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  1. that's embarrassing for a man thats hilarious...ok so this guy is doing this stupid man on the street and i want to punch him in the face...
  2. Man who is this dude, I'm not in New York Area and havnet been for awhile but damn where this guy come from. I looked him up and his name is Robin Lundberg. I hate his stupid comments and dumb voice. He has the stupid video's that I cant stand. Is it just me? Or do you guys hate this guy too?
  3. big whoop, im so happy. Seriously it was almost unbearable to watch, as much as i want to be excited i routinely see one huge of a cancerous sore on our team, and to see him on the sidelines laughing it up like everything is ok, like he is doing a great job, like he doesnt absolutely suck...Bad play Brian shotty infuriates me. How the hell are we supposed to win out anyone good when this guy cant game plan for the effing Bills. Im calling it right now we lose next week...i hate you shotty...
  4. can you be called a scapegoat of you really are the problem...I mean shotty is the problem, callahan would be his scapegoat right? i mean you cant say the jets scape goat is shotty, you can say the jets effing problem is shotty, good lord its shotty
  5. I was just going to post this... Financial considerations?!!! FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS!!! Ef yeah their is financial consideration, imagine if we managed to use our A talent and produce an "A" offense...this joke of a coach is going to be here next year after costing us a chance to even be in the playoffs...jesus where is the common sense factor...get rid of this idiot...
  6. about average/a little below average. Yes very below average...
  7. Bad Coaching people, thats what caused the 95 yarder TD. We held them all game then decided to switch out of our base package for absolutely no reason. But in reality big deal that one TD drive. Our offense is foolish. Again despite the players abilities, we have a a coach that literally loses us games. Sure you can blame the D all you want, and yeah sure they did give up a td at the end but the truth is we should have had 21 points before the half but out complete failure of a off coord lost us this game, not sanchez, not a dropped pass, not a D that allowed one TD, it was Shotty...
  8. I dont know he's the only guy on offense that really is the cause of his suckness...cant blame shotty for this one...
  9. any qtr back would suck with our plays...sanchez, brees, farve etc....well not favre he told shotty to suck it and changed the plays
  10. I thought by now Woody or Mike would have announced the departure of our failed offensive coordinator by now. What's it going to take? Honestly what the hell does the guy have to do to get fired? Someone posted or commented that Tebow who literally cant throw in the NFL just got a new offensive system put in place (i think in about three weeks) and it put up more than our boy Shotty's system which he has been in place under Pen, Kellen, Favre and now Sanchez for like 6 years I mean the only consistent thing is our offense suck factor under this guy. I want to know honestly what will it take for the NY Jets to get rid of a bad coach?? Would a Penn state/little boys controversy do it you think?
  11. rex doesnt need a free pass, the guy literally made us a good team, with an identity, fire shotty now, this guy is ******* horrible
  12. if you watched the game you knew shotty was calling it, it was horrible, we come to NE with not game plan...we will never win consistently with shotty calling..
  13. Im going out on a linb here but i think its because the only pass rush we have is from a Bills burn out Mayhem Mabin, dont get me wrong i love what the kid is doing here, adding some much needed pressure, sure the guy runs around the QB a few time but compared to everyone else it is much needed. But seriously this defense only becomes great, as in steel curtain, with some solid Pass Rush, that is why we go in that direction in the first round. But alas we will be picking late round one, so I wouldn't mind just taking what ever is best left at our 31st pick, and then get a solid DT in rd two...damn I love to see a RB, WR, S, another lineman with number one... but really I think we will add someone for Nick Mangold to train. I cant wait to see Mayem Maybin to Massacre the Passacre Brady
  14. yeah but I like to think that rex just doesnt like him...
  15. yeah Matt Snell....not sure why i wrote snelling...geeze way to call me out thanks
  16. Crazy Namath is number one easy, i would have liked to see snelling higher
  17. Pretty sure this guy is just pisst cause we have th only corner better than he ever was
  18. ok so after one of the TD's yesterday or maybe a long pass play you can clearly see Shotty going for a fist bump, what some have termed "an Obama" bump out of desperation to make said politician seem not so nerdy, anyway before I'm sidetracked, so Shotty goes for the fist pump action and Rex Ryan doesn't even give him so much as a hello. In shame Shotty pulls his hand back and tries to convince himself he's not a loser. Please someone tell me they saw this on the sideline shots during the game??? .damn you shotty
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