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  1. Its a show about catching crab off of alaska on the discovery channel, and for some reason strangely engaging. I cant stop watching it, apparently the season fanale is on ton8t. Watch it yo
  2. theres nothing better than an anorexic coked up chick to start your day
  3. I think this is dry humor...awesome
  4. Do any of you know who Amy Whinehouse is? She is hot as ****. I think I love her and by love I mean I would give he the best two months of her life.........
  5. first part of your post I completely agree second part, I have no idea wtf your taliking about....
  6. Im a latina lover and perfer their crazy asses but Im a guy and dont discriminate that much, If a girls hot she hot, but with Kidman I really cant see it.
  7. I have never seen why people think she hot. She makes me want to puke in my own mouth
  8. just accusations? they dont care about that, thiey probably could care less about right or wrong its just about money bud. If they can make more money with a client than losing it they will, bottom line...
  9. Ok I got to ask cause people are acting like Jesus C joined JN, who is afosomf?.....Oh and how long of some of you guys known each other? Do you guys actually know each other or are you just avid posters... Oh and I actually am little surprized to read the gettting the band back together ref, I didnt think most people would even know what thats from...ok enough questions...for the record I never have even seen JI, and dont plan on it, it sounds ****ing stupid.....
  10. Your dam right it will be a long year cause I will never let them forget it, for all the mediocre chad/clemens is the next big thing, threads and posts I read, Ill post up Clemens shameful playing weekly. Heaven help them if Chad gets hurt and Tui gets the nod in for starter lol. Seriously though when I first read this little progress report, I bout crapped myself. I always thought Clemens would replace chad and has good potential but after reading how "sack of nuts" Tui might actually be out performing him I got to wonder. It is possible Tui is really good and just was stuck on a crap team...but its also quite possible it was an off day/week/practice for Clemens. **** I cant wait till camp....thats really the only time we can fairly say whos number two. I also would like to think that all the talk of Chad not starting is over as well, the mans got the #1 spot....
  11. I read this article on foxsports and as we all know fox knows all so... QB Kellen Clemens has had problems connecting on his passes during both voluntary and mandatory workouts, while QB Marques Tuiasosopo, picked off the scrap heap from Oakland, has looked more impressive. Clemens and Tuiasosopo could have an interesting battle for the No. 2 position behind Chad Pennington once training camp begins. Sounds Like CLemens will need that 2nd year warming the Bench, that is if he can keep his job from Marques T. I always thought Marques was garbage but I guess not if he can compete with the Great Helen Clemens....lol
  12. I have laptop man that feed directly into thier unprotected network, can I do that?
  13. Hey how much does it cost? seriously I hvaent been back home in a long time, whats it all cost now a days? PArking, tickets, beer, food, suvaneers,......canyone care to ellaborate the costs of a game for me? Oh and i heard that sometimes in the stadium that someone will leave a 20 in the entry way and when someone goes to pick it up, people throw everything at them from spit to trash....is that true? just curious its 130 in the morning here.....
  14. hmm I thought it was wierd maybe not, ithink Im going to give it a shot. GOt to start somewhere I guess, I dont have the fam friends out here that can buy cars but Im not really worried. If you come in a lot, your already going to buy a car. I dont htink Ill have much a problem selling the most bought cars in America in San Diego. Its an easy product I think....we will see I guess.....hey um...what do you drive now a days?
  15. the games are better, the graphics are better, and that blu ray ****?lol Who needs it, I think PS3's were only bought by the hardcore PS gamers. Unfortunatley for them unlike years past where PS's were hands down the best bang for the buck on everything, the 360 kicks PS3 ass.....THe PS hasnt retained any of it former glory. I also read some where that game programers needed time to get used to PS programing and only then could a true comparison could happen. Well that time has come and the 360 wins anyway....I'm not a hardcore gamer or anything, I could be wrong but Im just the next guy I know what I like and Gears of war, halo, I like. THe new Madden coming up, Im going to like. Thats all I really need....
  16. Ok I need some help, I dont steal but take advantage of wireless "encripted" networks services around my apartment. My question is for Xbox 360 live, is there a wireless connection adapter? If there is I think I can use someone elses network to get online and play, but I dont know if that will work really.
  17. Ok so Toyota offered me a job today, where they will pay 20 percent gross profit, that goes to me a car, expecting a new guy to shoot for like 10 cars a month. If like I sell more I get a higher percent and thats retro active. They have decent traffic goin in and out of there, but the things is next door is costruction thing going on where they are expanding. So theres two teams and they will likely be hiring a 3rd for when the new building is built in August. The thing is these guys offered me the job on the first day, today actually. I went in and after talking to two managers they said they liked me and wanted me to join the team. They even started talking about how they want me to go to some class where they teach me ****. I dont know if I want the job yet though. I came in with a sales licinse and everything so maybe they think Im prepared or what not, but is it usual for a place to offer you a job on the spot? I only talked to the second guy for like 10 minutes.....Is this just great timing and I showed potential and they will be needing people like me or what. lol is it ironic I dont really trust the car salemen people..... Oh and by the way when asked why I chose toyota I said cause I was a jets fan....THey were like huh? and i told them that " not only could I sell trash to a sanitation worker but toyota sponsers the NY Jets, so they were the first dealership I thought of."
  18. Bottom line I think Kendal has every right to be pisst at the situation and i think the Office is screwing him, but hey lifes not fair I guess
  19. hmm sounds like mike was right, alrigth time to get arrexted
  20. No way will the show be off the island, I think maybe some more flas forwards and backs but the show will stayt on the island, I dont know whats going on the show and am not going to argue about theories but this is what I want the next season to be about.....bad ass locke...I thought that guy was a goner this season, good to see he not..
  21. Well he did about 4 games better than anyone thought possible and this year he's upping the price to 6 dollars, I think the jets will do even better
  22. I was at the station getting finger printed and flirting with this cadet....I wasnt there for anything bad, I had to get someting called a live scan done for a sales licinse in CA, and you need a backround and prints done for that. Anyways we flirted and talked a while and she mention that she had to finish school or was just about to finish and then become a police officer. Now heres the deal, I didnt make any serious move cause I thought finishing school and shes a police cadet equals highschooler or just out of highschool. My buddy tells me "hell no" she a college chick. I dont know what to think, anyone out there got an opinion? Did I mess up or was I right in assuming she was young. The problem is she looked young but not real young, she could have been 18 or 25, you really cant tell...anyone know a cadet? Can confirm my suspicion that she was young?>
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