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  1. I didnt realize that players could get food down there
  2. Kenny Britt and Ben Tate for Chris Johnson and Plexico Burress? Help someone tell me what you think...it could go down as worst trade in the history of trades
  3. oh didnt see this thread, sorry for making one on same subject JN Mods..
  4. Thats whats going to happen, seriously think about it. Oakland? We are going to crush them I think a game similar to what we did in Jac will happen, shutdown McFadden and Bush and let our secondary take care of the rest. Also look for tone time and Burress to heat up. Mostly because Sanchez will be airing it out. Final score 28- 6. Baltimore? this is going to be a tough game and i think Rice is going to have some success in teh 1st half. I also see the defense giving us some problems. But in the end its who wants it more and the lead up to this game will be all about who is the better D. Ryan will make sure we are ready and I think we will win this game in the final 5 minutes of the game, but we will put it away wining by 10 points. New England? This is going to be the best game of all. Brady and the Pats will be flying high tied with us in the division. Still they have the the bitter taste of defeat in their mouth from the playoffs last year. With the trash talk of the Baltimore game just the week before I think Cro and Revis will pull a jac move saying something to the effect that brady offense is overated. I think this game is one where we fluster Brady, welker and branch. They score no more than 14 and we will score around 24. Brady will get hit alot and have flash back of the ace whipping we have them last year. He will test Revis who will answer in kind completely shutting down his side and getting two picks.. Also look for everyone to pick the Pats and during the halftime hearing Dungy say something like "well I didn't expect this"..I hate dungy, seriously he wasn't that good of a coach, he Manning for gods sakes...Unless Caldwell is just the same kind of amazing coach...thats what they said while Manning was feeling alright. You heard it hear first Jets Sweep this road trip and become the early best team in the AFC...Green will end up sharing the load with LT alot and look for CRO to give another great performance in the NE game.
  5. How great it woul dbe if we had one play every game where one of the three upfront could get penetration...I mean a Pass rush with out sending the whole team...it would be awesome...
  6. I agree with Rex he's already elite, and we are winning the damn superbowl this year, you watch
  7. Pretty Sure Wade phillips is no longer with the Cowboys for exactly the reason Shotty should go, performance...lol yeah your a shotty lover
  8. like the post, im hoping the chargers pull it off against the pats, Tommy boy wont be throwing into a miami defense this time..
  9. So how can we get Shotty Fired? For the sake of my TV that comes about a inch closer to breaking every 3 and 10 WR screen with no blockers...some one said they were perplexed, they wanted to know who this thread was for...it was for me, I hate shotty and have since mangini year two when I realized it was him...its just ******* awesome that you guys hate him too..
  10. time, one or tow game sure ill give the other side all the benefit of the doubt they want...but seasons...eff no its the play-calling...also my little sister is able to tell me what the hets are about to do before they do it sometimes..her idea of sports is dancing with the stars..so yeah its the playcalling...
  11. ESPN Story where Sanchez is quoted saying I think the play calling is fine. And in the same story how we have not scored in the first Qtr in like a million games. Here's the thing people make excuses on all sorts of stuff and never just come out and say it, it is Shotty and the play calling that prevents us from opening drive, opening Qtr, hell opening half scoring. No other team puts up with horrible play calling like this, But we have endured two AFC championship losses and of course multiple games through out the season, lost because of predictable and often vanilla offensive strategy. Not even that plain old stupid play calls. How many more 3rd and 10 line drive balls to a WR on the line of scrimmage must we endure? How many times should we be on the goal line and not even try to run it in? Even with days to prepare def coord in the league look forward to the vanilla shotty offense. If we would just be honest as a team. I think they would have handed Shotty walking papers a season ago. I don't want to hear about the "its Sanchez, penalties etc", we haven't scored in the first qtr since buffalo a season or two ago. Please little Namath in the sky end Shotty's reign as the biggest disaster on the NY Jets. For god's sakes we let go brad smith for less...
  12. Watching on TV family in the other room mentioned how they heard the J E T S JETS JETS JETS chants. I always remember hearing them before but it seemed like the crowd really got into it in the 4th, I think the chant came up during the Cowboys last or one of last drives and cause a couple of their guys to go offsides. SO my questions is if anyone was at the game and give first hand insight, or anyone whe might know, is Metlife going to provide a legit home-field advantage for us this year?
  13. typ lib, rex cause it, it wasnt me disrespecting another person or using an illegal weapon on a marine, it was sexy rexys fault
  14. I saw this Nike uniform story a while back, any truth to it? I personally like the green and white we have now.. http://jockpost.com/nfl-nike-uniforms-2012-real-fake/
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