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    The Monday Night Miracle
    great game, made me proud to be a Jets fan
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    No. I live in DC now
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    The Mud Bowl of course, then the loss to the Broncos in AFC championship, finally the Playoff game against the Steelers, when we missed the two field goals.
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    Don't really have one. I only see the games on TV
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    Yes, but I was only three years old

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  1. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    The Jets will make the switch when they are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs....Until that time Bowles will start the best QB on his roster because his job is to win games; and the Best QB on the roster is McCown. That is not his Bowles fault.
  2. Not any more, he lost the DANNON endorsement
  3. Bowles

    I agree with the bolded part..
  4. That is the real truth.. Do you expect the team to pay him all of that money to sit him on the bench? This is like any meal you use the best ingredients you have. The GM gets the ingredients the coach cooks the meal. The Jets QB situation is bad when Josh McCown is the best QB on the roster. So relax starting him does not make us world beaters... The offense should be disgusting this year. However, If the Jets Defense plays up to their potential they could have an impact on the "tank job" as well.
  5. Seeing as Glennon is with the Bears, can we put that to rest already.....
  6. Adopt a team for 2017

    What these folks said^^^^^^^^^
  7. I think we are talking past each other. I do not disagree with your point that it is not a guarantee of success, but you have yet to disprove my point. Against my better judgement I will continue this conversation. I have already acknowledged that Gibbs and Parcells are in the HOF as coaches and did not have a HOF QB. So why you continue to trot these two out as examples beats me... So here is you list below editied to delete the individuals for which there is no dispute George Allen: made SB w/ Billy Kilmer I think I have to give you this point, but I am going to do some research. Tony Dungy: made NFC Championship game w/ Shaun King. This statement ignores the fact that he spent the last six years of his coaching career in Indianapolis where I believe he coached Peyton Manning and actually won a SB. I hope that we can agree that Peyton Manning will be an HOF QB. Bud Grant: made SB w/ Joe Kapp, This statement ignores the fact that he went to the SB three times after that with Fran Tarkenton a HOF QB Tom Landry: made SB w/ Craig Morton, made 3 straight title games w/ Danny White. We both know he coached Roger Staubach HOF QB Marv Levy: made 4 SBs w/ HOFer Kelly(though backup QB led them to 1992 title game) the fact aht a back up led them to the 1992 title game does not diminish my point Don Shula: backup led undefeated season, made SB w/ David Woodley i am sure we also both know that he coached and won the SB with Bob Griese a HOF QB So on your list the only HOF Coach who did not coach with a Hall of fame QB (or one we can agree will be in the hall of fame) is George Allen. Again there seems to be a strong connection between HOF Coaches and QBs..
  8. I believe I said "It is also true that most of your Hall of Fame coaches coached hall of fame QBs." Shula won the SB with Bob Griese a HOF QB so the fact that he went with Woodley is irrelevant. The point of my statement was that there is a definitive connection between HOF QBs and HOF Coaches. Not that it is a gurantee of success. Marv Levy and Jim Kelly are examples of the fact it is not a guarantee of SB success. I know that Parcells and Gibbs made it to HOF without a HOF QB but they are in the minority, a very small minority at that .
  9. It is also true that most of your Hall of Fame coaches coached hall of fame QBs. QB has always been the most important position on the field.
  10. The Jets are a Tom Brady retirement away from winning the division...
  11. If I am not mistaken your statement is not about the Jets..it's about you... Sent from my STV100-2 using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. Sorry I am a little dense this morning, I am not sure what you are saying. I think he is not over drafted at the 6th pick...