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  1. so you think berrios should start over davis? yikes.
  2. flacco didnt suck against nfl players. Strev never play against nfl players.
  3. Also did you see how Moore was more open that Wilson on most plays. It's crazy I can't remember a time when we have more than one we that could get open since marshal decker...and long time from before then. Sprinkle in hall and Carter and we have a great offense talent. If conclin could catch it would be beautiful
  4. I thought you meant berrios.
  5. i was very pisst that we kept going to him and ty johnson, shouldnt that target be better to another person?
  6. I personally thought Joe Flacco could never beat the browns, even with all the great talent around him and he showed that he can still chuck it to wide open guys and make plays, not perfect but was the best damn game i ever seen him play as a Jet no doubt. I think Flacco might even win week 3. Man that would be nice! Keep feeding Hall and Wilson!!
  7. Unbelievable...honestly. glad we started to feature our talented guy
  8. Once again instead of just conventional obvious play calls to our best players we trust flacco and our better fingers te
  9. Wait why they call the QB sneak? Should nt that be a bootleg 20 down the field?.. jk but that is a good play calll
  10. As bad as some of these boje head plays we're in the early 3 and 1s...we are competitive. It's a nice feeling hope they can build and continue in the second half. I'm rooting for you Saleh
  11. More gimmick plays. Just ridiculous. You have Carter and hall. Run just run. A roll of the dice for sure
  12. Bro they threw a 17 yard boot leg on 3 and 1. Yes it's the jets. Just run the ball for 1. Jesus
  13. I just get the feeling our coaches are not that good. Look at just the Garret situation. They basically said well we wanted to use the TE sets to attack the ravens D. Well excuse me for wanting to see the number 10 pick have more than 6 or 7 snaps. It just doesn't make sense you took a whole game to just get one TD from a Te in garbat time. You have the game run through flacco athletic ism. It's just silly. No self awareness to see A the plan sucked, b wasn't working and C that in spite of your efforts as a coaching staff preventing your best player from having a lions share of participation while the offense struggled, a few players talent was shining brighter than the sun. Garret looked amazing, Carter was running great in space. But you would not commit to the run game to set up the pass. It was just more silly gimmicky plays and flacco throwing the to run in unscripted dump passes hoping to to get knocked down. Every game Saleh has shown no ability to coach this team effectively. I like the guy but it's just pathetic. We should stomp the browns. They are a worse team but better run? God did I say that. And the worse part is we literally just have to do common sense plays and game plan of get ball to most talented players to win. That is basically the most basic of coaching and here we got Saleh ignoring or ignorant of it. I mean he is the guy in charge what do you mean you have to come up with a. Way to get your stud the ball? Why the f is that not already part of your game plan? Why the f is flacco your starting QB over Mike white? Why the f are we not ground and point to take some pressure off the QB . It's just crazy. Look the ravens were not that much better and a decent coach would have made us at least competitive. We were not competitive week 1 and I am worried we are going to see the same thing here in week 2. A coach lying to himself like gsse did to rationalize what happened is the worst and it seems that is exactly what saleh thinks. He was proud of week one? They looked like trash all game. Oh but the def played good? Did they? You mean for like a quarter or two? Cause we got our asses handed to us. Anyway rant over but we better have a fing game plan today.
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