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  1. I think we see a lot of hall and the return of the g Wilson in the n zone. Jets win baby!!
  2. Um breece hall, Garret and Wilson are not able absence
  3. What we witnessed in maimi was called smart coaching. We forced them to run and waste clock while we took away waddle and hill over the top. I mean you can argue they should have shut down the run game and took a chance of giving up the huge pass and easy scoring opportunities to arguable the bess pair of pass catchers in the league, but Saleh and most NFL fan would disagree. Don't take anything away from mostert he was earning his yards but they decided to play that game and won verse the big pass where it is likely they might have been more successful. Good coaching I think
  4. Haha I think they just like the qb winning games.
  5. Well I guess it was kind of. The thing is I haven't heard the actuall allegations against him and I'm not assuming whatever they are are true or not. If he is scum bag sure **** him. But if it is some like young girl going on vacation with him as his hot young 25 year blond toy thing and she is like well he sexually harassed me while he took me on some exotic cruise around the world, then no I think he is just some rich guy and the girl knew what she was signing up for. Does that make me bad for thinking that? I mean if its a Brett farve, d Watson deal where he is sexually harassing wemon etc screw him. But if it's the young snow bunny thing then whatever. But again Iknow nothing other than he is rich and people want to steal rich guys money all the time
  6. By riding the pine and learning...just like arron Rodgers and many qbs before him. It's the way it should be done
  7. I woudl disagree. Pressure is far more valueable than sacks. And pressure is the more important stats overall.. Sacks are nice for sure and they will come with pressure. But you want pressure on the QB more than 1 or two sacks a game.
  8. THey dont have a run game cause they dont use a run game. Singletary has looked great out there. They just stop running him. It woudl be a stupid investment to get him, but hey what do i know.
  9. Green Bay wilo be good measuring stick cause for all their faults they are nfl level team and should be taking advantage of us and smashing us to get right. If we win or even put up a good fight it will show that we really have improved a bit. If we get squashed with the coaching, the talent or even both are not up to snuff.
  10. lawrence looks a whole let better with good coach and talent around him. I havent watch much of him to be honest but I think he and zach are both likely to turn into decent or better. I look at geno and see what actually sitting and learning can do for someone. The way it used to be, im not convinced that is the only way to make a player good at Qb but it sure can work. Zach's road is tough but think the kid has it.
  11. teh sacks will come it is not a "sticky" stat so to speak but those pressures are back from him. It is a relief after injury and everythign else. If it keep up he is going to be seen as huge cornerstone for us on def. As planned by the great Joe Douglas.
  12. i missed this convo but berrios is not on the same level of those other two players obviously. But it was nice to seem him after costing us a TD with his poor blocking and awareness to be able to see him get force fed a speed run for a td. not sure why we keep forcing to him when a more talented E moore is better suited but whatever.
  13. Did you see the run game? They did great. And that is the back back up plan we saw today. Crazy
  14. Saw your post. He got qb hit 7 times today way more than double everyone else. These numbers are very surprising. It's great really.
  15. On mostert he looked everybut vintage 49er monstert. Guy can move
  16. Doesn't really need much of an explanation. But I definitely was one of the guy so excited when he got signed. I thought dude was sack machine in the making. Then the injury. Then maybe he wasn't really good cause it was against becton. Then week 1 and 2. And I was like well at least he plays solid if not great. Well 47% seems insane win rate.i want to see the sack and see what it looked like in week 10 but man we might have something here. I'm hopeful man, and it's great feeling
  17. Yes I did. You for the "unfairly" part. You have been unfairly critical of him. I'm a Douglas critic as well. But I criticize him for errors he makes not for injuries or thing out of his control and I recognize the many things you pretend to be unaware of or ignore. Like fixing the front office and power structure
  18. Strongest in class for a couple years worth. Talent like him is rare.
  19. He should have had a three touch down game. They robbed him after he breaks it to the one yard line twice. Glad he got one, but I thought that was dirty. I know they want Carter to contribute but why take halls tds. That sucks man.
  20. Guy plays the system well. And played good for us. Seems so much better than what we have had it makes you want to back up the truck but truth is he is just a nfl quality player. Not elitle. But average. We just had so little or deficient for so long. He looks that much better. I would be all for keeping him next year tho
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