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  1. Brady Quinn Gay?

    Or the Village People. WTF..i guess the paris Hilton look alike at the darft was a front, or his sister. Sunday dinner at the Quinns grabass party may make the his teammates a little nervous.
  2. Jesse Pellot-Rosa

    Virginia, virginia tech, UMD, Clemson, UNC and many others get many recruits from FU. Also it's used for many LOI players who can't qualify to get the grades up. Many D-1 programs may send a Ship player their to get them qualified, and to help them get used to a college type academic curriculum.
  3. Fisher said supposedly they're interested also. Fisher made a comment he's known Key since he "carried my books around at USC as a kid".
  4. Ted Ginn Jr.... impressive

    Whole new story at this level but i think "Jumbo Package" is what the staff had in mind when they brought him in. At VT they use a similar offense as the Colts. OC Stinespring visited them in the offseason about 4 years back and it's been mostly 1 back sets since. So it limited his PT to 3rd and 2 or less, and Goal line. We'll see what happens...most UDFA's must make it on ST. They may like his toughness as he played 2005 with a broken wrist, and last year in GT game he busted his jaw, and knocked 2 teeth out...missed 1 series. We're hoping....
  5. Ted Ginn Jr.... impressive

    Who was to know Warrick would not do what he did in college? Warrick was a playmaker in every way against top college competition as a Seminole play UF, Canes, and ACC schedule. Warrick on film was unreal and looked to be a no brainer. Look at E Wilford from VT ran 4.81 at the combine. He's a starter now with the Jags.I think too much emphasis is placed on Combines, and Pro days..and I wonder who plays with the stats and for who's benefit. My nephew reported today to Jets rookie camp as an UDFA. At his pro day 4 people sitting with my brother had Jesse allen at 4.63-4.68 on his first run, and 4.79-4.85 on his second run. NFL.com reported him at 4.84 & 4.84....what are the chances of that??? Getting back to Ted Ginn Jr..Great kid, great family, blazing speed(deangelo hall type speed) but very undiciplined WR at this time. The Phins reached for him but his ability to break the big play is very appealing like he did to start the NC against UF. I think even as a gamebraking ST punt, & kickoff returner he will be great if he stays healthy. May take a few years before he's a better receiver...Yes..Phins needed Brady at #9 badly.
  6. Official UDFA Signing List

    James played in the shriners HS game in Mass with Jesse. They are both from the same area that usually college recruiters rarely look for players. Jesse was in a D-3 HS program which barely can field enough players for games, and I think James was from Amherst???? or one of the better WMass programs who played a tough schedule. I may be wrong but both players had to walk on originally then recieved scholarships down the line. the good news is that walk ons have great work ethic and this should fare well for both.
  7. Official UDFA Signing List

    UVa Game 2006 & Miami 2006...Last clip re pancakes Baraka Atkins from The Canes. http://hokiesfan37.com/Jesseallenclips.wmv Unc Game in 2004 is really the only game VT used a fullback for maer than 12-15 plays since. Blocking and short yardage mostly and an occasional pass in the flats. http://hokiesfan37.com/jesseallen-2004-UNC.wmv