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  1. I don't believe that. Ask anyone that has money if 1000 is a lot. It is for everyone
  2. This is sarcastic. I wasn't sure till the flacco part. Well done.
  3. What do all these players have in common? They don't really help you win
  4. I have always thought about this as a good gesture, I mean rookies have to cover the meal no big deal but this is ridiculous. Over 50k its just such a waste. I don't think they should be expected to pay for the meal when it is so expensive. It's actually a really sh*tty move by the vets. I wasn't always against it but my god it's ridiculous. I don't know think they should take the team out to McDonald's but damn better go to red lobster or some chain place. If I was a rookie, no way I want to do that bull sh*t.
  5. Lol. I think we are just glad that we have avoided big red flags today and hopefully not making injuries this year. Glad to see an offensive side of the ball that has potential to be a solid group around our young qb. Also Mike white
  6. Lol I'm just saying we are going to know game 1 for sure. These reports don't seem very reliable considerijg we have seen him throw before
  7. If he can't hit a 10 yard pass with out throwing behind his wr I would be very worried about this year...
  8. Man one article about how the def could work with additions or offense or some kind of piece with a positive outlook will gain more views clicks to a fan base the craves it. Every single fan base gets a fix of fair reporting with some rose colored glasses everyonce ina while ...but not us. Sure winning will help but look at what they did to rex and crew when we were winning same negative stories and we had no hope of moving next round especially not beating manning and Brady in a row like we did. I'm just saying they are bad at their job.
  9. we are the only team who beat writers consistently root against or only do negitive coverage. It is one thing to be critical but our guy never even have a possibility of postive outlook.
  10. this was never in question, I hope he got soem time Im glad he time with his newborn. Now no injuries this season with him and I will be very pleased.
  11. Oh thank you oh great one for being so kind to us unworthy your tireless effort is remarkable. You truly r the king of kings...gtfo of here with your dumb comments..yeah starting Post is so hard every one else do dumb but not you. You so smart...
  12. Tanny doesn't suck..kid is good
  13. Plus it's ota's and he is in great shape..I do not see any issue missing non mandatory time.. big ticket will be great this year
  14. You didn't like fitz? Wtf is wrong with you
  15. Arguably the best QB we ever had since namath
  16. I recently had my daughter and I can tell you I don't blame him one bit, being at otas is like you haveb0 contact at home right? Meaning if he went he wouldn't be seeing his daughter at all right? Ok went back to work right after my daughter was born but I did have evening with her and weekends. I don't blame him for taking the time at all. I don't think you necessarily need it, but why not ....it's OTAs
  17. I the Wanda stuff sucked really dumbed down her chart to just angry mom stuff....winter soldier was too woke for me...would have been better to stick to the original content I think. But def marvel fan. Guess they can't all be winners
  18. they would help. it would look like a decent uniform and not like snot wiped on players shoulders.
  19. I have only been involved int he uniform threads on Jets nation for a decade or so, but i have most recently during the last exchange come to your conclusion. Literally it would be great to change blue to green. Im ok with not fighter jets logo but that would be a nice things to do. Spelling our name out as a logo is stupid. Get a dame logo. Make it a jet, very simple. Use grey. christ almight how they keep screwing it up is beyond me.
  20. the recent installments from winter soldier to dr strange three have all been underwhelming at best and mind-numbing more accurately.
  21. thisnguy is a bust. Wish you were right but even the most journeyman or green rook is less of a liability
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