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  1. Not as much worse as you would think. I like Davis plus McDougal. Add two number 1's and a third round pick. Adams was a excellent safety but I think we have made up for his loss somewhat but with the additional draft picks I think we could be a better team going forward. Plus paying a safety that kind of money is crazy.
  2. Losing the talent sucks, But we will be better in the long run. All the picks we have into the future will build us for the long run. The salary cap is going down next year so the money we save from Jamal will be huge. Now looking at the Ashton Davis pick shows that Joe Douglas is one step ahead of what is going on. How unusual usually a Jets GM is 3 steps behind.
  3. I did not think the Jets had much leverage especially with training camp and the Jets do not want him splitting the locker room. Great job Joe!
  4. Jamal is a nice player and would be nice to have him, but he wanted out. Him bashing a coach was the last straw. You should never pay a safety the most on your team... I thought we would get a bag of balls for Jamal. Shocked and thrilled how much we got. Plus we get relieved of salary cap the next couple of years, when the NFL salary cap is going down. Joe Douglas had the foresight to draft Ashton Davis. Sounds like we may have a good GM.
  5. My point is that we could have obtained a player at the spot where we drafted him whom fills more of a void. Don't object to the player, I think we took him to early. I just wish the Jets would have drafted an additional receiver or 2 in the draft.
  6. I seen him interviewed after he was picked and he knew Jets would take him because they were only team that requested video.
  7. No problem drafting Morgan, but where we drafted is the problem. We were the only team to request video on this player. We could have gotten him later in the draft or traded back and received more picks. We had many areas to address at that spot.
  8. This is the best post. Ownership has been the Jets problem. It all starts at the top. Look at the best teams in football one common thread... solid ownership.

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