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  1. Blah blah blah... Adam Gase won game too. Let's not act like the guy is the second coming. I don't think he is. Who led those 7 top offenses? You dismiss my point then directly point to his top talented teams performance as proof of him being great coach. Hey man you can think brees etc.didnt matter but they did.
  2. Bill I cheat is great coach too...had nothing to do with Brady...
  3. Payton didn't seem to do a very good job when he didn't have the top talent in the league at his disposal. Any coach could have done what he did. Hen ight very well be a great coach but let's not act like he was working with anything but top notch offense there. His game plab literally could have been coached by my daughter. Give ball to RB .... Repeat...
  4. Over Saleh? You know we don't have drew Brees right?
  5. Aren't the keys ranked last overall? That what the internet said.
  6. It's just so silly that we all have to pretend that the "new" uniforms don't looks ridiculous. What is with the stupid swoosh marks ok the shoulders. I'm sorry its just stupid. My company decided to half ass website on the redesign and ended up with much the same thing. A terrible product that looks like it was half assed, just like the uniforms. I like that we have black uniforms but woody don't try to get me excited about dressing up. The team might finally start being good this season, it would be nice if you guys could just get a professional NFL uniform .
  7. Well technically it's readable it's just terrible to read
  8. you can sign a guy in the off season the right way, and Joe would do that. your examples poorly fit this conversation, as your argument.
  9. who is even out there that we want/? all for getting rid of davis, i mean he could maybe play better sure, but it doesnt seem likely. Guy was responsible for giving away so many long run by being in ban postion missing tackles he has no business missing. I mean its equivelent is wilson just fumbling the snap 10 times. ..
  10. Sadly him just not actively rooting against us in every article might actually make him the great jets beat writer of the last couple decades...what an incredibly low bar but he may well have done it!! Bro sorry to hear about the divorce maybe congratulations are in order what do I know about your ex wife. But I do know that pod sucks balls. I hope you get some other shows in your rotation.
  11. My favorite was after we took sauce he is like oh I knew that just so you...uh huh sure bro
  12. That's pretty much every beat writer we have...and he wasn't that great...try listening to his jets podcast. It was terrible in-between them trying to sell me cereal and him act like he is a celebrity...I just never understood why people ...why any people like him. My best guess was he wasn't as negative as the others but he was just so hard to listen too. I never read his articles so this is only based off tweets of his and listening to him. He was terrible.
  13. i hate sling blades whole family from that doof who play for the other NY team to his father and any other siblings. I will never forgive him for Adam Gase. I NEVER will forgive him. Mannings are all trash.
  14. its not about buying somethign you want its being forced to fork out cash the first time you ever had it..blah blah blah obvious..etc...
  15. Recycling fluids you say? Money in this you say?
  16. Agree or not, 1k is alot of money. And 75k is a lot for dinner and f'd up to make some rookies pay
  17. IT is funny, older generations read tweet and think kid is being a crybaby, but it is a tweet so it in itself from a younger player shows that it is just a passing thought and does not have a lot of weight, younger generation see it as such. idk it is just crazy how tweets are taken for more than what they are, but also kid probably shouldn't have tweeted that either. Carter shoudl have a good year this year.
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