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  1. FWIW, the franchise risked a lot on Sanchez. Not only did we sacrifice draft picks and scrubs to trade up for him, but we also sacrificed picks and money to surround him with talent in his first few years. Obviously, if you draft a QB at #5, you have to give him time to develop as well. I think we all knew that the move was the gutsiest and riskiest the Jets FO has made in recent memory. It would either catapult us to the next level, or set us back 10 years.

    Which has it been? Who knows. For all the turnovers he had last season, he also scored the most TD's of any other QB in the history of the franchise (32). If he can keep that number around 25ish this season, and cut his turnovers in half under a new OC and such, this team will win a lot of games.

    No, I don't think the Jets under Rex Ryan will ever get a chance at a legit franchise QB not named Sanchez. In a city like NY, with a maverick owner that is obsessed with ticket sales and public image, no way Rex lasts long enough for the Jets to draft a new QB and wait for him to develop into the future of the franchise.

  2. I'm waiting for a matured top pick, someone like David Carr, to find their way onto our roster, come into form and lead us to the promised land. Sort of like Vinny T. Some guys just don't "get it" until they are like 28-30 years old.

    Some never do. Others get it from day one. No formula for it really, but I do think that is where the Jets next respectable QB will come from. Journeyman turns reliable captain type of story.

    Drew Brees is another good example there.

  3. That's a fair point and I completely understand that one. My original point was that parental settings make all of this manageable. You can set these accounts as restricted and lock them up from several angles. I think a 12-year-old is developed enough emotionally and mentally to grasp the concept of social networking not being a toy if you introduce it respectfully. The proficiency that comes with grasping web based education very early on is worth the few sitdowns you may have to have along the way about acting responsibly. I've seen incoming freshman who were already capable of translating online datasets into SPSS or Stata code right off the bat, and that's something that can (and does) evolve from early learning in these areas as it takes an advanced proficiency in web based learning and coding. Kids like that are always going to have a gargantuan leg up on the kids who need 15 minutes just to find where the syllabus is.

    But letting them have a Facebook account that is parental protected and controlled is almost counter-productive in that sense. How is that kid supposed to learn about Facebook and the capabilities of the internet and the social networks if they're not allowed to explore and use the program as it was designed for? Parents have to have responsibility talks with young kids and teenagers all the time, I know mine did, and Facebook wasn't even available for HS students back then. Kids are kids. They do stupid things,they're impulsive, curious... they learn through experience and consequence, and, eventually, they grow up and learn to be accountable for their own actions.

    Internet and social networking is completely changing the game. A kid logs onto Facebook and writes something on someone's wall, or brags about a sexual endeavor.. And its there for the whole world to see... Forever. There is no make up call that erases it, there is no undoing, it is just there. Im not a parent, but if I was, I know that would scare the hell out of me.

  4. I don't think its a good idea until high school. I see RJF's point, that stuff like this is becoming more and more useful and necessary in today's technological, computer, and internet age, but I don't necessarily agree with his premise that it should be "encouraged" before high school, either. I think it is very important that kids are mature enough to hopefully understand that their Facebook and twitter accounts are not just their newest toys, or replacements for telephones. Anything you post on any of these sites is permanent, and in an age where resume's are becoming obsolete thanks to LinkedIn and these social networks, kids need to understand the massive influence these "toys" have.

    Look up yourself on google, bing, yahoo... What comes up? Fantasy Football Leagues you participate in, your Facebook, instagram, and twitter accounts, blogs you post in.... There's an online trace for everything, and programs used by colleges and employers all over the world that search for a person's online background.

    Thats a lot for a 11 or 12 year old, who likely has not yet grasped the idea of accountability and responsibility, to understand.

  5. But long snapper is one of those positions where do not try to fix what isn't broke and its not like you are paying bank for that job. It usually comes to bite you int he back!

    The point is, of you can't single out anyone that does it poorly... Its probably a pretty damn easy position to learn. Having said that, they haven't signed or cut anyone at the position yet. But if you can find a cheaper alternative and save a few bucks at the position without giving up anything noticeable on the field, why not?

  6. They, like most Pro or Top College teams, have someone who highlights what's being said across the world.

    How much, if any, attention they pay to it on a daily/weekly basis is another question.

    Woody got rich enough to own the Jets by lucky accident, he's really brainless.

    Proof: "I think that you can never have too much Tebow."

    Ryan is a moron for thinking that Tebow could ever win a game with a 95 yard, 4th quarter drive.

    Proof of coaching incompetence: -- "I've always said that Tebow is a good football player."

    Spar is wrong for ever thinking that the wildcat can be used successfully in the NFL.

    It didn't work in Miami and so they fired him over it. Woody/Ryan were idiots for ever hiring this loser.

    Sparano on Tebow: -- “I see him coming off of read one, to two, to three and

    throw the ball to (WR Joseph) Collins on the sideline, out there on a rope.”

    Sorry Spar, but that couldn't have been Tebow, he's not a QB, he's just a glorified FB.

    Oh BTW, the Jets cut WR Collins to get down to 53.

    Tebow will never be a winning NFL QB, (so please just ignore that 8-6, 1-1 = 9-7 thingy).

    Tebow is not even a QB, as every single former Jets QB agrees, (combined they have 1 SB win).

    So just cut the bum before he completely ruins this fantastic Championship Quality Jets team.... :winking0001:

    Just for fun (mine), Tebow will score a passing TD before he scores one running the ball. :superman:

    Im not sure if its sad or funny that everything you said up until the last sentence (bolded) is true.

  7. So far I am not impressed with the new Madden. It feels like the same clunky game I was playing 3 years ago...

    Interesting. I like it. Not perfect, but definitely the best version in some time....

  8. Austin Howard, Matt Slauson, Jeremy Kerley... all starters. Aaron Maybin reclaimed and thriving. There's 4 good low round/scrapheap/redemption type guys. Dixon was that for awhile, but really, we're stacked at d-line so whatever.

    Josh Bush is still on the roster, we'll see what happens with him.

    Throw in Mike DeVito as well.

  9. My major issue so far is that Tannenbaum gave the impression that he'd use this weekend to shore up obvious holes on this roster, and that hasn't been the case. No blocking TE, no back, no OL help, nothing but a fourth nose tackle, a third finesse TE, and a WR that will never play.

    Cutting the draft picks isn't a big deal in practical terms, but in the big picture it looks sh*tty because this was really the first year Tannenbaum placed a value on using late picks to stock the back end of the roster with young, developmental prospects. Instead, they're going with Jason Smith and Yeremiah Bell, neither of whom will be on the roster next year. Water-treading.

    The only cut that kind of irks me in that regard is Allen. The other guys (Ganaway, Griffin, White) couldn't even beat out the likes of Caleb Schlauderaff, John Conner, or Pat Turner. There really is no room for guys like that on our roster.

    Jason Smith is irrelevant, because he replaced, and is younger than, Hunter. Hunter was not going to be here long either, and I do think Smith has more upside over Hunter as well. Either way, I think we all hope that Smith/Hunter is irrelevant, because Austin Howard is a guy that can continue to develop and stick for a long period of time.

    I thought Allen played pretty well, and I would have liked to see the Jets make an effort to develop him this year. But realistically, we took two safeties in the 6th round. At the time, I didn't expect both of them to be on our final 53. They obviously decided it would be more worthwhile to keep Bush than Allen, and made their decision.

  10. "I didn't know we stunk this bad at drafting?" - Rex Ryan

    The Jets have been in no rush to drop Vlad Duccasse, but Ganaway (claimed by Rams), Jordan White, Robert Griffin and yet-to-be-confirmed-rumors of Antonio Allen means the jets blew the draft, unless Coples simple dominates the league.

    And why cut Marcus Dixon over $150k in salary? Why cut Jay Richardson? I've seen them both make plays this camp, and Dixon knows the defense inside and out, and he only costs $540k?

    I've NEVER heard Rex say one bad word about Dixon in 3+ years?

    Tanny looks like he wants out of New York in the worst way. Very disappointed in these developments......


    ROFLMAO. Yeah, waiving/ releasing Ganaway, Griffin, Allen, and Dixon proves that Tanny is looking to get fired.

    In other news, Syracuse almost won a football game today. Maybe the sky really is falling.

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