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  1. But you need to hear my opinion and I need to be able to express myself.
  2. I think most vets like myself just think it's stupid take. No bro you playing football is nothing like a military deployment. We get it you mean away from family but plenty of players are around their family a luxury the deployed do not have, plus they could get killed. That is also just one of many differences. It's a stupid thing to say and I think most think of it as that. Veterans don't really get offended by much but we will call sh*t out for being dumb, which this entire thing is
  3. I think they just thought he was a generational cb talent. It's good thing for us that building to beat the best team in the division is also the building to beat the best team in the league.
  4. Man other than maye...I like Andersen but I'm not sure he is better. Wow what a change. This old roster is depressing
  5. I was referring to the game he just played. The entire game
  6. Honest I am concerned how little Zach contributed even if everyone is covered the check down is there. I hope he improves. I think not throwing int is better than before but he really isn't throwing it at. You can have to of runs and still make passes. The idea that oh he is not being asked to is false he is. We messed up on plenty of third down throws. I hope he gets better soon
  7. Lol I don't see that happening but it is nice to see quin get free with just a little help on the line letting him play better. Lawson doing big things for us
  8. Yeah woody has done gear since listening to Joe. It he is about to reap the rewards. To be fair woody has always wanted to succeed just never had the pieces in place to get there. Then over the years the team and front office morphed slowly into this terrible disfuctional apparatus. Thankfully joe reestablished the structure and hit on some recent drafts while learning the deck for improvement
  9. Yeah hard to tell what happened but I think Robbie def said it. Fair or not, glad he is no longer in the team
  10. Lol no one compares the two. That is an insult to all time great
  11. Question for you back in the day I have heard that Superbowl 3, our super bowl win was the first championship game marketed and called a super bowl. I am guessing you and maybe a few other OG fans who actually watched the games back then might be able to confirm this little nugget of history I randomly heard. I'm very excited for the team right now. Seeing Joe fix the office and rostee and have a good coach it great. I have already completely 180 on my opinion of Saleh from earlier this year I thought he was going gto be a bum with flacco was playing. Thankfully I was wrong and just over critical
  12. Haha I agree with you on the passive agressive sh*t. What is that. Lame for sure. But berrios ain't breaking not returns man. He is just little guy that gets smashed every time
  13. It's was the whole cop wife thing for me and him not being a good wr. But yeah I'm with you.
  14. Some will say this is a small qualm to have in the face of our 4 wins. But as a young team not to take advantage of g Wilson and e Moore is curious at the very least. These two to help add to and even strengthen the run game but we are determined to use gadget plays to berrios or force to our tes that drop passes alot. Very strange. E Moore literally was not targeted despite being open everywhere. I mean all within context of course. It is not bad that our game plan used b hall like a nail through a wall. It's great actually. Kid is so talented. But there are a lot of plays during a game and I would hope that we could get the ball into talented hands and stop force feeding sub par talent. Just one more thing I so tired of seeing berrios return kicks. Could we have Moore or Carter or some else.get a chance he does nothing with them. Never making anyoneiss, non threat of taking it to the house. Just catch and fall over and over. I hope in the coming weeks we will see z Wilson get the ball to mor talented players on the team.
  15. Minor disagreement. Offense really worries me. We did nothing for an entire half. It was putrid. Alls good that ends well but this offense off breece hall is fantastic but they and by they I mean Zach Wilson needs to hit his check downs and alsonthrow to g Wilson and e Moore . Maybe a little less berrios
  16. I remember so many that tpretender he was good for this team. He is not good for any team. Remember to hat he said to that cop
  17. I think we see a lot of hall and the return of the g Wilson in the n zone. Jets win baby!!
  18. Um breece hall, Garret and Wilson are not able absence
  19. What we witnessed in maimi was called smart coaching. We forced them to run and waste clock while we took away waddle and hill over the top. I mean you can argue they should have shut down the run game and took a chance of giving up the huge pass and easy scoring opportunities to arguable the bess pair of pass catchers in the league, but Saleh and most NFL fan would disagree. Don't take anything away from mostert he was earning his yards but they decided to play that game and won verse the big pass where it is likely they might have been more successful. Good coaching I think
  20. Haha I think they just like the qb winning games.
  21. Well I guess it was kind of. The thing is I haven't heard the actuall allegations against him and I'm not assuming whatever they are are true or not. If he is scum bag sure **** him. But if it is some like young girl going on vacation with him as his hot young 25 year blond toy thing and she is like well he sexually harassed me while he took me on some exotic cruise around the world, then no I think he is just some rich guy and the girl knew what she was signing up for. Does that make me bad for thinking that? I mean if its a Brett farve, d Watson deal where he is sexually harassing wemon etc screw him. But if it's the young snow bunny thing then whatever. But again Iknow nothing other than he is rich and people want to steal rich guys money all the time
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