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  1. How long before he gets tired of dialing up 50 minutes of defensive pressure?
  2. I'm not familiar with the going prices of mediocre quarterbacks, but I thought Payton was looking to recieve around $20MM. For that we could keep Sanchez, bring in Henne, AND get a RT.
  3. Not at all. Payton plays with a totally different offensive mentality; He's going to beat you through the air using his big forehead. The Smashmouth run game doesn't require a $20MM/per quarterback
  4. Nothing about Peyton Manning agrees with the Ground and Pound. We don't need to spend big bucks on someone to hand the ball off.
  5. Upshaw seems to tire out toward the end of games, and lazily jogs around the feild. But he is still a decent prospect with good coverage and football IQ, plus he has experience in the 3-4 playing on the line, and all linebacker positions. If we go the OLB route: Melvin Ingram Courtney Upshaw Vinny Curry Whitney Mercilus would all be excellent choices. All have similar abilities and an equal chance to either boom or bust.
  6. hahaha...nice That's a dig on the entire handicapped community
  7. that play looks familiar... musta got that one from Sanchez' playbook
  8. I had a boner for Montee Ball until he decided to return to school for his senior year. Lamar Miller in the draft is a speedy bruiser. But I would love to get skittles to come play for us. He plays hard as hell.
  9. Is it "Price is Right" rules, Max? (closest without going over) fck it. 3/3/12 at 1:32pm ET My favorite memory of Schot-head is when we called an exclusively pass-oriented game in the rain against the Broncos anemic run defense, despite having the league-leading rushing attack. Same game Peyton Hillis ran for a thousand yards and made a name for himself.
  10. Dalton is also a 24 year old rookie who played four years in college, and has a 6'4 reciever with sticky hands and rocket-boosters.
  11. I'd like to see the Broncos play the Pats again. Brady signed a pact with the devil. Tebow talks to Jesus. The game could have huge implications. read: armageddon.
  12. Kinda nice to watch a game without a scrolling scoreboard from other games. Keeps the ADD in check.
  13. I'd sign up for Haley OR, Sparano.... Getting both sounds like a pipe-dream.
  14. Keep an eye on Reggie Nelson, Bengals' safety with dreds. He's a UFA and was kinda a big deal coming out of college.
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