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  1. Has he gotten lucky a few games? Yes. Who hasn't? The point is, even in bad situations, he has always had the team in a position to get lucky. His first two years it worked out, and, as you said, he took advantage of it. Last year the ball bounced the opposite way a few too many times and we found ourselves at 8-8 and out of the postseason. As for this year, who really can tell? When we were healthy (Week 1) we steamrolled a decent team in the Bills. We play in Pitt without Revis and Keller, and get beat bad... We go to Miami, without Keller...Lose Hill for the game, lose Rev
  2. I like Rex. I really think he is a great football coach, and will win at least one Super Bowl, if not with the Jets, then with someone else... Players love playing for him, he knows his x's and o's, and has shown that he is willing to adjust when things aren't working. Rex's biggest flaw IMO is that he is too loyal. He doesn't talk his players up and all that just to get more guys to like him, he does it because he really puts his full confidence in all of his players and trusts them to go on the field and prove him right. Its also why he kept Schotty on as his OC for probably 2 years t
  3. I would totally say "jinx" if not for the fact that I said it like 10 minutes before you.
  4. Yeah but if the engine is serviceable and the battery is shot...Car still doesn't turn on. Other parts are needed in order for the operation to run smoothly, or even run at all. For starters, as I previously mentioned, being without your top 3 receivers hurts both the QB and the OL, thus also destroying the running game. All three of those unable to provide a spark, the defense, also without it's best player, is left on too long, acquires too many miles, and runs out of gas and needs replacement parts.
  5. Just saying. We got our asses kicked on Sunday. We're playing an undefeated team in primetime. The whole world is calling us dead, including all of us fans. Not only is this a game we will win, but we will do so convincingly. Like 35-7 convincingly, with at least 3 td's for Mark. This is the Jets we're talking about, guys. If there's one thing Ive learned to expect with this team, its the opposite of what Im supposed to expect.
  6. To be completely fair guys, the Jets on offense are without their top 3 receiving threats. Kinda hard to prevent defenses from stacking 8+ in the box and blitzing 6+ every down when you're lining up Kerley, Schillens, and Cumberland as your primary receivers. Unless your QB is Tom Brady in his prime-esque good, your not going to be able to get the defense on its heels too much.
  7. I seriously doubt any other GM takes the job without having the freedom to hire his own CS. Tanny gone means bye bye Rex unfortunately. That is the main reason why I think Tanny survives, because you don't want to lose Rex.
  8. Mike DeVito Sione Pouha Kenrick Ellis Aaron Maybin Jeremy Kerley Garret Mcyntiyre (sp?) Bilal Powell (?) Austin Howard Matt Slauson Thats just in the Rex Ryan era alone. Going back another few years I can probably rattle off another 10-12 names or so.
  9. This needs to be discussed. Rex came in as an over-confident, in your face coach that guaranteed wins, called out rivals, and promised a "VIOLENT" defense and a physical offense. He blitzed 6 or more players on 60% of snaps in his inaugural 2009 season, leading the team to be #1 overall in pass d, run d, and points against. He didn't blitz quite as much in 2010, but the D was still in your face, they'd stack the box, they'd move guys around, and they'd confuse the sh*t out of offenses. Especially in 2nd and 3rd and longs. The last two years? We see 3 or 4 guys at the line,
  10. I was wrong about Sparano. This offense looks worse in every single aspect than it did a year ago. QB, Running game, everything.
  11. I wouldn't say they were soft. Tired, yes.
  12. Because Tim Tebow is literally incapable of throwing? The guy went like 4 or 5 games last year completing under 10 passes.
  13. A lot of those yards are on the offense. If they capitalize on any of the chances the D gave them and at least put up a FG or two in the first half, SF doesn't have the luxury of a 10 pt. lead or the large differential in time of possession which wore out the D.
  14. No. He really doesn't. He does have his issues though...The first four games of the season they have allowed 20+ points in every game. And teams are killing him against the run.
  15. The D wasn't horrible considering the offense put them in tough situations over and over again... It just got to the point where there was no way they could possibly stay fresh being on the field that long
  16. Oline Sucked. Sanchez sucked. Receivers sucked. Holmes looked like he tore his ACL. Good day.
  17. Damn Damn Damn, Stupid work event and stuff, didn't get home til 2 and my blackberry (as usual) was on the fritz. I came home and saw the thread had been created.
  18. Just so everyone is clear. I really really really really hate Belichickin. Watching him lose and either A) pout off the field without even acknowledging his opponent or B ) Throw a hissy fit and shove a ref just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Especially after watching the Jets win on that same day. Im going to sleep soundly tonight.
  19. Replace Shonn Greene with Tim Tebow. Problems solved.
  20. We will find out soon enough... I will say this though, if someone wants to start it instead, they will have to be extra precise and on their game to snatch it from me. None of this forgetting crap that I did last week anymore.
  21. This team is mine from here on out. I didn't sit myself out for 3 or 4 years for nothing. I've learned and grown from my past mistakes, and I now know that I must first make others trust me before I can help them trust themselves.
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