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  1. Shotty will have a perfect game plan that doesn't account for any of the advantages or disadvantages of either team playing, he will also only change what he's calling after it hasn't worked for 3 qtrs and 10 mins...
  2. After the Oak loss he said Shotty needs to adapt the game plan better... (i think maybe he should look at the team he's going against and what he's got first before deciding what he is going call, I mean seriously) Then after the loss in Baltimore he said the problem on offense "starts up front with the big guys," adding that Sanchez "has to do a better job of making reads and getting the ball where he needs to, so his play-makers can make plays." (obviously he's right, this is a classic madden type comment, nothing controversial, but damn it if Shotty just seemed to not see/care/or know how to deal with a aggressive defense. Screen, quick passes, anything like that would have been nice in Baltimore. Its not like it was a secret that our line was suspect and the the raven defense was bringing heat. I think any Off. Coord in the league would have game planned accordingly with some LT action, but that just goes to the widely discussed topic here, Shotty is probably the worst coord in the league) All in all Tone Time is right and i hope that this offense gets it together for the Pats game. Sanchez should have a great game, he better be throwing the rock against that pass D. Really I wish some more of the Captains would say something or act like maybe something is wrong. I love to see REX come out and say this is where we get back on track..oh wait i think he did, Rex is awesome...anyone who think he needs to go is ignorant...
  3. I cant believe how bad the line play was, i heard during the game i guess the ravens picked up linemend from around the league...is anyone else left? we need some help man..
  4. How is flacco better than Sanchez? Sanchez is way better, plus Flacco likes dudes...
  5. We are going to win by two touchdowns, dominating the Ravens
  6. I been really impress by Mark this year, you have to give it to the raiders they put it up, but yeah Cromartie flags(only one was deserving) and the fumble hurt bad...but we should have been able to come back any way. I blame shotty
  7. Britt is now hurt, but C Johnson still sucks Im hoping Tate will remain a factor so its not a total loss
  8. well i am glad i was able to set the record strait for sure, accusing a group of that kind of stuff is ignorant,
  9. HOLY CRAP HOLY CRAP!!!!!! IS SHOTTY SICK? IS HE CALLING THIS GAME? HOLY CRAP!! This looks like a good offensive plan Im pleasantly surprized
  10. its so bad, the whole league is like you idiot...is it wrong to hope that johnson sucks the rest of the season...
  11. First off, how dare you, as Republican we appluaded Texas making killers and rapist pay the ultimate price. Only an liberal could think that rock solid cases with DNA evidense, video tape a signed coffession and 100's of whitness still need 30 years of appeals and maybe we should treat them better than troops over seas...Speaking of troops. .Secondly maybe if you actually served you would know that sexual orientation has no business on the battlefield. They boo'd because repealing don't ask don't tell is a collosal mistake. Any servicemen would tell you. Its just Political correctness liberal politicians place on the military that will cost lives and has no sound reasoning. Forbes mag writers are mostly the on the other side of the isle with Obama and his liberal PC crap poltically...maybe you should check what side your on.. BUT AND ITS A HUGE BUT It has nothing with thier lack of knowledge about Football or the JETS.. Get a clue Sorry for the political talk Max...
  12. While New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is not in the same class as Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts or even Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints, Sanchez is certainly getting paid like them—actually getting paid more than them as the third-year signal caller from Southern California is slated to make a salary of $14.75 million dollars in 2011. Because of that, Forbes Magazine just recently named Sanchez the most over-paid player in the NFL. Brady, Manning and Brees have a combined five Super Bowl rings compared to Sanchez’s zero, and have appeared in more combined conference championship games—with ten, five by Brady, three by Manning and two by Brees—to Sanchez’s two. Since being acquired in the 2009 NFL Draft—via trade with the Cleveland Browns— Sanchez’s record as a NFL starter in the regular season is a impressive 29-12 and 4-2 in post-season. Sanchez’s has four playoff wins—all on the road—his 0-2 record in the AFC Championship Game is one reason why his $14.75 million dollar salary may be less than justified. The main reason why Sanchez is over-paid is his career accuracy of 55.1% of and sub-par QB rating of 71.4 in a “passing league” is less than acceptable. For all of his talent and potential, Sanchez’s penchant to date Hollywood actresses and pose in men’s fashion magazines such as GQ, makes you question if New York’s $14.75 million dollar investment in Sanchez is sound. Follow me on Twitter, @RobertCobb_NFL http://network.yardbarker.com/nfl/article_external/backyard/forbes_magazine_new_york_jets_qb_mark_sanchez_named_the_most_overpaid_player_in_the_nfl/6948796?refmod=backyard Screw you Forbes I name you most overrated Magazine
  13. i made th eworst FF trade ever

  14. that why Max should use his pull, come its just one series, maybe the last play or something...It could become a team tradition for sanchez every time we play...man it would be awesome...
  15. First off you guys kick a$$, second I just realized i can see my notification and messages at the top. Sweet feature, Apparently when i was looking for work in 2007 someone on the site offered me an opportunity in NY for an interview, how sweet is that, i just wrote him back 4 years later but the point is how awesome is that. I have since opened up my own political consulting firm and am doing pretty well. Interview when you can hire your self right? BJF1-83 thank you man, I remember getting your message but was unable to get to the locations you mentioned. In any case i hope your stuff is still going great. sorry for the delay...
  16. I think the Raiders want to make something out of this, you know for motivation. Well I say the Jets give them some during the game. But not all serious like you are disrespecting me but in a joking manner. If the whole starting D had a hotdog with Sanchez during one series or the offense whatever and let the back up play during that time, it would be hilarious. Maybe not a series but a down, I think the raiders could take a joke right? It would be like really defending your QB, instead of this whole Im so sorry, it was a rookie mistake blah blah blah...who cares, whatever. Overall this whole situation was funny, i think the JETS should step it up a notch and JETNATION should use its pull and make it happen. Tell me this wouldn't be epic.... Pros/Cons anyone?
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