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  1. LOL at the fact that you came to JN after a Jets loss looking for football knowledge.
  2. And by out I don't even mean cutting him, we should exile him from the f'ing country. The execution and performance was absolutely pitiful today. An embarrassment to Jets fans everywhere, and the fact that he is allowed anywhere near the Jets to the point where it is affecting them so negatively is really a reflection on the ineptitude of our decision makers. This is the beginning of a petition to have T0mShane exiled back to the Dominican Republic. All in favor, say "aye" Thanks
  3. Miami is also smacking Oakland right now...And the Pats are losing to the Cards. What gives?
  4. A good place to start is how easy it is to know when it is actually game day, despite what the JN clocks say. I really don't even know where to begin in explaining how easily I started that thread on game day, yet you locked it because your clock was slow.
  5. "I could be the 2nd best cornerback on this team" - Joe McKnight (Never)
  6. Saturday night got the best of me this week. However, if it weren't for my leadership, the clocks on this board still wouldn't accurately portray the start of a game day. Im glad to have restored order. But a true leader must be able and willing to trust those around him to lead and perform as well. I fully expect 2-0. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!!!!
  7. Absolutely. The fact that someone got hurt playing football totally calls for heads to roll. In other breaking news, my sh*t stank this morning. Its about time I stop eating.
  8. Ha. We've more then held our own against them in the reg. season. Its the playoffs that they have gotten us.
  9. That '04 game was only topped by the '10 AFCC Game. I honestly can't remember the last time the Jets and Steelers played and it wasn't decided on the last drive.
  10. Jets-Steelers games are almost always fun to watch. If you like watching physical teams that play good defense and like to run the football, that is.
  11. It's kinda one in the same though. Other then the score disparity (which was awesome), the best part about today is that we excelled in areas that the media and fans have been so critical of before we even took a regular season snap. QB play, OL play, receiver play. And we put up 48 points. Quadruple whammy.
  12. Some guy in a Nintendo video game from the 90s maybe?
  13. This would totally be a very valid point if there weren't about a million threads like this on the site before we even stepped on the field today.
  14. Yeah, and maybe that would have given Mario at least a chance to get a tackle or something like that. Having Austin Howard step up and dominate him every single play just isn't fair.
  15. And Jeremy Kerley. And Dustin Keller. And lock up Holmes long term.
  16. True. But lets not pretend like we haven't seen the "real" refs **** up calls and games on plenty of occasions as well.
  17. This is what happens when all the haters have nothing to complain about. You get a less active board.
  18. The fact that the people who say the above didn't factor what you just said into their analysis is troubling, to say the least.
  19. Mark Sanchez Austin Howard Stephen Hill The entire starting secondary Also a lot of credit to Tony S. Haven't seen an offense that wide open and efficient for 60 minutes in ... Well, since Parcells was coach.
  20. Sanchez is garbage Tebow was just for selling seats Rex has no control Sparano is too conservative Their receivers suck Tannenbaum counts beans Did I miss anything? 48 points. Eat it, World.
  21. Well, Im just glad that I got my fair chance to restore order to this team. The one thing I noticed about last year was that the game threads were inconsistent and undisciplined. Some were even started as late as 9am. That is just unacceptable on so many levels. It even got to the point where the board's time was off by almost five minutes, and nobody would have caught it. After all the work I did over the past few years since my last game thread start, I am glad to be back at the controls and leading the Jets to victory!
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