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  1. We also almost got swept by the Pats... As for the OP, Rex will be Rex. Like it or hate it, they guy is not going to change his entire personality. As for the debate of should we keep him: I like the idea of keeping him teamed up with Morningwhig (sp?). I would make Marty the Assoc. Head Coach and give him nearly complete control of offense (personnel decisions, playcalling, etc). I would keep Rex on as HC and let him do what he does best with the defense. Bottom line is this - Rex is not perfect nor is he a complete coach...But the fact that he is a top 5-10 Defensive mind in the league puts him far ahead of most other potential candidates, who are top 5-10 at nothing. Look at our past HC's since Parcells. Can you remember anything that EM/HE/AG did nearly as well as Rex does defense? Me neither.
  2. Damn. NFL Careers really are-short lived.
  3. Idzik hitting with Colon, Nelson, Salas, and Ivory makes up for the miss on Goodson. Now his priority for this offseason will be to lock up WIlk long term and find us a true downfield threat on offense...
  4. Seriously. When you have studs the ilk of David Nelson and Greg Salas as your other receivers, there's no excuse for these kinds of numbers...
  5. I am definitely not feeling good about this game. Dont think this team has the tools to handle Cincy's physicality and athleticism on D. Also that AJ Green guy is pretty good, too.
  6. That I think is the real key. Marty is drawing up gameplans that actually fit the QB and the talent around him. He is not stubborn about forcing the backup QB to run a wildcat up the middle for no gain on 2nd and long. A lot of Geno's progress this year is because he has developed nicely thus far... And a lot of it is because his OC has put him in situations that are possible for him to succeed.
  7. Anyone got a good site they use?
  8. Who are we? We are what our record says we are. 3-2. Not much more to figure out
  9. Morningwheg (sp?) Geno Big Mo Honorable mention: Darrin Walls (hangs on to either INT and he replaces the OC) NICK FOLK('in right!!)
  10. Definitely good to see that. With him, Kerley, and Winslow/Cumberland - at least theres a few viable options for Geno.
  11. +1 I have a feeling a lot of the guys were growing tired of Bart Scott's yapping and certainly the whole Tebow/Sanchez debacle last year... I like the way this year's team has zippered up the chatter - isnt clamoring for headlines - just going out and playing football... Certainly not the most talented collection of players we have had, but thus far I love the intangibles the team as a whole has shown.
  12. It could have if the offense actually came out swinging instead of playing scared. One or two first downs out of the offense on that drive and the game is essentially over.
  13. The D made that stop today. The offense went 3 and out and took a whole 56 seconds off the clock doing it. Demanding that they do it twice in a span of 3 minutes is not very fair. They need some help from the offense...
  14. I gotta say Im happy to be eating my words leading up to this game for the time being. With the OL being as atrocious as it was today - Geno hung in there and made things happen with both his arm and his feet. Unless we find a way to magically improve our OL play I gotta believe that Geno gives us the best chance to win. If its Sanchez back there we're seeing at least 2-3 more sacks and maybe another turnover as well. No fault of his own - but the OL is sh*t and he lacks the athleticism to be able to get away that Geno has.
  15. I thought Milliner played fine. You gotta know coming in to his rookie year - and being injured for some of camp - that he wasnt going to instantly step in and be stride for stride from what we saw from Revis in year 3 or even Cro in year 5.... For a rookie Cb in his 1st game going up against a proven NFL WR - he did pretty well. Not great obviously - but he will learn as the season progresses.
  16. Kyle Wilson was stellar today from what I saw...
  17. 1st of all lets pump the brakes on playoffs and be happy about a week 1 win. 2nd if the Jets were to make the playoffs, those leetches in the media would have done their backtracking on how bad the Jets are a long time ago
  18. Looked very very good today all around. Held Martin in check for well under 100 yds and generated some good pressure on Freeman. This can be a very fun unit to watch throughout this season and hopefully for years to come. A whole lot of youth and athleticism in the trenches on D. I would expect to see a lot of teams using a lot of 3 and 4 wr sets against us and going hurry up to neutralize that and wear us down. Surprised we didn't see more of that today.
  19. Hill had a few great catches today - and no drops!
  20. L Davis Snacks Geno Runner ups: K Wilson (had an incredible all around game) Antwan Barnes
  21. Yeah, thats confusing. If you were to think of it like in baseball, a team that is 6-10 is in fact only considered 2 games behind a team that is 10-10, as well as 2 games behind a team that is 8-8. Either way, I think its fair to say the jets finished 2 games behind .500 last season.
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