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  1. The thing that scares me most about when a player like Revis gets this type of ligament injury is that a lot of times, they are never the same afterwards... Whether its because they can't come in and out of cuts and breaks easily, or because they naturally favor or protect the injured knee...Or a combination of both. I just hope this is something he can fully recover from.

    Oh, and just a question, this is not the same leg as his hammy injury a couple years ago, is it?

  2. Holmes put the team on his back when his QB was sh*tting the bed, the running game wasn't doing squat, and receivers and tight ends around him were dropping like flies.

    Sanchez, despite a sh*t first 3 1/2 quarters, came through when we needed him to and got us a 4th qtr lead. And eventually lead the team down the field for the game winning fg.

    Powell played pretty well.

    The OL held its own in pass protection

    And finally, this is almost an ideal situation for a coach. You get to harp on the mistakes made in film sessions and on the practice field all week without worrying about "kicking the guys when they're down." When you win a tight, ugly game, its a lot easier to get everyones attention and focus than when you win or lose going away, or when you lose a game you should have won.

  3. Didn't B Thomas give a teary eyed speech to the locker room before the opener this year that got the team fired up? Anyone else hear this?

    Anyway pretty surprised to see him cut altho it was a pretty much guarantee after this season

    He'll probably be resigned in a week or two, as his contract is guaranteed this season anyway.

  4. i looked through 30+ years of draft picks and I couldn't find a QB who went 5 who was better than Kerry Collins or Jim McMahon. I couldn't really find any elite QB's in the top 10, outside of 1 overall. Phillip Rivers at 4?

    If the Jets and the fans expected Sanchez to be elite, we all expected wrong.

    Sorry, you are not going to convince me that the Jets traded up to that pick, then proceeded to sign and trade for others to complement that pick, over what they believed to be a Kerry Collins or McMahon part 2.

  5. What was flawed gangreenman was the bandaids. If you bring in a young QB then you bring in young talent for him to grow with. Unless you have an established offense already in place which we did not.

    Yes we had a running game and a great defense but that was not fully realized until that year and the first 4 games of that year we had no one at WR which led us to make a desparate trade with the Browns to aquire Braylon.

    When year 2 came the Jets should have drafted some skill players and they did not, instead we used a 5th rounder to get Holmes which was fine since we made another run. The Killer was year 3 when we knew we had obvious holes on the O-Line and decided to Dump Braylon and keep Holmes to the tune of 50 Mil. Bad move. The Jets also did nothing at all to fill the holes on the offensive line our back ups were a total disaster in the preseason yet the Jets did nothing. Then to replace Braylon, who was pretty clutch for us in the playoffs, we signed a moron fresh out of jail Plaxico and another loudmouth in Mason from the Ravens (who was cut after week 4 fresh after a prediction of 90 catches by idiot Rex). Some players said the locker room deteriorated from game 3 (Idiot Rex calimed no Knowledge of this out in the open to the media). Our running game went from one of the top in the NFL to one of the worst, our WR"s were slow and could not get separation, and our defense was not what it once was and was slowing down.

    the 2 big mistakes this team made was the lack of signing YOUNG players for Sanchez to grow with within the first 2 years and the lack of filling holes on the O - line and at RB in year 3 under Rex Ryan.

    Prior to year 2 we spent a 2nd round pick on Vlad Ducasse. We also had Hunter and Turner, both of whom had stepped in and been reliable in limited roles as backups, and a former 6th round pick, Slauson, was getting set to take over the LG position. Also, Holmes is young, and while I won't deny we overpaid for him, I don't think the decision to trade for him or keep him, in and of themselves, ware bad moves. While we did sign Plax and Mason, neither of whom worked out the way we wanted, we also drafted Kerley, who beat out Mason for the spot, and looks to have a lot of promise so far in his young career. Might be the slot guy we've been missing since Chrebet.

    Missing on Ducasse obviously hurt, and Hunter never was able to handle the pressure of being the full time starter. Remember we also lost Turner for the season in preseason last year, then Mangold got hurt. Those are tough circumstances that are impossible for a GM to anticipate.

  6. this assumes that Sanchez had elite potential and that someone else would have gotten it out of him. Big assumption.

    the guys that go later in the top 10, they end up more like Kerry Collins or Trent Dilfer (in a good outcome) than they do guys like Eli or Peyton. There is a giant difference between going 1 and going 5. The salary difference alone is huge.

    Jets fans have misunderstood that since the days of Drob and Gholston. 5 picks are not 1 picks. that doesn't justify failure (it's still a high pick) but expectations are all wacked out. Sanchez is not Eli and unless it is revealed that his dad is the quarterback MVP of the firemen's football league, i don't think he ever will be.

    I disagree with this as well. I don't think the Jets make that move to get anything less than an elite QB. Does drafting a guy at 5 guarantee he will eventually get there? Of course not, but the Jets weren't looking for a Collins or McMahon with the pick. Hence, if that is, indeed, Sanchez's ceiling, than the pick and everything they did because of that pick was a failure and waste of time.

  7. No doubt, but usually they do not just fall into your lap as elite. Some do, but that is by far the exception not the norm.

    Look at Eli, Brees, even Rogers, they are among the best in the league and none of them were considered great in their first few years in the league.

    Brees was so bad his first few years they drafted Rivers.

    The point is you need to develop an elite QB, they don't fall into your lap unless you step in sh*t, and you cannot depend on stepping in sh*t to get an elite QB.

    I still will argue the Jets did a sh*t job in developing Sanchez. If you compare how the Giants did it with Eli, it's like a night and day difference

    This is a flawed argument on a few levels.

    First of all, Sanchez came into the league as a starter for a team that had the best defense and OL in the league. They also had Thomas Jones, a consistent 1000+ rusher. For a young, inexperienced QB, you can't ask for a better situation to learn on the fly and grow. To add on, the Jets traded away draft picks and players to ensure that their young QB would have targets (Holmes, Braylon) to throw to and help him out in his development. They also signed LT so Sanchez would have a strong veteran presence behind him after Jones left, and someone that could catch out of the backfield. Did they plan on keeping all of these guys long term? Of course not. They were band-aids put in place to help Sanchez along in his development. The theory being that once he started to become the elite QB they drafted him to be (year 3 or 4), they'd be able to afford losing some of those guys as Sanchez could make up for the difference,

    Secondly, you are assuming that in a different situation, Sanchez would have maximized his potential more. Maybe if he sat for a year or two, it would have been better for him...But I don't think so. Fact is, the one thing nobody can take away from Sanchez, is that when the weight of the world was on his shoulders, and the whole nation was watching and doubting his every move when it mattered most, that is when Sanchez has played his best. I don't think the pressure of starting right away is what has hurt Sanchez. I just think he is inconsistent and overly hard on himself. Maybe that can change as he continues to mature, or maybe thats just who he is. Who knows...

  8. I think its definitely scheme related. Look at his D's with the Ravens.... He had a bunch of UDFA's rotating in and out on the line, with one or two solid players. The pressure came from Lewis, Suggs, and the scheme blitzes.

  9. :tongue:

    That D is scary good, though, too. Once they get a 7-10 point lead, they feel comfortable having their offense just eat clock and letting the D protect the lead.

    Remind me a lot of us in 09/10... Except they're doing it with a QB in his, what, 6th year, while we were doing it with a rookie.

  10. I am not sure I did answer my question.

    Explain this to me, with everything you just mentioned about why running is struggling, how can any Jet fan approve of Rex wanting to be a ground and pound team?

    Even if it can be justified, how can they not go out and get some mean nasty road grader olinemen

    He can say it all he wants. If you look at the numbers, the Jets have become less and less ground and pound and more and more balanced in every year since Rex got here. And that includes the first two games of this year, by the way.

    And Rex Ryan is the best coach the Jets have ever had in the past 40 years or so not named Bill Parcells, and everyone knew Parcells was just a band-aid guy who would give us a short window for possible success before he retired or left for elsewhere.

  11. This really is all a complete fan-created myth joke.

    When are people going to learn that having an elite QB is the only thing that separates the "great, well run, in sync, organizations" from everyone else?

    You know what organization people respected as this great, well run type of organization that developed picks and had a consistently good OL the past 7 or 8 years or so? The Colts. They lose their milky-way talent QB for the season...They finish 1-15, are the joke of the NFL, and sh*tcan their entire CS and FO and start fresh.

    Who were the Giants when it was Kerry Collins, instead of Eli Manning? sh*t. Who were the Giants in Manning's first three years in the league, competing for playing time with Kurt Warner?

    Before Mo Lew knocked out Bledsoe and the 6th round pick that was Tom Brady magically fell into his lap, Who was Bill Belichick, other than a glorified DC who's ego ruined Bernie Kozar and the Browns in Cleveland, and lead the Pats to a fantastic 6-10 record his first year, and a 1-3 start in year 2?

    There's a reason why they call them Elite QBs. They do make a pretty noticeable difference, you know.

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  12. I have no problem agreeing to disagree, we are all in it for the same cause.

    I think the Jets are needing to use a lot of extra blockers to keep Sanchez on his feet, and that hurts the passing game.

    They also cannot run block for sh*t.

    I am mostly of the opinion that in today's NFL, the line is much more important than the back.

    Look at Johnson in Tn, he did not all the sudden become a sh*t back, his line cannot block.

    Same with Greene, I blame the line way more than him.

    We will see, I hope you are right, if Sanchez has a good year, and the defense is top 5, the Jets will be in the playoffs, that is what we all want.

    I think you just answered one of your own questions actually...Its not like the Jets are the only team that suddenly can't run block - seems to be a league wide trend as of late. Blame the rule changes (training camp practices, padded practices, DL/LB not being allowed to touch QBs, DB's not being allowed to play physical with receivers...) or more versatile players along DLs and LBs (never before have their been so many close to 300lb players at those positions that can run, tackle, and create matchup problems for an OL) or a combination of the two.

    You find me a team that can consistently ground and pound for 100+ ypg, and Ill show you a team that will struggle to get to .500

  13. we can hyper analyze the D but at some point it should be noted that 10 points isn't enough to win in the NFL in 2012. especially on the road on a sunny day. there are D's far far worse than the Jets out there, but their O's bail em out.

    It is worth noting though that the Jets D this year has given up 28 and 27 points in each of its first two games.

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