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  1. Or....we are fine he didn't botch it at all and historically or relative to other teams or even other draft classes we can see some plus......oh nevermind...
  2. Edoga was worse than not great, he was awful and a liability. I hope they add someone to help the line in depth but what we have is not bad and fine for the season. Davis was huge liability and yes terrible. Pinnock outplayed him for sure. But idk he might have put it together this off season, we havent seen him play. Pinnock was not some awesome great player that vastly out produced or like super more talented of a guy. He just didnt take as many bad angles and as bad as those angles were for us as a team, blowing run stops and turning 5 or 7 runs into 20 plus....those angles are very fixable with coaching. My guess is Davis got right and got some extra coaching and shown the team much better reps in the offseason. so I wouldnt worry about it. you say horrible but that is exaggerated ...pinnock was not that much better last year bud. Also alot of jets got picked up and guess what they will amount to other places? special teams and non factors. One of my biggest critisms has always been we carry this bums with no ceiling on the roster far too long. Joe is doing right by the team and moving on on a bunch of them and here comes the SOJF crowns crying about it. Good for the team and good for all our castoffs that got claimed. They were going to be practice squad anyway. Be happy for them and the team is all I am saying. We are getting better.
  3. at some time potential has an expiration date. Im glad we are not giving him away for free, and I know they have faith in him as a player than can start in this league, maybe he is on the cusp of putting it all together too, idk. i just am at the point where i dont want him on the team after this year if he cant make it happen. Hopefully he will be able to not drop passes, not line up wrong and not suck in his opportunities. Cause he is going ot have them this year, he is going to get some opportunities for sure.
  4. Edoga has not progressed since he has been here- terrible move to keep him for not reason, the line is better with out him, he hurts the team byu playing cant argue with the ty cut, im not sure what thye see in him, the rook and carter are much better cathcing the ball, but hey is he really that much worse than coleman? probably not, they are crap players.
  5. disagree. what are you talking about these players we cut on the very edge of making the team, back ups and back ups of back ups. Other peopel signed them because they think they might be better than thier current back ups, back up. None of them are some great player that omg we lost. Full stop. Sure ty j shoudl be gone or pinnock outplayed the the S we kept, but we are not talking like some huge difference in what we kept or what other teams gained. This whole idea that we made some pretty bad decisions is ridiculous. The only thing that happend is some other teams picked up our bubble player cause they were better or thought to be better than thier bubble players. No one traded for them and they could have easily went unsigned. I swear everything has to be soem big dramatic thing with people. Joe has been adding talent and we are not just starting to get a decent team, its tough getting the top talent filled out - although we are starting to see that, but the back round talent, the back ups and the backup backups are getting better on our squad. All this tells us is that Joe has done a good job.
  6. Just remember we are talking about the last player to make it...bubble guys...not big but yes good that we have a lot of guy capable of possibly being one an nfl team. How some dont like the job Douglass has done is amazing
  7. I get your point I just don't necessarily think a vet rb is needed. But I'm not a rb so I could be wrong but I do like the fact we got these young bucks
  8. But the question is do we even need at RB4? also the veteran leadership thing is overrated. We need a veteran in the RB room? what for? RB need to hit holes, its one of the positions that a rookie can come in and contribute. I really hope we do not carry more than 3 rbs. I do not want ty johnson, i guess knight as rb 3 is ok, but should be just a practice squad guys, we should have 2 rbs on the active roster in my humble opinion, but what the hell do i know im just a jets fan.
  9. Ima stop that mims replacing davis talk right now. I really do think he will be going elsewhere...*fingerscrossed
  10. lol most reliable wr 4 on the team 100%. the love for mediocrity you have is amazing even for a jets fan. You are really trying to argue that berrios is better than Davis and Moore. Quite the hill you have made camp on tater salad.
  11. I dont know if we cut C Davis, Mosley but Lawsone I predict will get a contract and a big next year. This kid is about to be legit pass rush all season. Well maybe not a contract Im nor sure how long we ahve him, but I dont think we will use the escape clause in the contract, if anything I think he will be worth every penny and whatever best way to keep his services will be done. extension, keep his contract as is etc...
  12. Really like your posts, and stuff like this in general. says alot about the team and difference between how our past gms have worked and our current one does. We also have talented players worth paying to a degree on different levels - some draft picks / veterans etc... its more than just have some money available for emergency its about building a roster efficiently. For all the talk about macc being a glorified accountant, he was terrible at it. Just one more of the many things Joe has done for this team, fixing it from the ground up. Thanks for posting the link too.
  13. hard to argue you on this...no idea why we haven't replaced him with someone. Davis was terrible...maybe he turned it around this off season??? The only argument i can think of is he believes in that development takes time to properly evaluate a player and maybe some take more time to get it. They believe he has the talent and it just has not been able to show case it. I mean mims seems to have finally taken a turn for the better, and it took a while. We might possibly get draft capitol in a trade (although i do not know how likely it is) but Joes comments were very loud and clear we will not just give him away. i htink this is just the same principal in regards to Davis. I mean you could argue Mims has been just as bad if not worse than Davis and we kept both because maybe they develop and/or we are compensated. Either way Joe believes in the pick. So it may seem oh we picked him high so we ahve to keep him, but it is we picked this guy because of the talent we need to give him time to develop because he shows signs of progress and we done give up on guys because it takes time. idk...but it doesnt make sense that with all the stuff Joe does that he would just keep guys with high draft capital on the team if they suck. I mean lower drafted guys have started over higher drafted guys etc.
  14. well for sure 16 are coming back or at least there is 16 spots to fill...so some will be back, but which ones are surprising to you? They all makes sense and seem to follow the same logic. Keep the talented on the roster and let up and comers be up and comers on the practice squad.
  15. love the cuts. all these guys they are letting go....glad they are not done yet.
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