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  1. I didn't realize this game was going to be on, but I walk into the local bar and see the Jets playing the Dolphins down 30-7.........."yes, the Monday Night Miracle." For the next hour or so, I did not leave from in front of that television screen. 1) It was fun recalling some of the ex-Jets. Specificly Dedric Ward, Victor Green, Richie Anderson. 2) I was impressed, at how mobile Vinny use to be. I guess after watching him finish up his career I had forgotten how elusive he actually use to be. 3) Curtis Martin is God.
  2. Although I don't completely buy this newly posted account, I will say Miller is ****ed and could be done with the Jets, especially if Reeves blows up on returns.
  3. take it easy justin.... Fair winds and following seas
  4. Buffalo is by far the ****tiest city I have ever been to. It's a dieing city, that should consider emploding all of its ugly buildings.
  5. I am excited about Harris. Our linebackers should be extremely quick this year, and hard hitting.

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