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  1. Goodlooks i appreciate that..... the feel it in the air was first done by Beanie Sigel then D block... n then me......

    When i make the edit version of Green Soldiers, do any of you guys know how i would go about trying to get it on the loud speakers.....

    Get at me...

    If it were me, I'd go on newyorkjets.com and find out who to mail a copy of the song to. Then I'd mail them a copy and see what happens. (You may have to bug them with a lot of phone calls and e-mails, but if it can end up being played every sunday, it may be worth it.)

  2. The right answer is...

    Off: Justin McCareins

    With his height, speed, hands, and strength, he's always had the potential to be an elite WR. Although that potential has yet to yield results, you can tell that J-Mac has bought into Mangini's system of the best player plays. He has spent a lot of time this offseason in the weight room and on the field and is focused and ready for the training camp compettition. Although many people have already ruled him out, I say he is in the battle for the #3 spot and may even challenge Cotchery/Coles a little for a starting spot.

    Def: Victor Hobson

    With FA signee K. Coleman, a D.E. weighing just about 295 lbs, combined with the weight D-Rob has put on and an improved secondary, look for Hobson to be able to play a big part in run support.

  3. Many guys were critical of KERRY RHODES when we drafted him . Now they love him. POUHA came into camp last year in great shape and impressed ERIC in the OTA's. Was it his fault that he got hurt in the first practice of last years preseason? NO! IMO we ought to give him a chance to show his talent before we condem him. If he steps up and wins the job at NT our team will be much better off!

    not really related to this thread, but does anyone know how many yrs are left on DRobs contract?

  4. Haha I really liked that, some people were saying to remove the specific references to the players but I think that those references make it better, I loved that one line about Coles and beating the Colts

    I like them and theyre fine if he wants this to be the theme song for only this year, but chances are a lot of those players either wont be on the Jets or wont be starting in a year or two.

  5. I didnt neccessarily say pennington had a bad arm.. i just said that you dont need an arm when u got play fakes like pennington....

    I wasnt trying to bash chad arms but insted let people know that he got the best play fake in the league......

    i definately agree with you about taking names out for the long term tho

    Thanks i appreciate the feed back.... keep em comin

    I know you didn't flat out say that Chad didnt have an arm, but thats definately how people will interpret it.

  6. Sutton doesnt fit that mold. Neither does Crennell.

    If Mangini hires a DC any younger than he is, then we may be seeing 124 on the sidelines with a headset on.


    I know that...But Sutton also isnt really in charge of the Defense, Mangini is. In a few years, our real D. Coordinator will be a guy who Mangini made some Defensive assistant who worked his way up the ranks to become the D.C. Just watch, its how so many great coaches have built the great dynasties they controlled.

  7. 1) Looking down the road, I think this will be a problem for mangini. Eventually, he is going to have to learn to trust his coordinators, or he will get the rep of being difficult to work for. I know that coming in he wanted to imprint his mold on the team, but hopefully he will mature as a head coach and realize that in the long run, it is better for the team to hire top coordinators and not try to do everything himself. Plus, I am not sold on the urban legend that he is a defensive genius.

    If you look at any succesful coach, BB, Parcells, Vermeil, Dungy, etc... they rarely ever bring in guys that are known to be succesful. They find the smart, determined, knowledgable younger guys who will be willing to listen. The good coaches train these assistants and promote them up the ranks. For example, Herm Edwards (even though he ISNT smart or hard working), Mangini, and even Dungy or guys like that all started off as assistant coaches. They worked their way up by learning from the coaches that they worked under, and because the H.C. was succesful, teams try to branch out and hire assistants of that H.C. to be their coach. The best coaches in the league are guys that have learned from the right people and have worked from the bottom up to be where they are now. But one thing is consistent with every good H.C. He made sure his team was his team and only brought in assistants that were willing to work with the strategy that he laid out.

  8. yehh if i was gonna send it to the jets i would have a clean version. i just wanted to know Jets fans would feel it. I recorded it at my house on my macbook. Un fortuantely i did not make the beat, so i wouldnt be able to make any money off of it. But honestly, i didnt do it for the money, recognition and something to get Jets players and fans pumped up is better than getting paid

    I like the beat and idea, but you would need to get rid of the curses and the part about Pennington not having an arm (even if it is true, theme songs aren't supposed to talk about weaknesses).

    Also, you may want to consider taking out some of the players names if you want that to be the Jets theme song for a while...Just a thought.

  9. Dyson, Revis, Rhodes

    I wouldn't mind seeing this 11 on the field; very athletic...

    With the LB's/DE's on our team, it'll allow for the coaches to use a lot of different schemes, personell packages, and formations.

    For example, B. Thomas and D. Bowens can play D.E and OLB, this will allow the defense to change from a 4-3 to a 3-4 or visa versa on nearly a moments notice. If we keep Barton and Hobson around, we can get very creative on the defensive side of the ball.

  10. I can definitely see it happening

    I don't for two reasons.

    1) Mangini wants to be his own coach, not just put the succesful Defensive coaches on as D.C. or Offensive coaches as an O.C. Also, I think Mangini is a defensive expert and wants to be in control of the defense himself.

    2) Mangini worked under Crennell for a number of years, and although they are good friends, I doubt Crenell would want to work under Mangini (although the possibility of knocking out BB and the Pats may be somewhat appealing to him;))

  11. The first half of last year I wanted this guy gone. The second half he finally got more creative and mixed up his blitzes/schemes.

    What does the nation feel regarding our DC?

    He's only there because you're supposed to have a DC...

    I think everyone knows that this is Mangini's Defense. In fact, I remember during one game we had just kicked off and the defense was gathering, Mangini literally shoved Sutton away and he talked to the team.

  12. I hate the Giants but I can't understand why the Jets' offensive line is ranked ahead of the Giants. The Giants gave up 9 less sacks last year and their backs had a 4.7 ypc while ours had the league bottom 3.5. You can attibute much of that to the fact that Tiki Barber is head and shoulders better than any RB we had last year (and even this year for that matter) but even with that I don't see how our undersized line can be considered better at run blocking.

    Seubert is the only real question mark on that offensive line this season. That boy can never stay healthy. David Diehl also needs to make the transition to LT but they are solid on the right side with Snee and Mackenzie and Shaun O'Hara is a solid center.

    Jones vs. Barber would be very, very, close if Barber decided to stick around for the season.

  13. You don't seriously think the Pats don't have talent now do you? Don't tell me you think we're better offensively.

    I think its a lot closer then people are hyping it up to be. Jets win in the RB dept. Its probably about even in the WR/TE dept. Problem is that the Pats OL and QB are really much much better then ours as of now. In a few years, when Mangold and D'Brick gain some experience and solidify themselves as 2 of the top OLinemen in the league and when/if Clemens is able to beat out Pennington for the QB spot...That may just reverse. But for now, the Pats win in the Offensive talent dept. But not as much for their offseason acquisitions as the players (Brady and the OL) that have been in place for a while.

  14. Yeah..all that talent.

    Who is talented on the Patriots offense?

    Maroney? (Who is severely injured)

    Faulk? (Is this guy still on the team?)

    Moss? (Washed up..no work ethic reciever)

    Stallworth? (undersized smurf)

    Welker?( The return man)

    Who is it? Where does the talent come in to play?

    Moss is talented but he doesn't know how to use it anymore..that's all I see.

    I agree that all of these Pats acquisitions were/are overhyped by the media and I don't see it making AS much of a positive difference for the Pats as all the media and Patsie fans do. Also, and tying this post into the thread topic, if Brady goes down, they're still completely screwed because there's no way Testeverde will be able to lead that team. Hell, he probably couldn't lead the All Star team.

    However, I will grant the Patsies that this is definately the most talented offensive team they probably have ever had. Problem is, that defense isnt getting any younger and not much was done to address that problem this offseason.

  15. Where the Jets faithful break out their denim shorts and sweat stained Jets T-shirts and start talking up how they are going to make the playoffs this year....10 wins and a wild card....or the extra delusional ones talk about 12 wins and a first round bye.

    They run their fingers though their glorious mullet, put another quart of oil in the 88 camaro, and give out a hearty J-E-T-S JETSJETSJETS.

    I salute you Jets Nation......

    As a giants fan...you have no right to bash the Jets for ANYTHING, especially there fans.

  16. As docuemnted by Spermie a well-known fact-any back approachingor exceeding 400 carries in season 1 is almost always hurt or ineffective in season 2. As talented as Johnson has been, have to expect a step back in 2008.

    What I cannot figure out is what the Chiefs are doing given their whole offense was based on running Johnson 30 times a game. Silly me though-I forgot. The Chiefs have an IDIOT for a head coach. What are they going to do for offense-throw the ball? Yeah, Coach Jerk Chicken, he who coaches as if the forward pass is illegal except on 3rd and long, is suddenly going to have the immortal Damon Huard or Brodie Croyle run the run&shoot.

    And if its third and long, why not a screen pass or a rb draw to 'fool' the defense... We may even get CLOSE to that 1st down every once in a while.

  17. Coles is the #1. The reason I say this is that while what you say about Cotchery is true, he's tall, fast, and has good hands, if you look back at last season, there's NO WAY in hell that we would've come even close to the playoffs if it weren't for Coles. While Cotchery is a very good player with a lot of promise, he's still not anywhere close to being the clutch reciever that Coles is. In other words, while you sit here in the offseason talking about how Cotchery is the more versatile reciever better at stretching defenses, I know that like all Jets fans, there's one player that you want Pennington throwing the ball to late in the 4th Qtr with the game on the line...Laverneus Coles.

    Also, although he doesn't get a lot of credit for it, LC may have one of, if not the best combination of quickness, athletic ability, and hands over any other reciever in the league. That type of reciever is VITAL for the success of the west coast, short passing game type offenses like the Jets. Cotchery would probably be the better option for a team lead by a QB with a good arm who can consistently get the ball downfield then Coles would be. However, Coles is definately the better WR for this offense.

  18. Outside of Colonel Chicken out in KC, that is the philosophy of ****ing every team in the league. The difference is talent evaluation. Tangini ****ed up on the Clemens pick, plain and simple. They also ****ed up with Schlegel. They are not gods, they make mistakes. BB made mistakes too, the difference is BB made enough right picks that the Pats could win SBs, and he knew to get rid of and replace mistakes quickly enough that they don't fester and ruin the team.

    How do you know Clemens won't beat out Pennington or someone else for the starting job either this year, next yr, or the year after?

  19. I don't ever expect Clemens to take us to the Super Bowl. I think Clemens was a wasted pick in a draft that was loaded with talent at almost every position. However, we need to find out for sure whether this guy can play now, not 2-3 years from now when Chad is officially done. That's my point.

    If Clemens isn't ready now what makes you so sure he'll be ready 2-3 years from now? He's had a year to watch from the sidelines and learn Schotty's playbook. Clemens should at least be able to show some promise. If the guy plays like a dud this year most likely he's going to stay that way.

    You're right that Chad is short-term the better option at QB. Chad is the best QB on the Jets right now. However we'll eventually have to move on and I don't want to pass up on another 5-6 good young QB's because one day Kellen might magically transform from a guy who can't beat out the likes Pat Ramsey and Marques Toiletbowsopo into a stellar QB.

    Oh please, you know that Tangini for one, loves competition and two, will not hesitate to sign and/or draft anyone who fits their requirements and can be a help to the team. When they drafted Clemens, they obviously felt he was the best QB left and wanted to make sure they got him by moving up to get him. Even so, Tangini still admitted that Clemens was the 'project' of their draft. They drafted him as a prospect, a hard worker with a good arm and a guy who can move in the pocket. However, they even knew that he wouldn't be ready right away. In fact, if you've read any of his interviews, you would see that he even admitted it. I think Clemens has matured since this time last year and now he feels more settled in. It'll be interesting to see if he can retain the backup spot and/or even challenge Pennington for the starting job. If he does prove as legit competition for Pennington, I will be very excited considering that we have the QB spot covered for the next 5-7 years.

    Anyway, in order to win games, which, by the way, you need to do in order to make or win a super bowl, you have to play the best player and the player that gives your team the best chance to succeed. If Pennington is that player, he should start. If Clemens is that player, he should start. Hell, if Tuiasosopo is that player, he should start.

  20. No, you're wrong. What the Jets need to do is try to win the Super Bowl. not win 9-10 games. I agree Pennington is our best QB and gives us the best chance to win, but he cannot make up for the other deficiencies with this team. Pennington is a game-manager, granted he is a good one but he would fit in better with a team like the Bears, Ravens or Chargers. Our defense and running game are both currently pretty average.

    Chad Pennington is not the type of quarterback that can take over a game. Never was, never will be. I love the guy but that is the truth.

    As for Clemens, we need to find out about him now instead of three years from now. We've passed up enough good QB's already because of Kellen. Leinart, Cutler, Quinn. We could have even signed David Carr on the cheap. Why should the Jets continue to pass up on good young quarterbacks for the next 3-4 years just so this midget Jay Fiedler wannabe could possibly learn the position half a decade from now?

    I don't want to be hearing the same old tired "Pennington sucks, Kellen is the next great under 6-foot NFL quarterback" crap in 2011. Clemens has had a year to watch from the sidelines and study Brian Schottenheimer's playbook. If Kellen sucks now he will probably suck for the rest of his career. We need to find out now.

    I'm sorry, this logic is very confused. If Pennington gives us the best chance to win, how do you expect Clemens to take us to the Super Bowl?

    Once again, if Clemens isn't ready yet, doesn't mean he'll never be ready. Therefore, putting him in before he's ready won't be a good way to judge his potential and what he can do to help our team down the road. Hopefully he will be ready before 2011, but if he's not ready, forcing him into action (especially if we have a better option at QB) would be a lose-lose.

  21. You're way off about Pennington. Chad Pennington is a much better quarterback than that conservative idiot Herm Edwards is a coach. The only reason Herm has any respect around the league as a coach is because he was able to make the playoffs by the skin of his teeth with Chad Pennington and Curtis Martin both in their primes. Chad earned whatever respect he has around the league. Herm just rode Chad and Curtis.

    Mangini still has a lot prove as a coach. Last year's schedule was a cupcake-fest. Raiders, Texans, Lions and Titans (before Vince Young got hot) was about as soft as it gets. If Mangini can win 10 or more games with this year's schedule than he is an elite coach. Not saying he won't do it, just saying that's what he has to do before he can be called a "gem".

    I do agree with you that it is time for the Jets to move on at the qb position. Are Kellen or Tui the answer? Probably not. But this year we need to see if Kellen is the real deal or not. If Kellen is the next Brett Favre like alot of you say then great. If Kellen sucks then next off-season Tanenbaum can look for another QB. But we need to find out now, not three years from now.

    I'm sorry. You're way off about the QB situation. For one, what we need to do is PLAY THE BEST PLAYER. The goal is to win games this year, every year, the only way its possible to do that is to PLAY THE BEST PLAYER. Second, no we don't need to find out about Clemens RIGHT NOW. If he's not ready yet, doesn't mean that he'll never be ready, it just means that he's not ready yet. If he is ready now and beats out Pennington in camp, he should start and we'll see how he responds. But the NFL is league where sometimes it takes players a few years to get orientated with the systems and adjusted to the level of play, ESPECIALLY at QB. Also, remember that Tangini originally labeled Clemens as a 'project pick' for a reason. Even they knew that he probably wouldn't be ready to start his first game or even first few seasons.

    Having said all that, I DO hope that Clemens does mature and adjust in the NFL and does earn himself a spot as a starting QB for the Jets. He is smart, hardworking, and has a good arm (better then Pennington's) so WHEN he matures, he will be a very good QB.

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