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  1. Unfortunately no truth.... Lets wait to we hear from a major credible source to believe this stuff
  2. Look at the good teams they all have plans. The pats are the pats, The Browns turned thing around because they have a plan. Even the Dolphins have a plan, they got Rosen for nothing, they have 12 picks next year and a ton of cap room next year. We have a GM who has no plan, he cant draft or close a deal unless he significantly over pays. Mac could only pick a draft pick in the top three. I hope after rookie free agency they let him go.
  3. I want to like him, but outside of lucking into Darnold has he accomplished
  4. Don't trust Mac.... Here is another pick just like Hackenberg
  5. No one other then Gase has been announced, Any other announcement will be done at the introductory press conference or after the weeks divisional round.
  6. When you need the QB it could be worth tanking. It looks like we finally filled that 50 year hole. That said Haskins value has increased by Herbert announcing he is staying in school, this may force a QB needy team to trade up. I just want to see the Jets take the best available olineman, Jonah Williams is my favorite pick for the Jets
  7. Bell is part of Steeler system.., Any decent running back will be very good in their system He comes to Jets he will be a good RB, but not worth over paying for. I remember Jets got Neil O'donell he was nothing without the Steeler system. I know because of so many bad drafts the Jets will be forced to sign free agents but building a team through free agency does not work. Teams do not generally let talented players go, There is generally some garbage attached to them and teams over pay for them in free agency. We are paying the price for 10 years of bad drafting.

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