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  1. There is still time to pickup a QB who will be cut or was cut already. This could happen tomorrow.
  2. Sounds like camp arm. Jets will pickup someone when one shakes free later this summer.
  3. That is true, I hope you are right. I was surprised when we got Saleh, Ill be surprised if we sign Moses
  4. Not a good feeling, I think if it happened it would have occurred already. I have read somewhere the rumors started out of the Moses camp. I hope we are not being used. .
  5. Just call him Andrew Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. The NFL point value chart values the 2nd pick in draft at 2600 points. The 19th pick in first round is valued at 875 points, Three 19th picks in first round is 2625 points.
  7. Trading Sam could add another chip to offer Houston for Watson
  8. The picks the Rams gave up was in part for salary cap relief. If you add up the value of the picks the Rams gave up is worth half of what the second pick in the draft is worth. I think the Ram/Lions trade has little effect on any proposed Watson trade.
  9. I am not sold on Wilson or Fields. I read this article on Wilson https://walterfootball.com/nflhotpress/article/Some-Teams-Have-Makeup-Concerns-with-Zach-Wilson Fields seemed inconsistent especially against Indiana and Northwestern. The way he plays seems to be more susceptible to injury. Injuries and character are a big issue with a QB and I do not feel good about the choices with the second pick. There are two options I feel is good for the Jets. 1) Trade second pick plus other picks for Watson. 2) Stay with Sam and trade second pick back 3-4 spots and get picks. Th
  10. Jets picks 2 +23= 4,060 points, Dolphins picks 3+18= 3,978 points, according to over the cap. But the #2 pick is worth far more then #3 if you would want to guarantee the QB you want.
  11. As long as Dolphins don't get Watson. I can live with what ever JD decides if it is Sam or QB we draft. My preference is to trade down 3-4 picks and get a haul of picks and then trade down again and get more picks. We can be set up in the draft this year and next year with lots of high picks. There are CB's, OL, edge rushers and WR's to be gotten in picks 16-25.
  12. Still to many holes to fill. We need edge rushers, OL, CB's and many other things. The shelf life of RB's are not long and having to give a RB a 5th year option in 1st round later in their rookie contract is not worth it. There are 3rd and 4th year RB's that will help.
  13. Better to build a very good oline. A very good oline will make a average RB above average. There will be plenty of good RB's in 3-4 round of draft. I hope we don't draft a RB early. I do like Harris a lot but I would pass on him and fill a more pressing need.
  14. I agree there are so many unknown variables. I do think the Jets if they want to get it done will get it because the #2 pick is the best available pick as well as there other picks. As far as free agents I like Zeitler bit older but would be as Bill Parcels Said "hold the fort kind of guy". The offseason has gotten off to a great start. I am for the first time in a long time (since Parcels) confident in our organization and they will continue and make the right decisions this offseaseon.
  15. Love your videos and subscribe to your channel. That said. I think the trade for Watson could be the #2 pick in the draft and 1 of first round picks in 2022. If we were to trade out of the second pick I would expect an additional 1st round pick plus more and that is with a trade down 2-4 picks. So essentially we would be offering the equivalent of 3 first round picks plus. The second pick is the only pick that can guarantee the Texans Fields or Wilson so that sho0uld be a big enticement. I like Thuney and Robinson but I think that's to much to spend on both. There are going to
  16. Yes I would agree with you. If trade out of #2 I would want a 2022 #1 plus. So by us trading the #2 pick plus a 2022 #1 is like trading three first picks. This is parameters of the deal I would go with.
  17. The big thing the Jets have over all other teams other then Jaguars is the #2 pick. This means with the #2 pick the Texans have the choice of Fields or Wilson. The Dolphins can't offer that to Houston. If I am the Jets I offer the #2 pick and the choice of #2022 of 1st round picks. The Texans rid themselves of salary cap and draft the QB plus get to start the QB salary cap at year 1. The Jets will have the franchise QB and 1st this year and next and move Sam for hopefully a second round pick.
  18. Jets are going to a predominant 4-3 defense. I hope he adopts to the new defense.
  19. This is all a smoke screen. I will not believe anything till it happens.
  20. Jets are not getting enough for a team looking for a QB, There is usually a premium paid when a QB is involved. I do like the idea of moving back 4-6 spots, then trading back again. The sweet spot will be drafting between 16-25. We can accumulate lots of picks and fill lots of holes and have a haul of picks going into 2022. The mock did not address defense enough especially CB.
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