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  1. Fair point it would be nice to have our QB. But I do think hall is going to be the center of all game plans. Or least he should be
  2. They are also not that great of a team. Terrible def, and team. Lamar covers alot for them but he can't do much when he gets
  3. Bateman never being a stud wr, them losing holly wood, our pass rush getting healthy and strong, b hall being a massive up grade at RB...that any the Raven def sucking big dicks at the end of the season and losing players ....I guess just based really on the players on the teams and the estimations of how they will perform...
  4. usally a gm only piles crap on themseleves, we had them pile on the next guy too. But Joe is digging us out! Joe is the best thing to happen to the Jets since namath.
  5. this sucks. god i hope the line does not suck, but no way it will be as bad as soem of our lines of recent history! Breece hall and a quick throwin gb can help us out. ALso our two shiny new TE;s will too
  6. im not sure there is any other way to say that mike white played well even against toughest d in the league - and him playing lesser team woudl win most games …wait i just did it again, i guess there was a way to say it again...in the same thread...three times in a row... its not insane you just cant comprehend the point...despite it being explained to you over and over again. Its ok though not a big deal.
  7. haha well i need to see it first more than a couple games...but i do think he is rigth now a credible person to lead the jets while zach is hurt
  8. they mad at him just like they mad at zach or becton - for being injured. Its crazy town ooney toons
  9. ??? lol I didn't say lets play Buffalo every week. i said I'd take mike white that played buffalo last year every week. It's a subtle difference but an important one. The mike white that played that game did remarkably well against a very tough defense, finding more success than all but two first ballot hall of famer qbs. - i.e. if he went against other teams that are not as good on def (all other teams in the league) we would be winning most of those games! Its not a guess or some fandom talking look at what he did to the Bengals and you can't tell he doesnt beat the Colts if he played that whole game! Look Mike White is not some Hall of Fame QB but he can play the position - better than flacco btw and that is because he can run the system and use the playmakers in it. it may seem strange because you didn't read or understand the post. No you do not show Mike White
  10. ill take quick passes from behind our line for the win every day!
  11. great! he played great relative to every one else to goes against them. if we get mike white buffalo last year in every game this year we go to the playoff man. no controversy. mike white gets no respect its crazy.
  12. if he has another bengals game - there is no controversy, he is the starter and zach rides the pine.
  13. Hye clayton glad to be here with my fellow mike White truthers...i mean we all know mike is the way better than flacco and inspite of his detractors best efforts I for one did not forget him running the offence inthe indy game and acknowledge and credit him for doing what only first ballot hall of game qbs could do last year and that was put points and yards on the board against buffalo. Look we need to stop pretending mike white is not better than flacco. Kid can play and run the system, get him on the damn field.
  14. its preseason...i dont buy too much into it. I seen him play all year and be decent. Also better all over around him that will help too.
  15. Can we still do the premium league or is it too late to send $ and make picks?? @Maxman
  16. seems like a logical take, i hear you BUT, we have depth and play design im sure will help. I think we are going to have a big run game on sunday.
  17. def better corners. even with/if reed is out.
  18. The teams that scored 171 points are not on the field sunday my guy! check back with him after the game!
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