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  1. is this real? I saw like new uniforms on the internet along time ago and thought it was all bogus...I think the one i say had us with the old jets logo where it actully speels jets along the side of the helmit
  2. Yeah so were we kid....believe me Bart, we all wanted you to have a way better season...I still hope you got it, maybe it was just one bad season. This is year is put up or get replaced buddy....but will you get the chance? Here is the link to the cimini garbage article on espn... [b] http://espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/story/_/id/7622262/agent-says-new-york-jets-lb-bart-scott-was-extremely-frustrated[/b] [/CODE]
  3. lol maybe you girls are right, Greene is a beast lets sign him up for 10 years...hell he might not be that great but he's cheap. Lets just stick with him...I mean we cant find better why rock the boat. It amazes me how much some jet fans will defend crappy play, and to a guy we have very little invested in, and where we can esily upgrade. I see greene as sub par starter that should be replaced considering the position, but Im the crazy one...
  4. lol Yeah Im a typical jet fan who watches the games and can see whatever every other person can, greene didnt live up to standards and should be replaced. I guess I'm not some genius like you, but you think with someone like you with your vast and superior football iq would work in the NFL. Maybe you could scout hell, with your expertise you might consider making time to be a coordinator. Get off your high horse brother...greene blows any way you slice it.
  5. im not going to lie I laughed at the the I dont like numbers or using my eyes line.... look to sum it up and you think Greene is a good feature back I disagree with you on every level, he got the job because of those few good games he has, but he doesn't perform consistently and never turned into the back we thought we were getting. Hello LT and even McKnight. But you are right Jones was no good for us, Greene is a monster and it all good...laughable big dom...but right anyone who disagrees with you is moronic...I just have one question, how many times did you watch that PC? BAM!!
  6. yeah he really carried us didnt he, crazy man...the line made him look good and he was fresh not have being used all year, the only way that boy can run is if everyone else is tired and cromartie is the only trying to tackle...unfortunately for him this year he had to play when everyone started and cromartie was on our team so the only tackles he ever broke were in Practice, you know what? you're crazy, green sucks. Thats a fact jack and you can go to the bank with it...BAM
  7. should be? sure maybe in your world...take it easy goto gato...it was funny...and probably improved readership completion of this post by 80 percent. Hell we'd win a championship with number like that...
  8. No rex never said anything like that, guys it would be top story on espn and every other sport reporting org if he did...its just what i wanted to hear during the PC....
  9. this doenst make any sense, what are you talking about not to be trusted on a team that wants to be elite, are you some kind of chinese sage? c'mon man green does suck. Look at what broken jones did for us, then look at what green did when btw we had a line. Even this last season how many times did you see the guy just not make the cut, not go after it, get stuffed behind or at the line even with a hole. The only time greene ever looks good is when everyone else is tired and hurt. He had one good game in the playoffs and the guys given a pass. Just cut this guy, I cant beleive anyone wants to resign him or have him as our starter. Hell LT looked like a damn probowler that two season ago because he had to carry the team during the first half. Look Ill tell you how i really feel later but green sucks.
  10. Guys Im seeing/reading him falling to the 3rd round or later...I guess using a 1st is silly now, but how do you feel about using our 2nd rounder, i mean I got to figure if he gets to us in the 2nd he ont make it to the third someone will take a shot on him by then... I hope we pick this guy up, i like the attitude and think he is the perfect Bart replacement...
  11. I think you are exactly right lets see what he can do after year one and now with the system in his head. Can he become a everydown player, can he get pressure everygame? I really think this is because hes the only PRer we got and everyone knows he's not exactly a lock... I am rooting for mayhem though, its like we can pretend gholston didnt happen..
  12. It on the jets website, maybe a mod can hook that sh*t up, I don't know how to emb it off jets.com http://www.newyorkjets.com/ Rex Ryan says Shotty ruined sanchez last year. Damn!!!! I mean DAMN!!!
  13. certain ones? dude richardson is that kind he that much better than everyone else...i hope he drops, and we get him, god it would be nice to have a good rb again..damn Jones was the last one with any skill and power. Green sucks balls...
  14. we cant lose the only guy fast enough on defense to run around everyone(twice) and get a sack...seriously last year it looked like he was the only one trying. How hard is it for some one on our team to pass rush...damn I wish he had some one that could get decent pressure on the QB...we pick someone up that can do that our D get 5 times as good...one guy thats all we need
  15. yeah sure a surgery or whatever...looks like this beast just dropped a couple spots into our range...now is this guy going to be ok and be a beast in the NFL or is he going to suck? ingram was ok right? I mean we can take the guy right?
  16. no your a dork, but thanks for finding this for me...I agree with you BroadwayJ667, I like to see a 2nd rounder get a guy like this... All I really Hope is we get starters.. three would be great but I be happy with two..hell I be happy with three backups that could be counted on to play well...
  17. I read somewhere online about the Jets picking some loudmouth that would replace Bart Scott, he had the he could back it up sort of description...I cant find it now and really wanted to check out who this kid was cause i never heard of him before...I think it said he was an Arizona boy... Anyway I figured someone on here would know since you all have crazy football knowledge and maybe one of you a$$ holes read the same thing I did.. Thanks/I hate you (thats right I insulted and complimented you all and then thanked and unthanked you all..whoever gets me the answer will win aa huge amount of money that I made myself out of bandaids...)
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