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  1. Would you PM me the link as well. Thanks.
  2. And tenders his resignation....
  3. https://www.footballdb.com/stats/penalties.html?yr=2016 First two years of Bowles as HC the Jets were one of the least penalized teams...
  4. Helloooo... You play to win the game!!!
  5. If I remember Abraham's tenure with the Jets correctly he had durability issues also... Until his walk year that is.... This looks like deja vu if it plays out well for the Jets....
  6. I agree totally with your last sentence. I may even boycott if McCown is named the starter. But I think the opposite with respect to the starting position. I think Darnold has to be head and shoulders above Bridgewater to start. At his point I believe statistically speaking Bridgewater is doing better. If they are even after preseason, I would give the edge to experience and give the job to Bridgewater.
  7. I know I am going to be killed for this, but I actually like the Titans uniforms. If they went back to that color combination I would not be upset...
  8. No it will be classic.. It will be the first jersey Darnold wore. Try to get it autographed by him and frame it....
  9. This was the hardest thread I have ever read. It took a kind and tender moment and completely messed it up. Between the insults and then the assumption that Adams act was not genuine. Wow... We need to be better than this...
  10. This....At the end of the day Cousins did not want to play for the Jets.... He did not want the pressure that comes with playing in NY for a franchise whose fans are starving for a SB.
  11. Good for him. He got out relatively healthy.
  12. Beat me to that point..... That is what I thought as well... I wonder what the penalty is for violating the rule...
  13. If TMZ said it I might believe it...https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/tmz-was-first--again-will-their-word-alone-ever-be-good-enough-for-traditional-media/2016/04/22/822613ae-0805-11e6-bdcb-0133da18418d_story.html?utm_term=.f034e4a41e66
  14. The Jets will not have to. I believe that he will be there when the Jets pick.
  15. I would have to disagree with the bold. I am probably in the minority, but I like the Titans unis!!!
  16. The Jets will make the switch when they are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs....Until that time Bowles will start the best QB on his roster because his job is to win games; and the Best QB on the roster is McCown. That is not his Bowles fault.
  17. I agree with the bolded part..
  18. That is the real truth.. Do you expect the team to pay him all of that money to sit him on the bench? This is like any meal you use the best ingredients you have. The GM gets the ingredients the coach cooks the meal. The Jets QB situation is bad when Josh McCown is the best QB on the roster. So relax starting him does not make us world beaters... The offense should be disgusting this year. However, If the Jets Defense plays up to their potential they could have an impact on the "tank job" as well.
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