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  1. Once again I'd like to point out how dumb you guys are for not seeing what was slapping you in the face and right infront of you for the past 3 years. Funny how I was the idiot but hey Rex buttfumble and Ms T are #1 right?
  2. Well if you think it's too good to be true, in the world of gambling I'd go with the opposite. Not to mention if the Ravens pull ahead they will be running with Rice a whole lot more while the Steelers will be forced to pass and if there is garbage-time Leftwich can easily come back and bite you in the ass.
  3. WAITTT!!! I'm so stupid for acknowledging the truth for over a year!! You guys are DEAD ON right mark and Rex are the answer!!! Wait Rex let me guess ..... Marks my guy He gives us our best chance ......... ****ing retard
  4. "Mark's my guy!" AGAIN .... There's nothing questionable about why I have to defend this statement week in and week out for the past 3 years but I do it anyway! No problems here! Never saw it coming! This is the best team in years!
  5. Lmao you guys are so dumb and clueless. Great couple of weeks but hey like rex says we're magically gonna get better! Good job! Good effort!
  6. In preparation of a probable loss this weekend, I figured I'd get a head start on a short rant that's been building up over the past couple years from the obvious things you've probably and I have definitely noticed. Things will not change unless you kill the problem from the head down so here it goes. With Rex, every year and after every game, it's the EXACT same song and dance: 'Belichick is the best coach. It's me vs. him. The division (STILL) runs through them' 'I'm sticking with Mark, no question, he's my guy. Eventually things are going to turn around. ' 'We're the team to beat. We're gonna give em' our best shot, 'come out swinging'. I feel this is my best team since I've been coach.' 'We got our azses kicked/embarrassed today but I'll tell you one thing I'll play em' again right now.' -Like a broken record, you're going to hear the same quotes on Sunday.- 'Mark is still my guy.' ..... etc Same old Rex = Same old Jets. Like you guys said he will never even get another coordinating job because of his stubborn and obnoxiously overpowering personality. He's also a sh*t head coach who neglects to acknowledge the offense every year through draft and free agency. (2 First round DE's and STILL no pass rush!) End the circus and bring in a disciplinarian coach who will be taken seriously. Players coaches don't win Super Bowls. I pray this team does some serious spring cleaning which includes the axing of Mike, T. Rex, Sanchez and Santonio. I'd go on about the other 3 but I've already wasted enough time. <rant over>
  7. If they can get percy and sign him they can narrow the next draft down to rb and ol, would you rather have a 3rd round question mark or percy harvin?
  8. leonwash29


    Incarcerated Bob ‏@incarceratedbob **UPDATED NFL RUMOR**Source: Jets are still pursuing Vikings WR Harvin & have made an initial offer (3rdRD Pick + Cond 5th) no response yet yes you should believe him, he broke the dwight howard trade before anyone and has broken many more blockbusters before that one ... I think this price would be a steal given he was a 1st rounder and still plays with 1st round talent not to mention a great rapport with tebow and could specialize in the wildcat as he was at uf anndd be our pr/kr if mcknight starts to fumble again ... get this done!
  9. does anyone have video highlights of his play? I missed his sack and ff!!!
  10. This is actually an amazing idea, greene with a conditional draft pick could return someone decent. Might as well reunite cadillac with sporano on top of it ... decent/average running back with a better o line > decent/average running back with a lesser o line
  11. Any news or encouraging information from anyone who has been to camp? Is he going to step up this year or always be a day late and a dollar short?
  12. Kolb was always a joke, Flynn shows some promise. It beats pick 6's and fumbles any day.
  13. Lets just say Peyton Manning ends up a Dolphin. That leaves Washington and Cleveland truly needing a quarterback. 50/50 shot for both teams to land RG3. If Washington trades up to #2 and lands RG3 that leaves Cleveland. Cleveland already said they're not interested in any big free agents. If this is true, that really leaves no teams in desperate need of a starting quarterback for Flynn. We're clearly looking to upgrade our qb position so why not show Flynn serious interest? We can offer him the median of starting and backup qb money since he really will have no market. On top of that, trade MS for a 2nd/3rd if we're lucky. Cliffs: Flynn + 2nd/3rd for Mark Sanchez. (Upgrade qb position plus a high draft pick) Whoever would not take seek mental help. What are your thoughts?
  14. Imagine the Packers/Pats/Giants/Saints/Chargers/Steelers/Eagles/Lions/Texans making that comment about the quarterback situation. The fact that we're contemplating a replacement for a top 5 draft pick quarterback within 3 years should tell you enough. Get a clue and stop living a lie, Sanchez is awful. I guarantee McElroy beats him out in an unbiased competition.
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