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  1. wont matter if we get him shotty cant call a play that would make any use of him...we have two superbowl winning receivers right now...not that you would know it with all the 3 yard slants
  2. He's not available in my league...drafted...i havnt seen his numbers, but i think i saw cassel was geting him the ball in a highlight or something...in any case i would give my ff sister away for D Bowe...but i did pick up NO TE whats his name because some one dropped him by accident I think...
  3. Well I just mean they kicked him off the team
  4. Oh man i have best on one of my teams right now, hes a beast...I also picked up McCluster but have since dropped him... at least you got bowe, I think he will start to light it up
  5. punish a guy for calling out shotty, amazing..
  6. ?? Hell yeah I have a problem with us throwing by design well short of the 1st. HIghschool coaches put together better gameplans that shotty
  7. all the time = 1st, 2nd, and 4 third down on every drive
  8. we throw short all the time by design, its nuts
  9. yeah he really is awful..santonio holmes and burress should be problems to defend but they are absent most the game
  10. you guys are probably right about having to promote within, we have some good plays its just the horribly predictable ones are called by vanilla bean shotty. if cal had the job I think he could make us produce from day one. at the very least he would call a pass longer than 6 yards.
  11. I read this steaming pile of an article,,..what a waste of time...
  12. .....Mark Sanchez shake off that sack...eff the patriots...oh and shotty too Here are some game highlights , none of which include the above mentioned play...
  13. Sanchez isn't the problem, He's been alot of great throws on the money. The cumberland drop the other week is perfect example. When sanchez is given more than 0.5 of a second to throw he makes some pretty good ones. i think he takes a lot of heat because of the options Shotty gives him.
  14. I dont know, I think Shotty being fired right now would be great. We are losing winable games right now for no reason...
  15. I cant stop watching, as unbelievable as that is, Shotty makes my eyeball want to throw up
  16. Its posted up on the Jets website, I watched about 2 sentences worth until i wanted to punch him the **** out..
  17. I lose the MNF song all season and now have to endure a performance by Madonna? god help us
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