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  1. He left sh*t hole Dallas do I bet he feels and plays a lot better for us
  2. how about 2 seconds!!! The giants are trash, trash can org, trash can pick, aghghgghhhgh
  3. I missed this the first time around, but I think great. He may have has some issues last year but I would imagine him getting back to his accurate ways and def like him more that P. Even though he is probably the best kicker we have had play for us in a long while.
  4. 14 - Greg Zuerlein 6'0" 191 Missouri West (PK) ???? how the hell do i not remember this happening...this is great!
  5. Lololololololololololo...... j Smith
  6. Are we supposed to hate tom Brady still? He hasn't been in the div in forever and the one time it mattered when we played we beat him in the playoffs w Sanchez..idk man seems dueshy
  8. Well minor disagreements here...I doubt very much Saleh loves this guy, he saw the old vet qb wet the bed when given the opportunity last year. JD likes him no doubt -and his affinity matters, but i doubt very much that it will hold much weight this year as saleh comes into his own as a coach. I don't mean this is some kind of power struggle kind of way, I just mean that Saleh will say white gives us best chance to win joe, flacco is riding the pine
  9. First off flacco is not winning any games people act like this is 10 years ago. He is washed up can't run the offense and sucks. People seem to forget cinn and Indy and buffalo. White is the back up and only possibility of the above scenario. He easily could win three games by running the system. In either case though Zach come back he is the future of the franchise. Now if he is abysmal they might go back to white. But no way in hell flacco does anything. How anyone can suggest he is the better back up is insane.
  10. so i saw on my phone Jets rookie injury head line and i was like oh no not again, who is it??? which first rounder?? better not be our new rook RB??? it was the OT...big sigh of relief but then the overwhelming feeling of despair when I realize he was already shaky depth at best. Anyone see if he is hurt bad? hopefully just a little soreness and he will be good rigth?? i hope.
  11. Here is to hoping he is not actively rooting against us in his coverage. It would be such a welcomed change in the best writer atmosphere. Be most liked reporter just by not sucking as much as others
  12. Did you see flacco play last year? Omg. Dude is not good anymore. Like not at all. White is the back up man
  13. Im genuinely excited to see our system with capable TEs. Very under the radar impact. But will pay off in running and passing game for sure.
  14. I didn't think of that...not that I agree with the reasoning but very well could be true
  15. Don't believe your lying eyes..eh?? Flacco gave us no shot of winning...white moved the offense and played well. I mean if your position is that flacco was better and is better than Mike White this year as well as last, we might be way to far apart to agree but I don't think any serious person would say flacco was playing well. White is a good back up cause he can run the offense and ot washed up. Berrios is a great WR4...isn't it nice that as predicted and wanted by me that he has been replaced by draft pic in the depth chart??
  16. Look Mike white earned the back up spot no doubt. And Zach has to show he is better. Simple. I'm a zach fan, but let's not pretend he was good last year. As expected he was a rookie. This year he should show and will show improvement. I believe he is our next great qb, but Mike white should be the back up and payed great last year. Flacco should be cut he contributed nothing
  17. I like how we are supposed to pretend that white sucked just because in buffalo he sucked like every other qb, he was out performed by only the very best2 qbs in the league and balled out the other games .. somehow losing in buff mean he sucked? No way I know the team wants Zach, but Zach still has not played better than white. Also we are supposed to think flacco played any good at any time? Just let flaco go already and let White be the back up
  18. this should be the mantra every season really. for every team.
  19. I would like both free and paid. options. Im not sure i would do paid every week but would be interested in some of them.
  20. can I make prediction for anohter team? like Miami. Tyreek hill is going to have lost a step. He is going to ahve a bad camp and bad year ...
  21. what if your Head coach is Saleh and your first real good GM in forever just unloaded all the bad contracts and bad talent while building a a good young roster and new QB for him. That might also be a reason not to bring in a guy whose entire off is built on elite qb play. Its ridiculous to want to bring in a guy like Payton right now. Absolutely foolish and very stupid thing to do for the jets. Now if your the browns or Texans maybe sure sign them up. But you have to look at the situation on the ground. Where the Jets are right now in 2022. Not only would Joe not do it but nor would any legitimate GM either. Not to mention the question of could he Payton even do it again in the optimum circumstances. Don't read what I am not saying, it is very simple even @Jetsfan80 should be able to understand. Our team is build for Saleh. We are in the rebuild right now, this is the year we see some of the fruits of our labor. Bringing in some one like Sean would be foolish and most likely restart the clock.
  22. fair... I don't disagree, and that doesn't make Sean the best coach in the world and i would argue that his coaching was main reason Bree's did not have more SB's.
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