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  1. Schilens looked very good when he was sitting and watching the other WR's suck.

    I think they kept both he and Turner because they are perfect WR's for Tebow formations, when they are healthy.

    Seriously, imagine a wildcat with Tebow/Greene in the backfield, Keller at TE/FB, and Hill, Schillens, and Turner at WR. With Tebows running ability and arm strength, thats a lot for the D to defend at once.

  2. They don't like cutting their own draft picks. This is surprising.

    They didn't really have a choice. It was either Griffin, Vlad (who they drafted in rd 2 a few yrs ago), Raff (who they traded a pick for last season) or Smith (who they just acquired a couple of days ago via trade).

    No matter who they cut, it would look "bad" in a sense. At least Griffin they can try to keep on the PS.

  3. The sniveling bs drivel just never stops around here...... :animal0029:

    YOUR JET FANS in the stadium are Jet fans first, Tebow's outside following has very little to do with YOUR OWN IN HOUSE FANS.

    Good post.

    Welcome back.

  4. Played a little last night.... Started a franchise mode as a coach. The thing I was most surprised about was how revamped and detailed the franchise mode seems to be. You start with all 70-something players on the roster. You have to cut them each week until you are down to 53 by the time the season starts. All the while, you have to progress your players by doing drills/practices, you are notified of players put on the trade block that you may be interested. They also brought back the "newspaper" thing they featured in '05... And they even have a twitter feed of all the NFL experts w/ their commentary of whats going on in the league.

    For all the improvements in gameplay and presentation, which were detailed and outlined in every review.... I wasn't expecting Career/Franchise mode to be this revamped as well.

    Very impressive game so far.

  5. im enjoying it. The only problem i have had so far is that they showed Kyle Wilson warming up to kick a field goal.

    His versatility is really off the charts. Thumbs up to Mr. T for the pick!

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  6. Madden of late is a predetermined cartoon---I hear they have a "new" AI engine---they need it.

    Reviews Ive read have mostly made it seem like this is the best version to come out since '05. Sounds like gameplay and presentation were completely revamped. Excited to play it, but would be nice to hear the opinions of people who have already.

  7. Look at the roster on offense. If, in Year Four of the Sanchez Era, this was the group of players you expected him to succeed with, you had no plan.

    Aside from the RT position, I think the roster is pretty solid. Definitely good enough for what they expected to be a franchise-caliber QB entering his fourth season. Look at the Saints roster, or the Giants, or whoever. They all have good to great franchise QB's, with a solid OL, a good pass-catching TE or two, a proven #1 WR, a burner at #2, and a quick speedster as a slot.

    Thats what the Jets have, save for maybe the RT position, which I agree, Tanny seems to have messed up on.

    If Sanchez is good enough to become an elite, franchise QB for the Jets. This is a roster he should do fine with. If not, then its time to start rebuilding anyway.

  8. Gangreenman

    Slow your ignorance. If the Jets want to run the ball and play defense, why would I complain about getting the best rusher in football?

    If Mr. T didn't call the Jags about MJD, he didn't do his job, that's all I'm saying. he makes the jets instant deep playoff threats!

    You saying the Jets are a better team this year with Tebow and a #2 pick next year instead of MJD?


    MJD is good, but probably not worth what the Jags are requesting for his services. He is an older RB now, and the shelf life for that position is probably the shortest in the league. I think there have been below-average RBs that have had great seasons when lining up behind an OL capable of blocking and a QB capable of throwing. On the flip side, Ive seen a lot of good RB's have down years when they have an incompetent OL blocking for them and a QB that sucks.

    If we traded a 1st or 2nd round pick, and MJD struggled this year...You're going to tell me you wouldn't look back and complain about Tanny wasting a draft pick, and allotting a big money contract, when he could have drafted (insert prospect x, y, or z) with that pick instead and had him for cheap?

    Shonn Greene is in the final year of his contract. Bilal Powell is having a nice camp/preseason. I like the idea of running Greene into the ground during the season, and letting Powell start coming in late in the season and in the playoffs, much like we did with Jones and Greene in 09. Then we can draft another RB next offseason.

  9. Holmes, Edwards and Tomlinson were literally exiled from their former teams. Then they get Derrick Mason, thrown out of Baltimore, then sign Plaxico out of prison, who led a mutiny against the QB. Then they replace Thomas Jones with Shonn Greene. Meanwhile, they're extending Wayne Hunter and signing rugby players because they'd run out of draft picks.

    On the coaching front, they give Sanchez to Matt Cavanaugh and Brian Schottenheimer, both fresh on the heels of ruining their last high QB pick, Kellen Clemens.

    None of this is to say that Sanchez (or Clemens) would have been great somewhere else. It's just to say that the Jets are to quarterback development what Jerry Sandusky is to babysitting

    The only valid point you made really was the Hunter extension, which, I admit, was mind boggling.

    So what if Holmes, Edwards, and Tomlinson were "exiled from their former teams"? Your first post you quoted Bill Walsh who said you do whatever you can to surround your QB with talent. Now its, you do whatever you can to surround your young QB with the best talent, so long as you have to give up too much to get that talent? They signed Plax because they thought he'd be a real redzone threat and an upgrade over Braylon. They signed Mason because he is a better player than Cotchery. They were hoping (assuming) Sanchez would take a big step in his third year, and when he didn't the whole plan fell apart. Also, Their 5th round pick at WR, Kerley, was beating out Mason, allowing the Jets to trade him, for a draft pick... Oh, the humanity!!

    You do realize Brian Schottenheimer's first QB was Drew Brees, right? How long did it take him to develop into a HOF caliber QB? And if you're a Saints fan, you would complain that the GM should never have picked him up, considering he was exiled from SD, right? Hindsight is 20/20 pal, just because the plan hasn't worked as perfectly as they would have liked, doesn't mean there wasn't a plan.

  10. I think it was Bill Walsh who said, basically, that you draft a QB, then you host a fire drill to surround that QB with every player, position coach, playbook, and coaching emphasis to get absolutely everything you can out of that QB, and if you don't, you've wasted that draft pick. I think, more than anything, the Jets have no concept of building a team, historically preferring to slap disparate parts together and hoping it works. The Bradway/Tannenbaum Era has been marked by this, most especially on offense. There's no coherent plan because there's no adult in the room--it's an accountant sitting in a room with a silver-spoons billionaire and a defensive coordinator pretending he's a Head Coach.

    Giving Baby Schottenheimer autonomy was as stupid then as giving Sparano autonomy is now. Both of them needed to be bailed out by falling backwards into the next Tom Brady, but that will never happen. I think they're all legitimately flummoxed by the fact that Sanchez hasn't become Eli Manning, as if they're the collective victims of some cruel, cosmic hoax.

    So, to answer the question, it's Woody's fault.

    The bolded is kinda ironic, seeing as thats how you put together your whole argument.

    In Sanchez's rookie year (2009). The Jets:

    Lead the league in rushing

    Lead the league in just about every defensive stat.

    Were among the leaders in sacks allowed

    They also traded for Braylon Edwards, to give their rookie QB a legit #1 target.

    That following offseason, they realized they could do more, as Braylon wasn't great over the middle, and they didn't really have any good receivers coming out of the backfield. So...

    They trade for Santonio Holmes to give Sanchez a target that can go over the middle

    They Sign Ladanian Tomlinson, who is only one of the best in the history of the NFL as a pass-catching back

    So, Im curious...What do you mean by your statement that the Tanny era as been marked by "slapping together disparate parts and hoping it works"? I fail to see the logic in that.

    To me, the plan was plainly coherent. We traded up to draft Sanchez as our franchise QB. We will play this young QB from the beginning, as he will be walking in behind a dominant OL, with a proven RB in Thomas Jones. Because he is still young and inexperienced, we will trade for or sign whatever talented players we can find, even if it means sacrificing future draft picks, to ensure Sanchez has all the tools he needs to develop into our franchise QB. These players will be mostly older "stopgaps", because if Sanchez becomes elite and is, indeed, our franchise QB in four or five years... We don't need all stars at every position. If he is not, then we will need to start over anyway, so all these parts are pretty much expendable.

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  11. Mr T is starting to run out of room to run.

    Rex has only had great things to say about Braylon Edwards. You say Braylon Edwards to Mr T., and he's ready to file an injunction against you. Not sure what his problem was with Edwards.

    He could have gotten a billion guys better than Jason Smith to replace Hunter with 6 months ago, but dropped the ball on that one.

    He could have made a call to the Jags to get MJD (I guess he still could), but they've already squashed that as too good of an idea.

    And hiring Sparano of all the coordinators in the world, that's who you come up with?

    Playoffs of bust for Tanny


    So your complaints against Tanny, and justifications for putting him on the hot seat are....

    1. He didn't re-sign Braylon to a long term deal. Braylon is on his 2nd one year contract since he left the Jets...And was injured and out of shape most of last year.

    2. He couldn't find anyone better then Jason Smith to replace Hunter? Well, lets hope he did. Would suck to see Austin Howard go down that path.

    3. He could have made a call to the Jags to get MJD. Which, by the way, none of the other 31 GMs in the league seem anxious to do either. If Tanny decided to pull the trigger, he'd be criticized by people like you and Shane who would claim that he hasn't learned how to build a team, and keeps wasting draft picks blah blah. What gives?

    4. I know its not always a popular idea around here, but Im pretty sure Tanny and Woody let their head coach, Rex Ryan, have a large say in who he wanted to work with in order to right the ship.

    Playoffs or bust for Tanny? I hope not. As imperfect as he has been at times, his six years at the helm have made up what is, for better or worse, a period of long-term success that has far passed any other consecutive six year period in the history of this franchise. Its easy to complain about the GM... But if we let him go, it would be tough finding someone better.

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  12. Dude, you gotta read the forum more. Both things have been happening a lot lately already.

    I haven't seen anything calling for Rex's head this offseason. Sanchez cut? I know people were calling for Manning or a better QB... But there wasn't much out there, and I don't think anyone wanted to cut him and just start Brunell/Tebow/Stanton/McCelroy instead...

  13. It won't be long before you guys start saying the same about The Prince. Already has "bust" written all over him. I would keep Wilson until his contract is up, then bid him a fond farewell. He clearly isn't the guy they thought we was.

    Im sorry. I just can't help but remember people on this board saying the same thing about Revis in 07... Hell, going into the '08 season (I think) one well known poster claimed he would rather have Cordlandt Finnegan over Revis. Seriously.

    Obviously I don't expect Wilson to become the next Revis. But CB is one of the toughest positions to learn/adjust to in the NFL given the speed and quickness of the competition and the rules. Lets give him at least through his third year until we begin to determine Wilson's true potential.

  14. He was better than Wayne Hunter, for sure. I'm not just saying that because Wayne Hunter is the hater-ade target of the month, no, I was really impressed with him at times.

    Absolutely. Its only one game against a mediocre defense where they played it pretty vanilla and straight up...Not to many stunts or blitzers to pick up and adjust to, but he did fine. Can he handle Mario Williams and the Bills LB's...That remains to be seen. I would still definitely prefer Tanny to pick up a veteran cut just to be safe here.

    honestly didn't see him that much, but I didn't have 100% attention on the game at all times.. good to hear.

    What I like most about Coples is how he was almost always in the backfield. His run support isn't great, and he has to work on diagnosing certain things, like draws and screens, but that will come with time. Its been a long time since the Jets had a true starter in their front 7 that could constantly get in the backfield...And Coples seems to be that guy.

    BY FAR, and I mean BY FAR the most impressive performance of any player tonight. Completely stunned that he looked this good. Almost every amazing play in the backfield, I looked closer and I was like, "who did that?" and almost every time it was Ellis. I don't think you can say enough about this game for him, he was incredible.

    Really liked what Ellis did. Really liked it. If he can continue to play like that, and we get Pouha and DeVito back for Buffalo. Yikes. Thats one powerful and versatile DLine.

    I love this guy already and he hasn't even played a regular season game. Damn he's fun to watch!

    Wasn't overly impressed with his cover skills. But he just seems like the type of guy that is always around the ball. Reminds me of a harder hitting Kerry Rhodes. If he can stay healthy, definitely addresses what was a huge need going into the offseason.

    Agreed, easily his best performance of the pre-season (not saying much), but he looked sooo much better tonight. Pocket presence, awareness, release, accuracy, threw a few long passes... great game Mark. Also, deserved a better fate, as the pick wasn't really his fault.

    I think its a matter of letting him go out there and be himself a little. Let him throw the ball downfield on 1st and 2nd down a few times early. Loosen up the D a little and hopefully get him into a rhythm. hard for any QB to consistently make plays in 3rd and long and other obvious passing situations.

    I can't fault him for not chasing down Cam Newton, though it would have been nice. That one play where he came flying into the backfield, almost getting himself a safety, that was great. 9 times out of 10, that play is a sack.. because 9 times out of 10 you're not dealing with a guy like Newton back there. At this point he's just a situational rusher.. and I'm fine with that. He's good at that.

    I like how he got into the backfield constantly when he was in there. That play he bounced around a little pre-snap and ran straight up the middle on a delated blitz. For someone with his speed, that should be a sack. The pressure is nice, but an elite pass rusher makes those sacks.

    One thing I gathered from this game is that he has 100% of the talent, athletic ability and physical composition to be a dominant WR in this league, which ought to be very comforting to us all.

    Unfortunately, his skills are equally raw. It also looked like he failed to hustle on a few plays, bad, bad, bad!

    Pretty much spot on.

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