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  1. So, lets talk about what the Jets need to do today to get to 1-0...

    1) Stop Jackson/Spiller. Make sure we key in on the run defense early and force Fitzy into 3rd and longs where we can unleash our Rex blitzes. Also be ready for screens, pitches, and draw plays to Spiller. In other words, put the game in Fitzpatricks hands.

    2) Quick hitters and intermediate passing game. I think it is imperative that we start this game out letting Sanchez come out either in a shotgun or taking a 3 step drop and let him make some 8-12 yard throws on 1st down. The Bills best defenders are their pass rushers. We need to keep them guessing, and thats a lot easier to do looking at 2nd/3rd and short then 2nd/3rd and long. I also think our RB's are better suited to run on short yardage situations when its not an obvious running down/distance.

    3) Protect the ball. We need to be smart and disciplined offensively. Don't force anything, punting, incompletions, and sacks aren't the end of the world. Make the smart decision and play field possession.


  2. This game is extremely unrealistic. Someone just put up almost 70 points on my Jets defense. Revis got burned deep every down by Randy Moss. This game is a joke.

    I was referring more to the Franchise Mode than the gameplay itself. In the gameplay itself, playing good defense against a human that has mastered the whole touch thing on passes is just about impossible.

  3. We aren't having a losing season.. no matter who starts what thread...

    I am skewering small replicas of all the Bills starters and grilling them tomorrow starting at 12:55 p.m. EST.

    *THAT* is why we aren't having a losing season.

    Nonsense. The game is decided by the OP of the game day thread. This is common knowledge. That is what I am here for... To carry the Jets to victory!!

    NY JETS 2012 BABY!!!

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  4. So finally got around to working on my Franchise for a few hours today... I want to re-emphasize that this years game is almost too realistic to the point where it gets more annoying then fun. You can trade for or trade away future draft picks (for the upcoming draft, and the next year's). Teams will NOT trade away anyone 24 or younger that is 80 or better without forcing you to give up a king's ransom. You have to continuously scout prospects throughout the season in order to unlock their grades... (Scouting actually means something - and something you have to do on a week-to-week basis throughout the season). In order for players to progress, they have to gain experience points, which can only be done if they are on the field consistently enough. This makes it difficult to develop young guys and make backups better. Also, you have to choose where to use those experience points earned by each player (improve toughness, carrying, route-running, blocking, etc)...

    If you're looking for a realistic franchise mode that you are willing to spend hours playing, then this is THE game for you. If you just want to play the games and skip the other administrative BS... Stick with superstar mode, or playing online games.

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