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  1. Boynton Beach Jets

    Gregg Williams close to signing as DC

    No one other then Gase has been announced, Any other announcement will be done at the introductory press conference or after the weeks divisional round.
  2. Boynton Beach Jets


    Todd Monken
  3. Boynton Beach Jets

    Tank crowd

    When you need the QB it could be worth tanking. It looks like we finally filled that 50 year hole. That said Haskins value has increased by Herbert announcing he is staying in school, this may force a QB needy team to trade up. I just want to see the Jets take the best available olineman, Jonah Williams is my favorite pick for the Jets
  4. Boynton Beach Jets

    Folks: We Have a Franchise QB.

    Bell is part of Steeler system.., Any decent running back will be very good in their system He comes to Jets he will be a good RB, but not worth over paying for. I remember Jets got Neil O'donell he was nothing without the Steeler system. I know because of so many bad drafts the Jets will be forced to sign free agents but building a team through free agency does not work. Teams do not generally let talented players go, There is generally some garbage attached to them and teams over pay for them in free agency. We are paying the price for 10 years of bad drafting.
  5. Boynton Beach Jets

    Jets made no waiver claims

    Must feel we have a Super Bowl roster
  6. Boynton Beach Jets

    Njc- Now Calvin Johnson wants to come out of retirement

    Only if it was the Calvin Johnson of 5 years ago not the Calvin Johnson who was out of football for over a year.
  7. Boynton Beach Jets

    BUF Observations

    Look forward to your post KRL. Nice post as always. I thought Revis played well after getting burned. I think that part of the issue with Revis is he was not able to condition himself in off season like he is accustom to. I also think he is playing to far off the WR while he is great at jamming at line of scrimmage, this is more of scheme thing that does not fit him as well.
  8. Boynton Beach Jets

    A question for Season Ticket holders

    Its delayed a few seconds on radio though.
  9. Boynton Beach Jets

    Jets 2015 Rewards Cards Arrive

    I got a portable cooler with mine, its larger then the 6 pack holder
  10. Kellen Winslow Jr. ‏@KellenWinslowJr 5m5 minutes ago @CRO31 U wish you were a Dad. Learn your kids names.
  11. I agree Gil Brandt is awesome and is so knowledgeable.. When ever he is on I stop to listen I also like Pat Kirwan (former Jet) on Sirius.
  12. What is going after the Deflate gate verdict come out ****
  13. Boynton Beach Jets

    Namath dropping more truth bombs

    I agree Bro, I will checkout your show where do I find it, I will tonight or over the weekend. I remember the Yale bowl. My mom bought me the Joe Namath jersey in 1968 to get me away from being a fanatical Yankee fan, it worked I am a fanatical Jet fan.

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