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  1. Crazy Namath is number one easy, i would have liked to see snelling higher
  2. Pretty sure this guy is just pisst cause we have th only corner better than he ever was
  3. ok so after one of the TD's yesterday or maybe a long pass play you can clearly see Shotty going for a fist bump, what some have termed "an Obama" bump out of desperation to make said politician seem not so nerdy, anyway before I'm sidetracked, so Shotty goes for the fist pump action and Rex Ryan doesn't even give him so much as a hello. In shame Shotty pulls his hand back and tries to convince himself he's not a loser. Please someone tell me they saw this on the sideline shots during the game??? .damn you shotty
  4. So my family is from all over NY, from Buffalo to the island, anyway so my Grandpa lives in Youngstown and is huge Bills fan, so in his honor im making real deal Buffalo Chicken wings... Now i don't know the real recipe or what your supposed to do but i think it goes like this heat and mix up Franks hot sauce, butter, cayenne pepper and just a little garlic will give you that sweet sweet buffalo wing sauce... I'm going to bake some and fry the rest... Any comments on my wings? is this right? What are you going to do to celebrate us beating the Bills tomorrow???
  5. I just want to say thankyou for this
  6. Im glad they got the days off, i think they will be better for it. Plus shotty has had a bunch of time to actually plan for a game...cant wait to see what he does..
  7. this game is going to be good...i think our d eats them up all game
  8. Super-Fitz just signed a deal and that team is on the hunt to take the division. They can put up points and alot of them. We have to have an offensive gameplan to win this game. Since Shotty obviously wont do this I thought it would be cool if we did. So what should we do, any matchups we can take advantage of, can we focus on the run, should we make Keller a big peice of the offense? In the endzone it hink we can hammer it in but should look to burress again. And for the love a god throw a fade pass to holmes once in awhile. I know, not the best analysis, who can do better? What do we need to do in this game.?. Help Shotty and put down your game plan strategy and tips
  9. Um didnt you see the brilliant game plan shotty did with burress? 3 TDs man, 3!!! I think shotty has it all figured out, he's clever...I mean
  10. lol, i always got the impression woody is liek that behind the scenes like asking ryan and tanny random a$$ questions
  11. I was living in SD at the it was brutal for them..I mean to go from legit contenders to just choke artists, to now where they can be first and offense and def and still not get in the playoffs...its sad really....I remember when we beat them in the play offs and Old man Shotty came to the game and I cant remember exactly but I think he basically was like laughing or something when they lost...I bet it was a good day for the fam...I like old man shotty..his son not so much..
  12. I think you should def be looking at Delone carter if you have room on the bench or need a filler, I think the kid is going to make an impact on ff... Also if Murray on the DAL Cowboys is available pick him up.. Also if you missed last week and didnt pick up tebow do it now he a top 5 ff QB for sure
  13. I cant believe I did it but I pulled the trigger...
  14. good trade I think...hillis might not be back for a minute and that is a solid TE
  15. Seriously they shouldnt have firred shotty, for all the shotty ball talk, the guy built and coached a contender, a favorite even...SD is stupid
  16. If you cant win games with this play call then you need better players...cause this is as good as it gets..
  17. Crap are we going to sign this beast?
  18. Damn I enjoyed this thread...Smith is awesome, i loved the tackling, against Tolbert was perfect example...
  19. Is it to much to ask for that the Jags shut down rice tonight?
  20. A good game huh? yeah that first half was awesome... no seriously i'm pretty sure i just did give him credit, i literally corrected myself for not giving him credit maybe you didn't read the post or perhaps you forgot what you read. In any case , a ******* much better second half it was. I never asked if it was ok to like him nor heard anyone say i should...what are you talking about?
  21. http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/jets/post/_/id/8315/the-real-story-on-tom-moore So tom moore wasn't calling the plays...I was convinced he had to be because of the level of play being far better and not seeming so retarded. I apologize to Jet Nation for putting false information. Its a sad day not only because i was wrong but Shotty is indeed still making the calls. DAMN IT..but hey maybe it finally clicked it took a couple seasons and have this one but maybe shotty isnt a retard anymore..time will tell i suppose
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