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  1. True. Wasn't necessarily blaming Idzik for signing him. More pointing out that the guys he brings in need to produce
  2. Every player says this when its time to renegotiate. It would be just plain dumb to say anything else.
  3. He was arrested, suspended, and then hurt. The "red flags" on him last offseason were durability and off-the-field conduct. Not saying he can't be a good player, but no matter how its twisted, Mike Goodson was at best not productive last season, and at worst counter-productive.
  4. So, essentially, your name is stoicsentry, and t0mshane is the poster you compare yourself too. Got it.
  5. Exactly. How those late round and UDFA projects develop over the next year or two will be a key in the overall success of Idzik's plan. If they can become viable role players and spot-starters by the end of their contracts, that gives Idzik a lot of flexibility when it comes to FA and resigning guys…
  6. I agree. There were a ton of Pats examples I was thinking of as well, but decided not to mention any, because F them.
  7. Very interesting offseason thus far. Obviously need to see what happens on the weekend of May 5th before we can start to come to any real conclusions, but the approach Idzik is using (although not going to win over desperate fans/media right away), is one meant to sustain a longer period of success than we have seen from the Tannenbaum era. THE PLAN NEVER OVERPAY While "money ball" isn't the same in football as in baseball, I like that Idzik seems to have an estimated value of what each player is worth before he heads into any negotiations. Instead of spending more money for players than he believes they are worth just because we have some extra right now, he has let guys walk or sign elsewhere, always looking to get good value. DRAFT FOR DEPTH To supplement this strategy with Free Agents, Idzik has stockpiled draft picks. Whether or not Idzik succeeds on building a championship caliber roster with the Jets, the draft, and how the picks develop over a few year span, is absolutely critical. Idzik is going to use the 12 picks this year primarily to continue building depth on the roster. If we can draft a lot of good "project" depth players in rounds 4-7, it makes it a lot easier for him to never overpay a free agent or a player on an expiring deal. LET THE PLAYERS DEVELOP As mentioned in his draft strategy, the other part of his plan, which has been absent for years, seems to be that he wants to let the guys currently on the roster develop and earn bigger roles on the team. Instead of overpaying for a big name safety or OL, he seems content on letting guys like Brian Winters and Antonio Allen get more reps with the starters and more attention from the coaches to see if they can grow into a starting role. THE EXECUTION FRANCHISE QB It is near impossible to build a championship caliber roster using this plan if you do not have fixtures at some key positions. Right now, QB, arguably the most key position, is a big question mark. For Idzik to succeed, Geno either needs to develop into a franchise QB, or Idzik needs to do some searching for someone that will. GETTING VALUE IN FA Never overpaying is a great concept, but the guys he does bring in need to be able to produce. David Nelson was a shining example last season. Mike Goodson? Not so much. Whether or not guys like Giacomini, Decker, and Vick can be productive will certainly have a large impact on our season. HAVING BACKUPS IN HOUSE If we can hit on our late round draft picks, and our coaches do a good job developing these picks, Idzik should never have to overpay a non-essential player when his contract expires. Look how the Steelers were able to let Alan Faneca walk without missing a step. This will save money to pay guys like Wilkerson, Richardson, Mangold, and DBrick when its time to renegotiate their contracts.
  8. What player, or two, that we missed on in FA would have really helped us that much this year? It's not like James Jones, DRC/Davis, and Pettigrew would have suddenly made us a perennial contender. We have seen past regimes sign so many aging players to bad contracts just because then get stuck in cap hell in 2 years because of it. I think its at least somewhat refreshing that we have someone in charge with the balls to stick to his plan and not enter desperation panic mode after less than 1 week of FA because plan A & B didn't work.
  9. I was waiting for someone to start the "Idzik was forced to keep Rex again this year, and now is tanking the offseason so he can fire him next year" conspiracy theory. Although I must say I didn't expect it from a beat writer, citing a "source"...
  10. I think its best not to judge on March 12th. How many times have the Jets had the best offseason in the AFCE? How many championships has it resulted in? Idzik is not going to build this team by dishing out large contracts to big name FA's at the tail end of their primes. Look at Seattle's defense. Speed and youth. No need to panic. Lets at least let the plan play out…
  11. 5. I am ready to be a Mod here at JN When: November 2007 Started: DefenseWinsChampionships Length: 15 Yes, 5. This thread requires the carving of another face.
  12. Exactly. In this FA period, we will see the Jets use the quantity over quality approach. It is well documented that with all of the trading of draft picks our previous GM did, we ended up with a roster that lacked a lot in depth. The money available this offseason will be used to fill some of those voids that have been missing over the last few seasons, and allow us to go BAP with our draft this spring.
  13. Curtis Martin was a pro bowler Paul Tagilabue was the NFL Commish George W Bush was just sworn in for his 2nd term Sean Alexander lead the league in rushing
  14. Tanny did that to move up to 5 and draft Sanchez.... Just sayin'
  15. LOL, and people who think PSL/Ticket/Concession Prices are bad now would be charged at least twice as much if that stadium were ever built. When you talk about an 80,000 seat stadium in the tri-state metropolitan area, traffic and transportation are going to be issues, no matter what.
  16. Losing 2 pro bowlers on that side of the ball during the game has gotta hurt... Not to mention losing Jamaal Charles AND his backup on offense as well. Does definitely make protecting a lead harder. But, since we are on the subject of the Rex/Jets system, that type of collapse the Chiefs pulled last night was one that I thought only the Jets would ever be capable of.
  17. They've had 2 recently. Mangini and Crennel not long before him...
  18. Wouldn't be shocked if true. Idzik probably wants Rex to find a DC he trusts to handle the playcalling and every day responsibilities of leading the defensive unit so Rex can pay more attention to the rest of the team and the Head Coaching responsibilities during games.
  19. There are plenty of assistant coaches and retread HC's that will take any HC job offered to them. The Browns hired Chud on the thought that he'd be able to develop an offense there. They were one of the worst offensive teams in the league, so he was fired. It's the life of a coach in the NFL, NBA, and NCAA - you never know where you will be next year, no matter what you have done in the past. No such thing as job security, especially in the coaching world...Hell, there were plenty of people speculating Coughlin would be give the Axe when the Giants were 0-6 and the guy won 2 SB's the last 6 years or so.
  20. If only the Jets could get a real GM maybe one day we'd get a draft right!
  21. I agree continuity is key. I disagree about competition. Geno should have to earn it in year 2 as well, and we should have a reliable back up in place should he have another meltdown like he did in games 10-14 this year. Not sure if that means bringing Sanchez back as that competition/back up or another veteran, but I think that presence will help Geno in that it will push him to get better in TC, and will keep him grounded during the season.
  22. I think it is WAAAAY to early to be predicting anything next year... It would be hard enough to predict what our roster will look like 5 months from now. That being said, 8-8 this year, with a lot of injuries, and not a ton of talent to begin with, is pretty good and I feel a step in the right direction. Hopefully the young guys that contributed on this team (D Nelson, Allen, Davis, Powell, Winters, Cumberland) will all get full off-seasons with the franchise and an opportunity again next year to build on their growth and hopefully become part of our new core... Also key how we draft this year and what we do in FA.
  23. I am not a big Geno fan...But I think to write him off after 1 year, especially considering it was his true rookie year, could be a bad decision. He has grown a ton this year - remember back in TC they were worried about him learning the footwork under center? With a full offseason ahead without having to worry about a coaching/system change, I think we should give him the opportunity to make strides... That being said, we should absolutely also look to bring in a reliable veteran or draft another QB in rds 3 or 4 to compete with him for the job and be a solid backup should he blow up again...
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