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  1. AM I nuts cause I think the mentioned teams dont need a QB change. Maybe its just me but just cause things havent worked out the way I hoped for, I dont think you over react and panik....hmm maybe just me
  2. Anyone who thinks that moss to NE for a 4th rd isnt the best trade this year is nuts
  3. WHeres the faith, screw what Steve young thinks
  4. Hey a lot of people predicted that we would get worse before getting betterm while we build out team. I hope for the teams sake that this is just according to plan. Cause I swear to god I
  5. I think its a fine line of watching tape after the game than amking video for the spacific use of taping sigs....I dont know anyway you look at it, arguingon the defense of taping signals of anykind is a weak no matter what. I mean Im sure Bill wasnt first to do it, just to get caught. Bottom line I think its a crappy way to go.
  6. most likey but they i dont think it wil be a big deal, what I mean is Im sure he did it in not such a blatant way
  7. Lets go anyone want to get a game going
  8. Your in Buff? No way, were you living down thier when the cowboy were beating them like every year at the big game? That was great
  9. Arsis just beat me from my high point of like 9k, the guys got some kind of voodoo thing going
  10. Because I grew up in the heart of Bills country, I get a special feeling when ever we beat the crap out of them. I forsee a very good day when we play them. Its going to feel nice to win two in a row....
  11. Chicago would win a superbowl with Chad at the helm. It would happen this year. At the same rate Chad will never play for da bears
  12. Ok so we have already lost two games for the year and now should be on a winning streak until Nov 4th. Its good to get these Losses out of the way. I dont know about you but Im stoked for our next game.....lol Miami, I remember when they used to be a good team
  13. Has Barton been right this whole predicting CLemens would get his start this season and prove hes ready for the leading role on the team? I never thought it possible but it looks like hes going to get his chance.
  14. Because Barlow sucked, and sucked bad. Did you watch the games last season? Give me a break if your putting TJ and KB in the category. You got to ****ing kidding me
  15. He'll play but who knows how long, Our line is looking rough. I think its pretty safe to say that we wont have to worry about him NOT getting pressured....
  16. I dont know what to say, I had no idea this game would turn out the way it did..... Im going to continue drinkin heavily right now
  17. DId anybody just see coles stuff that guy face into the ground
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