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  1. Your statements about the Dynasty being dead are so stupid.

    The average age of the OL is 28. The average age of the DL is 26. Brady is a HOF QB. Maroney just a kid. The NE TE corp is top 5. Plenty of cap space and 2 first round picks next year. 3 if Samuel is dealt.

    And NE isnt the model franchise anymore? They dont have an advantage over the rest of the league?

    After winning SB 39, NE lost both Coordinators. What happened? They won the AFCE again and were 1 game away from the 2005 AFFC. Sure they lost in Denver. Brady had a meltdown ( his first playoff loss) and the Penguin Genius's pass defense was porous.

    Then, "The Genius" stepped down as DC and NE lost Vinetieri, Branch and Givens. So what happened? NE won the AFCE and made it to the AFCC. One more first down and they could have run the clock down to nothing and used up Indy's timeouts.

    Now the Pats have reloaded. The last time they did that they won 2 SB's.

    Wrong...They won two SB's by doing the OPPOSITE of reloading. Get your facts right PR37

  2. I think it is good to keep him around and good for him to be bitching as well. He is teaching the players as well. He is the poster boy for being a "BEEAAATCH" and seriously his career is pretty much over. He may catch on this year or maybe next but guys like Cotch and others prob cant relate to him and prob think hes just an ass and it doesnt help Kendalls case that he did the same thing in last 2 teams he was on.

    So I think they should keep him as long as possible and make him ride a bike.

    Oh, Kendall's upset...Poor guy, he doesnt even realize that what he's doing will be the reason he will rot away the rest of his career on the bench.

  3. I feel good about the state of the NY jets. I have the feeling evertything is in good hands. Or atleast somewhat competent hands.

    Anybody else?

    its actually amazing how drastically opinions can change in a year. Last year this time, everyone thought that the hiring of Mangini simply meant the start of a 3-5 year rebuilding process. Now he's one of the best coaches in the NFL...In 1 year.

    BTW, Im not saying I disagree that Mangini is a good coach...But we'll see how well he fares in Yr 2 with a tougher schedule and facing teams that now know (at least sort of) what to expect from Mangini.

  4. Just a few things for you guys to discuss while I write the report:

    Pete Kendall refused to practice with the team, and instead rode the bike the whole time on the side. He said he wanted nothing to do with this team anymore and will not participate in drills.

    In other news he needs to grow the hell up.


    Oy, do we really have to have ANOTHER PK discussion... The guy just wants attention, dont give it to him.

  5. I don't see the Colts beating us this year. They have done little to improve themselves and have lost some key players along the way. With Glenn retiring, Manning is going to find himself pulling his head out of the turf an awful lot.

    funny...sort of like what people said about the Pats every offseason from 2001 up till now?

  6. Cedric Benson has a lot of natural talent and could be a great runner. Cedric Benson also squats to piss and Da Bears will mucho sorry they let TJ go for a song when CB comes down with his first case of boo boo's and can't play. Physical or mental boo boo's - he's prone to both.

    Please, we didnt come close to giving up something as valuable as a song for TJones. Maybe a used gatorade bottle...

  7. That's going to be one long plane ride back home to Hawaii... maybe he'll spend a few days sightseeing in NYC before returning home with his tail between his legs.

    maybe they released him so Peters wouldnt be lonely on the long trip back.

  8. Thats your opinion but the agent has plenty of clients and is respected by players, obviously if he has at least one first round pick under his belt, and any agent can do whatever he pleases.

    Is the 5 year / 6 year thing a big issue? Sure it is. But so is the fact with how the Jets are handling Kendall. Its 50-50 in my book.

    No way, agents dont become as succesful as Schwarts by holding out a rookie with lots of talent and tremendous upside because hes sour over a contract dispute with a 34 yr old veteran with no upside... Especially if the dispute is only a million dollars for one year (a relatively low number as far as football money goes).

  9. Jets Sign Two Players


    Just got word from the media relations guy.

    Mark Zalewski, a LB out of Wisconsin

    Tony Fisher, a RB out of Notre Dame

    Fisher will be wearing Houston's former No. 32.

    Funny, we cut Zalewski shortly after Mini Camp i remember reading...

  10. Wadsworth chat? :)

    I hope he makes the team and contributes... and eventually got a movie made about him... he deserves it if he is trying as hard as everyone says...

    He will if he makes the team, starts, and ends up being a key player for a succesful (playoff) Jets team. Obviously, he will have to defy serious odds...Much more serious then the one he faced when he made the FSU roster.

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