going to unlock this game and make an impact ? That would be nice to see
  7. Well I agree with that you seen him not see the open guys all the time. There usually an easier throw to make every play scheme open players abound. It's quite refreshing
  8. Good to have him healthy again. My dude is on how many seasons? 14 ??? No way yikes
  9. Joe flacco has has less time and let the kids make him look great. The fact that Zach is not following suit is the issue
  10. He is was just starting to tee it up and now we have more throws to c Davis, Moore and berrios. Surely we can find a few extra targets for Garret right Zach? C'mon man
  11. I really hope sunday was not a sign of his usage going forward? I mean was he hurt of something...
  12. I agree with the second part for sure!!
  13. I don't know ray ray but generalizations based on skin colors seem pretty racist to me. White or other wise.
  14. Most would argue Football players are role models in their community and there do need to make an impression. Right or wrong along to kids do in fact look up to them. I would say that it accurate
  15. Full transparency Max we need all the user names of people in this picture left to Right!! For official Internet stalking purposes only
  16. It perfectly fine to dress up or down. But if you don't dress professional then you won't give off that impression. Pretty simple. White black or purple
  17. To be fair I never saw this picture of him at the time
  18. Ahh the ol Biden defense. He is just dumb. Got it.
  19. If your asking was a he better def coord the answer is yes. If your asking was he a better hc ? The answer is yes thier too
  20. I would like to see him take over play calling and maybe the head coaching part too
  21. Geeze this is the coach talking..he just going to clown his guy? No bro how bout you don't call terrible def or maybe use some better plays. Its sad how little we get out of this def. The good ol rex days he had a top d with Jack sh*t on the team. He had one lock down corner and no pass rushers. Just imagine what he could do with this group imnot advocating for rex just a better def coord/ def Coaching
  22. exactly! he cleaned it up. people forget exactly where we were when he took the reigns and how much better it is right now. Thank iyou Joe D.
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