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  1. No way will the show be off the island, I think maybe some more flas forwards and backs but the show will stayt on the island, I dont know whats going on the show and am not going to argue about theories but this is what I want the next season to be about.....bad ass locke...I thought that guy was a goner this season, good to see he not..
  2. Well he did about 4 games better than anyone thought possible and this year he's upping the price to 6 dollars, I think the jets will do even better
  3. I was at the station getting finger printed and flirting with this cadet....I wasnt there for anything bad, I had to get someting called a live scan done for a sales licinse in CA, and you need a backround and prints done for that. Anyways we flirted and talked a while and she mention that she had to finish school or was just about to finish and then become a police officer. Now heres the deal, I didnt make any serious move cause I thought finishing school and shes a police cadet equals highschooler or just out of highschool. My buddy tells me "hell no" she a college chick. I dont know what to think, anyone out there got an opinion? Did I mess up or was I right in assuming she was young. The problem is she looked young but not real young, she could have been 18 or 25, you really cant tell...anyone know a cadet? Can confirm my suspicion that she was young?>
  4. Ever had Negra Modelo, its a dark beer probably made in Mexico or at least a mexican brand, anyways I like it and am drinking it right now...its good, try it out
  5. These were great, so good in fact I might share them with some friends, well that is of course claiming them as my own
  6. lol it did suck, I didnt need to be a rocket salesment to see that lame joke coming
  7. I dont buy that theres no feud....there is and everybody knows it, I always thought it wasnt so much that Eric left to an indivision team but that it was because he was trying to take some guys with him or that he was in talks with some. Bell is a proud man and has every right to be, But I think with the media sure it got bigger but I saw the hand shakes and the refusal to say Erics name last year, then after the season in the playoffs when that reporter got like punched/pushed out of Bills way was classic. If their was no feud how come no other two coaches do that **** after a game....oh wait some do. THe ones that have a fued...I think this year its going to be great after game one. I cant wait. I also thing Bull takes pride in the fact that Mangini is a good coach or at least has started out good.
  8. Nasty, thats what Chad is going to be this year
  9. You do have point, this year no excuses, Chad will prove that he deserved all the faith put in him or if it was unjustified. One way or another, after this season people will know if Chad is that medeocre QB that played good with a easy sched or if it just has taken awhile for him to get healthy before he leads the Jets to glory.....Im betting on the latter....
  10. I was thinking about trying it out....Im not sure yet
  11. How do you spell trouble Bill? Mangini spells it "J E T S", as his team clinches the AFCE.
  12. I dont know why but thats hilarious, I think Bartons NE humor is rubbing off on me....
  13. lol yeah they're treated real nice all the way up untill they go to the glue factory. At least I dont kid my self when betting on horses. I know they're treated like crap....No good existence has a sole purpose placed on it by another....
  14. Will the Feud be big this year? I mean do you think after we beat the Pats in the first game, Bill will like get all pissy again?
  15. Bravo Sir well done, now thats a fan. Any guy willing to hide in the bushes to take a sneek peak, well thats just awesome.....
  16. Ok so Eric and Bill have a fued, I watched the top 10 feuds in the NFL, on the NFL network, which by the way Al Davis/NFL feud got the number one, followed by the NFL/AFL(Namath baby SB 3) feud as number two. Anyways So Im think that maybe Eric and Bill can get in the list maybe, but I dont really know how long Bill is going to coach and since Im not in the area Im not even sure I know the whole story of why Mangini and Bill are fueding. I know the basic story but Im sure I missed some of the details or rumors that you guy in NY got to hear and probably all know, so if someone would be so kind as to finish this Sentence The Feud between Eric M NY Jets and Bill B NE Patriots all started when....... Just fill me in, I'd like to hear about the rumors too thanks yo
  17. So anyone up yo?? hmm, I think I might start drinking right now
  18. That Vilma might have said somethings that people might not like and whatever about Vick and the dogfighting incident.....You know what I want to hear from Vilma this year? Not his opinion on DOg Fighting, but how he's going to be a ****ing monster on the field this season, how he's used to the system and is loking forward to runnung rabid on offensed around the league....seriously who cares about Vick, the dumb ****er broke the law then tried to play dumb about it. First off Dog Fighting thats ****ing stupid in the first place and second your the god damn starting QB for the Atlanta Falcons!!! Seriously how do you equate dog fighting to a good idea for a starting NFL Quarterback. You can fly somewhere that it is legal or maybe bet at a casino, horse track whatever. VIck is ****ing stupid and so is every ****ing person that takes part in dogfights and when they are caught get all upset like they didnt know it was wrong or something.....ok Im dont hating Vick. I dont know I read that **** and was like, **** Im glad someone took the time to write that article.....
  19. I say we give him some money, sign him for a couple years, the man has done noting but help the organization. Whatever we do I just dont want to see him go to Miami
  20. So he just said basically that Chad deserves the starter spot, SO Clemens doesnt even think he should start, sounds like a smart guy
  21. lol I just started working on a resume after I wrote that and got off the internet. I thought you guys were asleep.
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