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  1. thye might have fooled you but anyone with eyes know flacco is the worst. the whole league knew that 10 years agao. Terrible move.
  2. yeah as much as i like Saleh and liked him as the new HC. I mean this game just shows we are no where near ready. Sure small victories - my getting his first sack, but how do you as the coach put in flacco as the QB when you damn well know that basically nullifies the whoe team. That is a coaching decision. THey were liek hey flacco is the best we can do lets put him in. Yeah crazy almost worthy of being fired on the spot. That is just a stupid move. Even then if the offense stalled the jets were still in it thanks to the defense. BUt they did not stall they never even started. Hs mike white been in there we woudl have move the ball and scored.
  3. That guy is a murderer...killed a lady on a movie set. Not saying you can't use it or that I'm offended in the least just that that guy is a piece of sh*t
  4. Yeah seriously this was all coaching. Whoever says different is delusional, they also though gase wasn't the problem too. I like Saleh but he has not shown the ability to get this team ready with a winning game plan. He has the tools. Just not the plan
  5. I thought it was going to be different but it looks like they didn't even prepare for the game
  6. I'm with you. I see glimpses of it today but then I also see it as Ayers talent showing through but they are not being used very well...swap coach from raven to jets and we are a play off team. Sad today seeing that game plan. It was terrible. Joe bring in two talented te to not get used all game it just doesn't make sense.
  7. I don't think the roster is the problem. We have talent all over the field. He has replaced our old over paid crap team with one with rookies, promise and talent. They suck as a team though...that coaching
  8. So what...same as draft pick can only make a good pick and if don't work out move on. Saleh certainly doesn't look like he is doing this team and favors. I liked Saleh but the game plan is trash and ineffective. Not sure if really fair but we got three points
  9. Down 24 3 ....hmm maybe we should pass the ball. Can we get Mike white for quarter 4???
  10. What a Terrible game. I mean this is gase level coaching. All the talent on the world but let's run with flacco and not try to win at all. Can't blame joe Douglas for this. This is all saleh..an needs to step.up
  11. The past rush is what I want to see and I think we get hole this year with the 4 man rush. It's going to be glorious
  12. Never was on JI somehow found this website but not sure when I signed up. 2005 does not seem that long ago...damn
  13. It certainly seems like it. Maybe we were lucky for so many years in the recent past where this type of thing just wasn't happening to our best players before. Def not the line. But it seems like every year we get these outrageous injuries
  14. Hey look I wasn't being my usual sarcastic ass hole of a self there nut ball. I was saying that, having bad luck IS believable. But....I could go with the injury went under the radar...but it's just nuts how we are plagued by injury
  15. Lol. And people want to eat that? My god it looks terrible. I have heard the words before but never before seen something so Terrible. How dare you compare this elite athlete to that image. Shame
  16. Can someone explain how this is possible? So this guy just got hurt in practice for us? We either just have the worst luck ever or this guy was already hurt and our medical staff sucks again...as always...I mean holy crap
  17. Fair point it would be nice to have our QB. But I do think hall is going to be the center of all game plans. Or least he should be
  18. They are also not that great of a team. Terrible def, and team. Lamar covers alot for them but he can't do much when he gets
  19. Bateman never being a stud wr, them losing holly wood, our pass rush getting healthy and strong, b hall being a massive up grade at RB...that any the Raven def sucking big dicks at the end of the season and losing players ....I guess just based really on the players on the teams and the estimations of how they will perform...
  20. usally a gm only piles crap on themseleves, we had them pile on the next guy too. But Joe is digging us out! Joe is the best thing to happen to the Jets since namath.
  21. this sucks. god i hope the line does not suck, but no way it will be as bad as soem of our lines of recent history! Breece hall and a quick throwin gb can help us out. ALso our two shiny new TE;s will too
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