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  1. This kid didnt make all that big of comments considering what was said already but here is my question. Is this kid making a play for a leadership role? Is he trying to get a legit chance a being our QB. Did he just ensure he would get the opp next year? Thoughts?
  2. http://www.newyorkjets.com/ its on its on...come on fire shotty!!
  3. if shotty is gone today i win the contest ?YES!!!
  4. Rex is best coach we have had since parcels, a million time better than the last couple and i love the fact he cries, talks sh*t, and actually made the Jets relevant the last couple years. Yeah we lost out on going to the playoffs, but i hope this guy is our coach for along time to come...
  5. yeah they could really use crappy coach
  6. could we hire that guy in denver? he was able to use the talent he had to win games in a weeks notice...god damn shotty hasnt been able to effectively use anything...
  7. jan 2, my favorite play is the quick out to a reciever 5 short of the first down every play... best quote, sanchez telling shotty he sucks..
  8. How many QB's have to fail for us to realize shotty sucks?
  9. is this guy serious? i hope they throw at revis...but i do remember thinking when watching the bills, damn that receiver must be good..
  10. Man we are winning a superbowl this year...believe it!! Here why: Holmes isnt going to play like that again. We only have to beat the giants and Dolphins. I mean there is no way they leave hunter out there all alone again, right? Someone will get LT out there to help block... DId you know we have shonne green is on the team and he's about to go into beast mode Woody just had johnson and johnson make a new lotion that has prowess properties put in all the locker room bags Rex is going to punch shotty in the face Sanchez is going to get as many hotdogs as he needs at the half from now on And finally, the Jets want to get to the playoffs, they do, they didn't play like it today but they do. And when we go agaisnt big blue there is going to be some a$$ kicking going on. Remember we hate their RB's QB, pretty much the whole team. Its going to be good.
  11. lets they cheated to win a couple, a kicker won them one, but when they had to play with out knowing what the oppositions plays were(a reg game) Giants creamed'em.. If Brady wasnt such a perfect ******* Qtr Back we wouldnt even know who Bill was...ef the patriots
  12. my ff team rocks in the jetnation leagues...
  13. Michael Kay asks Schottenheimer the "Elite/Eli" question on 1050. Are you an elite O.C.? Schotty: "I think I do a very good job." #Jets ARE YOU SERIOUS?? A good job on what standard? the jets only win in-spite of his horrible playcalling
  14. that's embarrassing for a man thats hilarious...ok so this guy is doing this stupid man on the street and i want to punch him in the face...
  15. Man who is this dude, I'm not in New York Area and havnet been for awhile but damn where this guy come from. I looked him up and his name is Robin Lundberg. I hate his stupid comments and dumb voice. He has the stupid video's that I cant stand. Is it just me? Or do you guys hate this guy too?
  16. big whoop, im so happy. Seriously it was almost unbearable to watch, as much as i want to be excited i routinely see one huge of a cancerous sore on our team, and to see him on the sidelines laughing it up like everything is ok, like he is doing a great job, like he doesnt absolutely suck...Bad play Brian shotty infuriates me. How the hell are we supposed to win out anyone good when this guy cant game plan for the effing Bills. Im calling it right now we lose next week...i hate you shotty...
  17. can you be called a scapegoat of you really are the problem...I mean shotty is the problem, callahan would be his scapegoat right? i mean you cant say the jets scape goat is shotty, you can say the jets effing problem is shotty, good lord its shotty
  18. I was just going to post this... Financial considerations?!!! FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS!!! Ef yeah their is financial consideration, imagine if we managed to use our A talent and produce an "A" offense...this joke of a coach is going to be here next year after costing us a chance to even be in the playoffs...jesus where is the common sense factor...get rid of this idiot...
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