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  1. How long before he gets tired of dialing up 50 minutes of defensive pressure?
  2. I'm not familiar with the going prices of mediocre quarterbacks, but I thought Payton was looking to recieve around $20MM. For that we could keep Sanchez, bring in Henne, AND get a RT.
  3. Not at all. Payton plays with a totally different offensive mentality; He's going to beat you through the air using his big forehead. The Smashmouth run game doesn't require a $20MM/per quarterback
  4. Nothing about Peyton Manning agrees with the Ground and Pound. We don't need to spend big bucks on someone to hand the ball off.
  5. Upshaw seems to tire out toward the end of games, and lazily jogs around the feild. But he is still a decent prospect with good coverage and football IQ, plus he has experience in the 3-4 playing on the line, and all linebacker positions. If we go the OLB route: Melvin Ingram Courtney Upshaw Vinny Curry Whitney Mercilus would all be excellent choices. All have similar abilities and an equal chance to either boom or bust.
  6. hahaha...nice That's a dig on the entire handicapped community
  7. that play looks familiar... musta got that one from Sanchez' playbook
  8. I had a boner for Montee Ball until he decided to return to school for his senior year. Lamar Miller in the draft is a speedy bruiser. But I would love to get skittles to come play for us. He plays hard as hell.
  9. Is it "Price is Right" rules, Max? (closest without going over) fck it. 3/3/12 at 1:32pm ET My favorite memory of Schot-head is when we called an exclusively pass-oriented game in the rain against the Broncos anemic run defense, despite having the league-leading rushing attack. Same game Peyton Hillis ran for a thousand yards and made a name for himself.
  10. Dalton is also a 24 year old rookie who played four years in college, and has a 6'4 reciever with sticky hands and rocket-boosters.
  11. I'd like to see the Broncos play the Pats again. Brady signed a pact with the devil. Tebow talks to Jesus. The game could have huge implications. read: armageddon.
  12. Kinda nice to watch a game without a scrolling scoreboard from other games. Keeps the ADD in check.
  13. I'd sign up for Haley OR, Sparano.... Getting both sounds like a pipe-dream.
  14. Keep an eye on Reggie Nelson, Bengals' safety with dreds. He's a UFA and was kinda a big deal coming out of college.
  15. First and foremost: we need an offensive identity. I have a hunch we'll be leaning toward the G&P and since the terminator hasn't been terminating sh*t lately, I can see our G&P sprouting from 2-TE sets similar to NE. Keller isn't going anywhere, so his compliment needs to have some size. Preferablly someone who can help out a new RT without getting three false-starts/game. FA #1 TE Kellen Davis, 6'7, 267. He was used primarily as a pass blocker in Martz' system and is expected to test the FA waters. Davis has the size to be an effective red-zone target and since he has been relegated to keeping Cutler upright he is still relatively unknown as a recieving option. This means we can probably lure him here fairly cheaply. FA #2 SS LaRon Landry, 6'0, 220. Placed on IR for a lingering achilles injury (that requires surgery) his time in WAS is hopefully up. It's no secret that Rex tried making some splashy additions to the defense last year (Kelly Gregg and AsomyGod) and I have no reason to believe this year will be any different; though this year hopefully it's more "swing" and less "miss". With lil Jimmy's boo-boo and Eric Smith looking at a $3M salary, the safety position will definitely be addressed, and I can't think of a better lumber-layer than LaRon. FA#3 WR Pierre Garcon, 6'0, 210. We need a blue-collar workhorse, that can stretch the defense, catch the ball, and help the run-game through downfield blocking. Plus, Garcon is kind of a big name and Tanny is going to wanna make up for this years' WR follies with a team-first player that can play. FA#4 QB. ANY QB that can come in and spell Mark during a slump. Considering we will be a run-first team, anybody that can handoff to our RBs, who can spin the ball on occasion w/o turning it over would be okay. I like Matt Flynn, of course, but also Kyle Orton, Jason Campbell, or WildCat Josh Johnson (TB, formally a running Oregon Duck) DraftDay: Keeping in mind that we get Bryan Thomas back (and under gauranteed monies), and have a lot of youth on the DL that will reap the benefits of a whole off-season...And also considering that we have a ton of young big bodies for the OL (Howard Austin 6'7,330; Vlad Ducasse 6'5, 325; Caleb Schlauderaff 6'4, 302; Robert Turner 6'4,304) all who will also benefit from an off-season to get better and healthy...I'm not really as concerned as most about our team's LBers or lines. That being said: Round 1: Vontaze Burfict 6'3, 250; or Courtney Upshaw 6'2, 268 Both are big nasty linebackers with talent, and promising NFL careers. Round 2: Lamar Miller 5'11, 212 A legitimate 3-down Running Back, who can run like the wind (4.3 speed), bowl over defenders, and is an asset in the passing game. Round 3: Best OL available There's alot of talent coming out this year, particularly from Wisconsin Round 4: Kenny Tate 6'4, 220 A hard-hitting SS who bounced around from OLB to Safety, who can cover TE's, sack the QB, and smack people in their heads Round 5: Best OL available Rounds 6-7: developmental WRs, DBs, kickers, cheerleaders.
  16. I can see Edwards going to the Jags. Gerrard has been slipping this year and their back-up QB (who is 0-3) hasn't played since 2005.
  17. This is the first thing I thought of when I first heard Josh McDaniels' presser earlier.
  18. If you go back and watch the first Jets/Colts matchup Collie was getting a free release off the line. I don't think that will be the case this weekend. I expect to see some physical bump coverage... the dude is tiny, and Sheppard is a pro. I say we put Srickland on him, he knows how to be physical.
  19. Okay, It's not just that Clemens entered the starting line-up because Sanchez was out... it's the way we dummied down our offense to accomodate Clemens. Clemens took a lot of sacks in the TB game, more than I recalled off hand, but he didn't throw any interceptions. That was the changing point of our season. I think it was that game that we discovered that "magical formula" in action (i.e., run the ball, play good defense). This is a streaky team: We won 3 in a row. then we lost 3 in a row. ... Then, we beat the snot out of Oakland (38-0). then we lost 3 in a row. ... Then, we won 3 in a row. then we lost a very tight game against Atlanta and have been winning since, 4 games and counting... Keller was due to either break out or have the Sophomore slump--he's done neither, really, until as of late. Now he's picking up his game at just the right time. Greene was a bench guy until Washington's injury, then it looked like he might have a fumbling problem. Now he's picking up his game at just the right time, and seems to have really learned the importance of ball security. I like that all of our loses can be attributed to ONE facet of our team (whether it be the Offense; the Defense; or Specials) but when all THREE come together we are pretty unstoppable.
  20. I'm not debating the issue of re-watching games... I enjoy watching games, then going back and watching different parts of the game. If you can pick up on the line-play, see how the play develops, and see what the defense is doing and how it responds... all on one go-around, then my hat is off to you. It's my understanding that players and coaches watch film, again and again... perhaps you could teach them a thing or two, help spare them some precious time.
  21. Oh see, well I tend to drink heavily during Jets games so my memory gets a little fuzzy... Luckily, I'm now able to go back and enjoy my favorite Jets games and pick-up on the stuff I missed... It's not the full game, just highlights of the integral plays (on offense, defense and special teams) each game takes 12-15 minutes to watch and includes the key press conferences after each game. Look, you have me sounding like a commercial. This thread isn't about selling a product, this thread is about a fan who just watched the entire season and was able to pull out some key points to the direction our team is going.
  22. For six months out of the year, this is my life... and I would contend that those who rewatch games gain a better perspective on what's going on and are better equipped to have football related discussions on a Jets message board. Face it, we're all losers here... you're no different.
  23. So, in 29 days...let me know if you want to watch any Jets games cause I'll still have access to my purchase.
  24. Jason, good job, as always. I'd like to see a comparison of the Ravens and the Jets, and the affect that would have on the Colts having just played both (similar) teams in the last four weeks. I don't think (for a second) that both teams aren't scouring that film looking for similarities and avenues for exploitation; I expect to see some innovative game-calling as a result. For example, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Jets come out, pass-heavy. The Colts made the decision to man-up on their run-defense to stop the Ravens, and it worked. The Raven's run game was shut-down and they had to rely upon Flacco to throw 35 balls (opposed to the 10 he threw for 4 completions against New England, the week previous). I think the forced shift in offensive balance caught the Ravens by surprise and they lost as a result. Reviewing weeks 1-4, we had an agressive passing attack; I wouldn't be surprised to see if Schotty doesn't get a little more liberal freedoms in this game; our 10-15 yard passes were lethal at the beginning of the season. If the Jets come out passing, and force the Colts to relax their run defense we will be better off as a result....Especially as the game wears on; we make their guys run, and they will be less prepared to stop our bruising running attack in the second half. Sanchez is accustommed to throwing 20-some balls a game, and having to air-it-out won't be as much of an issue (as Flacco's jump from 10 to 35), so starting out with passing confidence might be the way to win this game. If we are going to play this game using the "color system" I think we need to go "green" from the get-go. We need to win the turnover ratio, and we need to have solid specials. #1 Defense #1 Pass Defense #1 Rushing vs. #18 Defense #2 Passing Attack #32 Rushing
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