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  1. do you think 10 W's are possible with this crew this year? I do. I think we have a shot. with good game plans. games are won on just a hand full of plays and we have fixed alot of very big holes.
  2. isnt it crazy to have a GM and HC on the same page!!1 awesome
  3. im not srue where you disagree with me, all draftee have strength and weakness, it was a top choice, thats it. it was argueably a good pick. Just got injured. Hopefully he gets healthy
  4. I remember when we had the highesst paid back up ever....10 mil a year I think...good times.
  5. maybe we are both pricks? idk, but to your point and question , the over all evaluation of him was he was a top 5 draftee at his position. the concern you share about weight and maturity was not a the over all projection of this kid or he would have been in the third rounder or later....all the top picks you could find some concern, but overall they were likely going to be good players for teams and you could not fault a GM for drafting one. If all our first rounders got hurt this year or B Hall breaks his leg etc, that doesn't make Joe a bad drafter or those guys busts and neither does becton getting hurt and rehurt. Its just an unjury.
  6. Is it? Seems like a big difference between a guy drafted high that was undeserving and someone drafted high that got hurt. Other picks had stories of issues but he was seen overall as a top pick, he was not some 3rd pick etc. The idea that at the time becton was seen as this guy who was just going to be hurt all the time, is not accurate. I rather you be honest and make the case that he had a poor draft and not apply some magical injuries count too when talking about the GM. Bryce hall was a 6th rounder man, that we got any serviceable snaps from him is an A+. Im not sure where you were going with the sauce comment or the hall getting hurt...but to clarify I think a bust is someone that cant play the game at a high level and bad draft is not hitting on any of your picks. It seems to me Joe got talented guys but like eveyrone missed on a couple.
  7. if you think me pointing out that bectons injury is not really a basis to call him a bust and that makes me a prick - hate to see what happens to your feelings when someone actually is a prick to you. This is a message board not a free hugs booth. sorry your having such a hard time lol
  8. you can argue it was a bad pick or good pick where he got drafted but he was a top pick - despite your red flags every player can be said to have trouble etc...my point is the only reason he is viewed as a bad pick is due to injury, if healthy he woudl be fine. and even if I agree with you on the take him in the 3rd, he would have not been there in the 3rd. Height is 20/20, but at the time fine pick.
  9. you area allowed to defend yourself. glad you agree. Anyone can get hurt bud.
  10. It not a pizza place, they have decent wings...as any other bar'fast food sports place does, plus a bar and alot of TVs. What you expect smoked wings and gourmet pizza? what the hell. BWW is great for quick wings and beer to watch the game. Maybe not my favorite place and over priced, but sign me up for extra crispy wings buffalo style all drums any day of the week. You guys are haters. there is a reason they are everywhere and it is not to lose money. I wonder what his flavor of sauce will be?
  11. why that dude aint defending any passes? That jack ass coach dont deserve anything. What the hell man.
  12. He wasnt prepared year one either, they beat us scoring 1 TD, we beat ourselves.
  13. what? Becton got hurt bro, played good when healthy. not really a drafting problem. injury is not drafting issue.
  14. Hmm. Seems to me that after realizing the two TE thing wasn't going to work he adjusted a bit, but Mike white was just capable of running the system better thank zach. I don't think he was very conservative at first and then changed...if anything some of his playing calling became more safe as the season went on
  15. The 3 rd stringer part seems relevant, in the reg season he won't being going against taco bell employees
  16. At times. As in other times...not the one pick you saw ok high lights. Flacco is a bum, don't get me wrong but even he does complete a few passes in our system. Guy should not be a starter in any capacity for the record
  17. It's just amazing to see the offensive system work. One thing that is never mentioned is how lefleur off is working and making the most of th talent on the field. Even flacco looks service able at times
  18. You would be a terrible gm. What exactly was he going to get for mims last year? He has built him up in the off season to learn appearing capable, which is a far stretch considering his actual talent. Anyway joe has done right by the team and by him to be in this post where we might actually get a pick for him... Him being so bad is the only reason berrios has a job right now. Good riddance to mims. Hope he plays better elsewhere.
  19. I want to know what all you flacco lovers are going to say when flacco score 1 td via fluke play- someone breaks free ( i.e. scoring despite his poor play ) and maybe like 10 point and a bunch of 3 and outs...like what will the rationality be...when we could have payed Mike white?? Will they stay true and just call it a bad game? Despite every game he plays is just a bad game...?????
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