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  1. greed of $$$$ and Pancakes ruins a man......
  2. Bob all of my info on the past week is that most people don't really care who i am BUT Sean should care... From what I hear these posts might give JetsNation more internet hits and Jetsinsider might lose a few....I know he is swetting about it. It must kill him that I could really stir up the S$#T with one single post. I also heard that TGG caught him using multiple usernames and he was always trying to get people from that site over to his....
  3. Moderator's Lounge????? What the hell is that?????????I do know people are swetting over there..
  4. Sorry I am late... Better late than never.......So what do you want to know?????
  5. I have sooo many things to post I don't know where to start......
  6. How is every one doing today????
  7. Max is awful quiet about this, isn't he??????? If Tom Shane was around he would know who I am and why I am doing this?????
  8. The information is 100% true. I know for a fact.. FACT that Sooth was Krazy eyes Killa and he had other names like Street balla 33. He is just a lonely pancake eating slob.... Lets face the facts his website is really cool, hell he makes a living from it..with alittle help from his title company. If everyone wants to see how cool he is dont renew your VIP status and see what happens.....Sean will not respond to any of my threads because if he does I will let the cat out of the bag about the real juicy stuff.
  9. I am sure by now the powers that be are swetting now....I have more information to let out but I will wait till next Tuesday.. Maybe I will make it a weekly thing every Tuesday let out one of the Pancake boys little secrets ( god knows he has a million) I hope I did not ruin his trip tp Vegas........... Your worst nightmare is a pissed off woman with a brain......................................
  10. Beware of a woman scorned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Bob I remember when you were a Mod... I thought you were great...... Let's just say I can gain access to Mod powers and I checked out things...... Women have a way on getting secret info...I figuired if I post this on this site news will travel quickly to J.I. and then Sooth will have to answer the questions....
  12. I have been a member of alot of Jets message boards including the Jetsinsider for awhile. I have been paying close attention to the crazy JI vs JN antics and thought most of the time it was extremely comical, but now I find some information out that is very puzzling. Mr. Soothsayer is the law at J.I. and he preaches that users should only have one account and should stop spamming his messageboard. He has actually banned many J.N. posters for having multple usernames. Yet he himself has at least 4 other usernames from the same IP address . Username: This is our year Slappy Mc
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