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  1. Not letting our 4 man rush go off is ridiculous. Literally the whole point of the def to let them go. Instead we just hold back. Makes no sense
  2. Just being prepared for game day would be a start and improvement for this team.
  3. With the talent being there the bad coaching shines like a light in the dark. You can't miss it. Glaring. Time will tell and it is not too late we are only week 3, but we can only show up to so many games with no game plan. A big misty will be repeating if our coaching staff believe Zach will just overcome other teams with out good game plans etc. Look at buffalo they game plan and playing to their strengths before giving Allen his freedom and even them they still prepare him and the team with smart game plans. Now look at burrow. He is expected to just over come and play better. But well, you see how that turned out. It is a dis service to the team to have poor coaching. Anyway many pluralities, ultimately we need better out of the coaching staff.
  4. Well I just think they are over their heads...not purposely...but still. He is not a rookie HC but still acting like it. No excuses they should have had better plan
  5. Bad Coaching stands out because talent is competitive. It's a two sided coin. Saleh and staff because they have a more talented roster have to be held accountable for this type of play. The bare minimum of coaching a fan can expect more than this. I mean if you don't do anything to either take advantage of your strengths or the opposition weakness then what exactly are you doing as the coaching staff?
  6. Well we are competitive at the positions we should be, a major focus and job well done but our GM. Saying it's not is just not being honest. Questionable play calling etc is different from talent. That's all I'm saying and plus from where we were it's actually amazing. Even now with so many missed opportunities we have a shot
  7. As wr4 yep. Davis, Wilson, Moore are very good trio.
  8. The lines are competitive too. Offensive line is working with a statue, so pretty good on them, but coaching should help them a bit . Be nice to see some short throws and more runs. The def line also getting pressure all day. In any fair evaluation competitive
  9. We are competitive on every position group that matter that we just mere two seasons ago we not even college equivalent. Let's try to remember. Some questionable coaching decisions sure but the talent is here capable of winning Would I like to see a gameplay today I sure would have today essentially is throw to Garret or crap he got hurt. Where is the run game centered offense. I mean it just looks like we have no identity. We waste so many snaps with low percentage plays. The game.plan should be based on an immobile QB as the base. Helping him complete easy throws down field. It doesn't even seem like we are prepared to play the Bengals. Nothing specific to this game. That seems like a mistake
  10. Wrs are . Tes are . Rbs are.. even qbs are. What are you talking about. Cbs are. The tackles are too. Basically he made every one of our non competitive units on both sides of the ball that matter are all essentially fixed and completely competitive. Your comment is ridiculous
  11. It's just silly that we have better players that lose touches to him. Got to give him credit when we had nothing better it made sense and was great that he showed some ability with some lucky breaks but now you have three possibly 4 better wrs ok the team and te's and of course two back all better than him. It's silly to design plays to him over them. Instill thinkanynothers would be good to make the returns
  12. So berrios is q great wr right? No he is not. Not that I hate him but this is why he wr 4. He is liability...
  13. I think he is talking like a fan. not a coach. I would hope my HC would be being a little more aggressive in sharing his intent to get out of this game with a win, we didnt hear everything but he was pretty fcuking casual about it. I dont knwo how good of a coach you need to be to have your team not score like chubbs did, but I do not think that is some like best HC in the league type of move. I mean i have played madden and know you want to run down the clock with the lead. I think saleh, the browns coach or any team in the league should have someone at least reminding the team of the most rational plays in the end game.
  14. Despite the tendencies of Jeff Ulbrich and his defense, the Jets need to run more 2-high safety shells, meaning Cover 2 or “Quarters” (Cover 4) looks. According to Sharp Football Analysis, New York ranks 29th in the league in usage of Cover 2 this year, a mere 1.7%. It has been well documented that Joe Burrow has struggled against Cover 2 so far this year, which is what helped the Steelers and Cowboys both in beating the Bengals. If the Jets committ to running more 2-high looks, unlike they did in their matchup last season (9.8% of Burrow’s dropbacks), it could pay dividends in the form of turnovers. Predictions Both Breece Hall and Michael Carter will score a rushing TD. Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner gets his first career INT. Carl Lawson has 2 sacks against his former team. Despite the talent advantage in favor of the Bengals, the Jets are trending upward compared to their Week 3 opponent. While there is always a chance that last week’s win was a mirage, it’s hard to deny this young team of their heart and competitive spirit. If New York can come out firing again on offense, this time with a little more help from the defense, this has the making of another one-score ball game. This time, I’m taking the Jets to win over a slumping team that doesn’t matchup well against the Jets schematically. Imagine: the New York Jets could be 2-1. Score: Jets win 23-21 The post Jets vs Bengals; Week 2 Game Preview/Matchups to Watch appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story... I have to agree I think carl lawson is going to have a sack or two. Also our rookie.
  15. do you think mimis will fill in?
  16. yes a far cry from where we have been for a long time. Even better is when berrios cant make the team. we are a year away!
  17. if we faced them in week 1 or week2 we woudl have won both games. We are about to get like 5 sacks in this game and kill these guys.
  18. I think we win for sure. We saw the coming our party for garret wilson. Flacco amazingly has stopped throwin interceptions...crazy how having 2 - 3 guys open on every play helps that. Seriously are we are not impressed how wilson and moore are always open and then the whoever is left CB can;t cover davis? it really is awesome. Anyway I expect a big game from B hall this week I think we have over 150 rushing yards to go wiith a couple hundred passing yards. 31-17 Jets~
  19. Chrebet was awesome Undrafted guy, he was awesome @Dcat I don't hate berrios i just don't pretend he is some great WR or have a man crush on him like @Jetsfan80. I don't hate any special teamers, I wish he had the ability to take one back to the house every now and then sure. And I love that GW is pushing himdown the depth chart. One more year and he will be gone because talent around his is better. Actually I woudl argue he already deserves to replaced. Mims, or ty johnson or carter could be returning those kicks...
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