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    Completely agree - Rex creates a country club atmosphere. Somewhere down the road we will all learn that Idzhik wears woman's panty hose - I guarantee that But - this is Woody - the very small-brained, untalented guy who wears a Jet cap is looks like a little boy that has no f'ing clue what is going on until he sells the club - this is what you get I saw my first Jet game in 1965 - and I absolutely loved today's game - because it exposes exactly what we have here if you are a season ticket holder - stop going - hurt Woody otherwise nothing changes
  2. If you supported Idzik, don't complain

    Folks until Woody sells the team - this is what you get Idzhik is a third rate player - he has nothing to recommend himself except for his relationship to the Seahawks the fact that he is, in some way, trying to impress while sitting on the cap $$$ - is only one part of a bigger problem with him he is - by all accounts - an anal retentive, stubborn guy - who has little to no instinct here is how things work - Woody (a major member of the LUCKY SPERM CLUB) goes to the NFL and says - what should I do - and they line him up with this guy he drafts mediocre, Arena Football wide receivers, he brings in Goodson and Patterson - he is an unmitigated disaster Woody has to sell the team - we need some intelligent people making decisions here
  3. Thanks, guys If you look at all the Jets that have gone on to have significant or at least good careers after getting dumped: Woodhead, Santana Moss, Leon Washington, John Abraham, Weatheford, etc... and then to ditch guys like Thomas Jones and Alan Faneca - there seems to be a penchant to constantly reset - excessive tweaking - you start to get the feeling that Rex Ryan is just the next last big thing - I really think Woody has ADD and the juice for him is the chase (Brett Favre, for example). I remember watching Rex's defense his first year here and saying to myself - holy sh*t - this is like watching Mike Tyson run across the ring and behead his opponents when he was like 17 years old. between not drafting guys who can bring it and constantly resetting - the Jets do not stand for anything The Steelers, Giants, Pats (I so f'ing hate them) Ravens, etc... are after it every year a couple of guys make good points - you just want your team in the mix and then - when the gods smile down on us (David Tyree, etc...) you get yourself an SB or two
  4. Gents I never post I love the site and think it is the go to site for a Jet fan but I had to rise to this bait the only thing Woody has done is inherit big dough he is a member of the lucky sperm club and that does not guarantee intelligence The Mara's and Rooney's are the gold standard Woody is a star struck guy with no analytical skills - he is easily dazzled - and does not have an analytical mind or a football mind we are screwed until Woody sells the team