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  1. True, honestly i dont even remember reading anything that guys said...wtf he think he was popular? Charger suck ball they always choke because they are loser team...even when they were good they choke... They got rid of shotty because of the so called Marty ball, but in reality because they fired him instead of two Super bowls they got a beat up LT... For all their weapons we will see how it does against a good defense...I bet on us anyday of the wekek
  2. No one actually think the Bengals have a chance do they? Cincy is going down
  3. Look guys the topic came up in our three week gift from the football gods earlier in the season when we knew the defense was going to be special. Thankfully the Defense that we all knew Rex could build came into its own this year. Tomorrow in Cincy we show the world that the Gang Green Defense is number 1 for a reason and that not only we belong in the playoffs but other teams had better prepare for trench warfare. This Defense needs a name... Was there ever one picked on Jet nation? I remember it being discussed but nothing decided? I want to know what it's going to be called... announcers will be referring to it tomorrow and throughout the playoffs, what should they call it? My suggestions: Manhattan Mayhem Madman of Manhattan
  4. Rex is the man, may all those who speak against him die
  5. Jets @ Bengals = Jets Ravens @ Pats = Ravens Packers @ Cardinals = Cards Eagles @ Cowboys = Cowboys Obviously
  6. The results are in VG has contributed to the team much more than people thought he would and has shown improvement every game this season, the Saints will be a good test cause his hustle and skills are going to be tested. If VG has a bad game in NO we are all going to see it. Brees and his running attack will make sure we do. Im rooting for you VG dont mess it all up. Also I just noticed VG sounds alot like VD,
  7. Guys I'm really impressed that he has actually turned into a decent player this year, I know its all situational and everything, but last year his best situation was on the bench. It took one hell of a head coach and his staff to get through, but he really is playing well. I can't believe it, i thought the guy was a bust in every sense of the word. This week against NO we are going to be Blitz happy and I think especially with the injuries on NO Line that once again Gholston is going to have a solid day. Seriously right now is the best I have have ever seen the Jets play on D, and I can remember the last time I was feeling this good about the Green and White. Oh wait it was last year after Tenn, whatever...GO JETS!!!!
  8. Max you got to give us your perspective after the game...I want to know more about Westerman too, the Rutgers guy
  9. No you don't, Mangini is a nut, a bottle water fine? wtf is that...Im glad he's gone
  10. Hey I'm on the side that believes that Rex has got the kid to produce and utilize his talents, not to mention finally get his head in the pro game. What I saw in week one was a guy that closed the pocket, actually got a couple tackles but really was a average player on a good defense. Which is a whole hell of alot better than what Vern was looking like last year. Anyways in week two hes going to be starting I think, and I think he will be playing the whole game, I just want to know if he is going to have another good game. You think Rex is going to use him more, is this going to be his break out game?
  11. Its good not to think of Penguins before the game...
  12. I really think by the first half he makes it clear this aint the same ol Jets Defense
  13. They will not only run at him they might audible to do it, Vern will have the chance to show he is not the bust many make him out to be. I remember M Williams on the other team called a bust, booed, and labeled all before he became the rusher he is. Look Vern's got the coaching and the work in, he's got to show it on the field these next 4 games because if he don't Rex will bench his ass and put in the undrafted guy. After Sunday we will know where Vern's at and I think we will like the results. He gets a sack this Sunday I think year will be good for him.
  14. You guys can't be serious its a sad sad season when I cant look forward to the turducken, when I cant get maddens view of the obvious and little drawling. I'm serious, man I grew up on madden announcing, that guys a legend and deservedly so. You crybabies that didnt like him, screw you lol, BRING MADDEN BACK!!!
  15. We should keep TJ and pay him as per his contract...
  16. Im flying, at airport right now, I'm seeing my grandpa in Youngstown about 3 hours from Cort, anyways I will be in NY until next Wednesday, some one that knows please tell me whats the deal with camp, what day should I go, what time, how much it costs, anything that might relevant. oh is Sanchez signing jerseys...lol this is going t be a great trip My gramps is old bud he remembers buddy Ryan unbelievably. Im salivating that I might be able to go to Camp after being away from NY for so Long...I apologize if this is wrong place for thread its been a while since I posted...but im a jets nation addict... thanks for keeping the threads going...this is the best Jets site period. Any comments on helping me get the best camp experience is appreciated I have never been...
  17. my bad go to the other thread this didnt work
  18. So I have been watching and listening to everything that is going on with FA and the upcoming draft, I can't believe it, I never thought I'd ever see a Jets team go out and pay for players(we need) like this. My question is why are they? My guess is that Woody got a new woman and he feels good, good enough to build get us what we obviously need.
  19. So I have been watching and listening to everything that is going on with FA and the upcoming draft, I can't believe it, I never thought I'd ever see a Jets team go out and pay for players(we need) like this. My question is why are they? so take the poll
  20. I was going to put a poll with this topic but it seems that i cant. damn,
  21. I hear alot of people saying that chads time is up and we should have Clemens start, which by the way would do nothing but prove we can make more bad decisions in one season. But if it were to happen, what would you want to happen to chad?
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