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  1. So, lets talk about what the Jets need to do today to get to 1-0... 1) Stop Jackson/Spiller. Make sure we key in on the run defense early and force Fitzy into 3rd and longs where we can unleash our Rex blitzes. Also be ready for screens, pitches, and draw plays to Spiller. In other words, put the game in Fitzpatricks hands. 2) Quick hitters and intermediate passing game. I think it is imperative that we start this game out letting Sanchez come out either in a shotgun or taking a 3 step drop and let him make some 8-12 yard throws on 1st down. The Bills best defenders are
  2. Just over 2 hours til kickoff and I can feel my blood starting to boil. LETS GO JETS!!!!!!!!!
  3. No. I believe the line for the game is Jets -3 (meaning Jets are 3pt favorites).
  4. I accepted that pressure by taking responsibility to start this thread exactly on time (the second it became game day). I'm ready to lead this team back to its winning ways!! GO JETS
  5. Correct. Glad that the issue has been cleared, and all sides are in agreement. NOW LETS DO THIS JETS!!!!!!
  6. Screw the first screenshot, lol... This one is all thats needed to prove my point.... Check out the difference in time...
  7. FWIW, take a look at these screenshots. I have no problem with Max's decision to stick with the JN clock, but just would like to prove that JN's clocks are, indeed, slow...Meaning this is all on him really. Since technically, my thread was started on game day.
  8. I was referring more to the Franchise Mode than the gameplay itself. In the gameplay itself, playing good defense against a human that has mastered the whole touch thing on passes is just about impossible.
  9. Wowza. Max locking the thread because his JN clocks are 5 minutes slow (the thread was started on game day) is some risky sh*t. Well, pressure's off me I guess. (Unless we win of course, then I have to get some credit for bringing BP out of retirement, right?) Good luck Max/BP!! GO JETS!!!!!!!
  10. Its a shame Im not allowed to rep you more then once for a post...
  11. Nonsense. The game is decided by the OP of the game day thread. This is common knowledge. That is what I am here for... To carry the Jets to victory!! NY JETS 2012 BABY!!!
  12. The Crusher hasn't posted (or even been online) since I posted this thread. Having said that... I am fully aware of the responsibility I have taken in creating this thread. And I embrace it. Big season for the Jets ahead. F the Haters!! GOOO JETS!!!!!!!
  13. After the mess that was last season, this team needed someone to take control. LETS GO JETS!!!!!!!! Edit: Both of my clocks, upon this edit, say 12:07am. Seems the JN clocks and mine aren't synchronized...
  14. ....And FTR, I waited until 12am to post this. It was started a few minutes early, but the post, according to both my computer and my cellphone clock, was right at 12am. So not to worry, it was game day. GO JETS!!!
  15. Let the 2012 NFL Football season BEGIN!!! The Jets will play their season opener at MetLife stadium today against the Buffalo Bills. After a much scrutinized offseason, it will be nice to see what the team does for real on the field. Here's to starting the season off 1-0!! Jets vs. Bills 1pm CBS J! E! T! S! JETS! JETS! JETS!!!
  16. So finally got around to working on my Franchise for a few hours today... I want to re-emphasize that this years game is almost too realistic to the point where it gets more annoying then fun. You can trade for or trade away future draft picks (for the upcoming draft, and the next year's). Teams will NOT trade away anyone 24 or younger that is 80 or better without forcing you to give up a king's ransom. You have to continuously scout prospects throughout the season in order to unlock their grades... (Scouting actually means something - and something you have to do on a week-to-week basis
  17. Its a Syracuse home game at MetLife. Don't know how anyone would get that confused.
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