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  1. oh so we are just ignoring anything that shows your wrong and just going to pretend there is nothing wrong.... cool
  2. It is not opinion. One qb can run the offense the other cant throw WR open or hit a check donw consistently. you either can or cant. Not sure how to explain it better to you. The jets lose when mike white starts? oh man the logic on you. cmon man. It rains whne we win. I guess teh rain won us the game. he literally is the answer or at least could be. enough of your fallacies just open your eyes and welcome mike white in to your cold heart
  3. lol have you seen any games? it is because mike white is a capable qb that can run the system and make easy throws look easy, make hard throws when we need them and gives our team and credible offense. If not for drops or benching a Mike white jets woudl be vying for the 1st place in the conference right now. It is beyond understanding how people hate on mike white cause he wasn't drafted in the first round. Draft stock is just potential man, its not real, When you get to the big leagues potential mean JACK. your play, your actual play matter. Do you give your team the chance to win? the chance at greatness. I mean it is so much more than Mike white can hit WR's in stride and throws the ball with touch with anticipation. It is everything he does, how he practices, how he attacks the def, how he reads plays, how he acts in the press room. He is a leader. A good one. A good qb. people like you have some kind of weird mental thing going on. OPEN YOUR EYES!! lol
  4. Dude he can't win anywhere not seeing the open man and not being able to throw 7 yards to an uncovered check down.
  5. I watched the games and saw a qb that could run the system and actually play the position, not just one play every game or two but every play. IT si not a pedestal, it is just recognizing he is a good qb. something we have been wanting forever. Viking a game we win if not for drops...mike literally threw the game winner. Zach missed open guys all night, a great example of the system working but the qb not being able to run it. zach was def not better than white any day of his career. You smoking good stuff buddy.
  6. he is the best gm any team has had in a long time. He has been great!
  7. omg jesus. zach was fine pick at two just as any other would have been, its a lottery ticket man, and hard to hit. he cost what pennies on the dollar? i hate berrios and am fine with his contract. People are fickle, mann is good then he is not lawson ... injury...yeah joe really suck cause he is drafting guys he knows will get hurt. you support you can blame it on injury? lol what the hell else you gooing to blame other than that? Joe douglas singlehandedly fixed or broken roster, drafting process and the jets tax on FA with smart signings. He got the front office dynamic back into line and out of the owners weird three way set up. I mean you call him a jag for just doing everything that needed to be done and was left undone since parcells. We are competitive and beat the best team in the league but yeah he really sucks. God damn so many terrible takes. I cant keep up. He hired Robert Saleh did you forget that? the draft capitol he got us, the culture change? man I could give you a million dollars and you complain about. it.
  8. um yeah it is. The system is the reason why you dont need a superstar qb to win. The system literlaly is in place so a average qb can excell and let our playmakers win. QB is the biggest problem.
  9. I for one like to see it! Why do we all have to pretend that sub par qb play if ok and that our team should just be happy with it. He is not bashing the team he is just pisst the qb cant throw the ball to him when he is open consistently. You have no problem when he is all jack ed up after a big catch.
  10. Nope same game, same team. I just have a very different take based on happened. Oh no I got it, it wasnt hard to understand
  11. I don't get why we have to pretend suck is the reason team is losing. It is plain as day.
  12. He completely more than 1/2 his passes is not a good argument. He was the main reason we lost. Inset Mike white or flacco and we win magically. 5-2? Breeze hall special teams, Garret Wilson etc
  13. Mike white is the best QB we have had in a very long time. All he does is play well. Keep him pay him and get rid of Zach we need a back up capable of winning a game
  14. Idk looks like they didn't have anyone covering him at all. It's not like the def just missed a tackle there was no one on him it was a single mistake. It happens. It sucks sure but the def payed well overall. You can't expect perfection every week. The offense had plenty of open wrs all day. Plenty of scoring drives. But Zach was missing every shot.
  15. How so? The def literally gave up one bad play. 1. Someone didn't cover the TE. The offense as usual let us down. They were not playing some guys that don't score. They put the lions in a box, great performance. Don't make the perfect the enemy do the good especially when you have a terrible qb that cost us the win. It's not rocket science. Zach sucks and this time you can't even really blame berios. I mean he threw passes behind guys so bad the corners didn't even have a chance to intercept the bad passes. It's incredible
  16. Couldn't disagree more. Saleh is a great coach. We got the prom queen with that one. Being the 49ers east coast has been great so far
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